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Black Hippy easily.

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Are you serious?

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Also to note the writer himself alludes that Sentry was not much stable and wanted to lose.

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Man its been a while. Very good thread!

Me and @killemall been saying the EXACT same thing. Especially about his mental instability.

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Team 2 imo.

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@nomar said:

I find language rules on forums like these stupid to begin with. How old do they think the average Viner is? It's insulting actually.

I agree, but its the rules.

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Sorry for bumping an old thread and no offense, but some people on this thread have no clue on what they are talking about. For one a Hyena is much bigger than a wolf. Most on this thread were saying one of the reasons the Spotted Hyenas would win is due to them being bigger. Ironically they're both almost identical in size.

Average Grey Wolf size:

  1. The average is seven years in the wild and twelve years in captivity. North American Gray Wolves range from 40 to 175 pounds, with female wolves weighing slightly less than males. Wolves in the northern United States tend to be larger some reaching 130 pounds or more.

Average Spotted Hyena size:

Males-67.6 kg (149 lb), and

-females 69.2 kg(153Ib)

The are very similar in stats, behavior and patterns.

As for who would win? I'm picking the wolf...

The bite force a lot people also bought up for it being the determining factor against a wolf. Hyena indeed has an edge of bite force over this wolf. But when it comes to maneuverability fight(which to me is important), the wolf clearly has an advantage. Hyena is slower than the wolf and not as comfortable on land as the wolf because of their slightly shorter hind legs of the Hyenas compared to its forelegs. You should see a hyena-hyena fight and a wolf-wolf fight to notice the difference. Also I think remember seeing a video of a dog rushing a Hyena and outwrestling it in the Middle East. Hyena takes advantage of its bite force and once it bites its teeth on an animal, its strategy is to continue the biting despite the prey's (or rival's) movement in defence. Wolf does the same to its prey. Both animals kill their prey by "a thousand bites", unlike big cats.

These are the advantages and disadvantages that equal sized wolf and hyena would have over each other:-

1. Canines: Hyenas far exceed the bite for of the wolf. But wolf has sharper canines and is also capable of inflicting fatal damage to the Hyena. Though one must note that the bite force between a Hyena and wolf is not that great as people make out in this thread. Hyenas have a bite force around 1000lbs, while a medium sized wolf had a bite force of around 750lbs.

2. Maneuverability: Wolves have an edge here. Hyenas are slightly "awkward" in land because of their unusually longer forelimbs compared to the hind legs (unlike most other four-legged predators)

3. Speed : Clearly the wolf has an advantage.

4. Endurance: I think someone mentioned that Wolves have this in their favor. And from watching Wolf packing hunting videos I agree.

Both animals don't use their claws, although the wolf can use it a bit more easily than the Hyena.

Considering the above points, I find no reason why, at equal weights, a wolf is any inferior to the Hyena.

Hyena's only advantage is its bite force, but one should remember that the wolf has a sharper canine and its canines are designed to penetrate the body, unlike the Hyena's teeth which are designed to rip apart the body or to crush the bones.

So IMO the Grey Wolf takes it due to being more faster, agile, better wrestler and quite intelligent.

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@thing150 said:

@king_stranglehold_da_first said:

@picard said:

Box is so underrated fighting discipline...

Kills the myth that Boxers have no chance in MMA...

just boxers dont have much of a chance in mma........mercer goes for a double leg right after the he has not only trained boxing

if he were to go in there and have not trained any mma he would lose most of the time

tim sylvia is a dumba$$ tho....he is old and fat...and he tried to walk down a boxer when he could have stood back and threw kicks

To me it looked Sylvia was already going down but thats another argument.