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@johnnyx5 said:

And who's playing the race card here?

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Gor and easily imo.

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@maccyd said:

For people who say history shouldn't matter... your whole life was pretty much decided by it. It's the reason you have luxuries such as the devices you're now using to comment here, while there are people in third world countries who struggle to get necessities.

Too much logic...

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@sophia89: @static_shock:

And I may also add the only country where slavery really exist in Africa is really just Mauritania, other than that the slavery in other parts of Africa is just in the very small rural parts and insignificant compared to the rest of the population. And unlike the slavery that happened in the Americas, slavery in Africa is illegal. But again its small in Africa, besides that one country Mauritania.

But yeah like Static said most of the blacks during the time were enslaved compared to the blacks who were freed. Of course its not a "white holiday", but during the times of slavery it most likely was. I'm just saying. Not saying you're right or wrong Sophia. :)

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Find for me where I said this? whether someone suffers or not is irrelevant to my point.

Once again, I'm trying to understand your point! That's what I said. That what it seems like you're saying with this, "people don't choose where they are born." If that's not what you meant then clarify what you meant when you said that statement. Easy. It seems like you're avoiding some things and trying your best to make me look like some school bully. So again what do you mean by that statement?

As far as my point is concerned we can, regardless of origin this is the country these people are tied to, that's what happens after a few generations.

So what you're telling me is that the origins/history of every group in America is irrelevant? How the Italians, Irish, Germans, Jewish and Chinese got here is all irrelevant and so is their early contribution? So it doesn't work like that. Even after "a few generations". In American history we always talk about how the early settlers got here. But it doesn't matter because the person you replied to points still stand, blacks still did not willingly come here.

and I wasn't so it is silly so now you look like a fool when you admit that you inserted it despite it not being relevant, my point is not ment for black people alone so I don't want to focus on black history, you do, take it to the race thread.

Wow. Now some ad hominem to get things rolling... Nice. The only thing that looks silly and a fool is your argument, to be quite honest you don't seem to know what you're even arguing. You keep going in circles, while my argument has stayed consistent. Don't try to twist and turn things to make me look like some radical black supremacist wanting some special reward, like you keep trying to project on me. Because to be quite honest its low. Focusing on black history? You're not focusing on black people? Okay fine...But here is what the person you replied to said, "Most blacks didn't come of their own free will." Anyone with an IQ above 70 could comprehend that statement. He meant black people as a group came to Americas as slaves.

King-Stranglehold da first did not bring up slavery and or black history out of thin air, buddy. He was just trying to illuminate what the poster you replied to really meant. Nothing more nothing less friend. And I will keep doing so.

Why do you even need to ask this? your really hammering home my point that your inserting things that have nothing to do with what I asked.

So do you agree or do you disagree. Simple question. Hammering home your point? Maybe, because I'm trying to be FAIR and understand it! Everything I "inserted" has everything to do with trying to understand the statement of, "people do not choose where to be born".

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@sentry4 said:

@king_stranglehold_da_first: The Void is a part of Sentry's subconscious, the dark part that believes he cannot make difference, not matter how hard he tries. He has an inferiority complex, that he doesn't deserve to be a hero. That's why the Void always kills the same number of people he saves. How does it know? Because Sentry knows. Even when he throws it into the sun, it comes back, because Robert can never cleanse his mind of his demons. His insanely powerful telepathy and reality warping cause his fears and darkness to manifest itself in the form of the Void. Sentry is the only one that can defeat him because it's all in his mind. Although the Void has taken a physical form that the heroes and Sentry had to combat, it was a manifestation of Sentry mentally battling and defeating the demons.

Again you are incorrect. Almost right, but incorrect. The Void has NOTHING to do with the Sentry's subconscious.You're talking about Robert Reynolds who is the host. The Void is the side effect of Robert's schizophrenia. The Sentry is the hero persona. Both the Sentry and Void are Bob, but both the Sentry and the Void are not each other. In Sentry volume 2 it is explained that the Void(Robert) split from the Sentry, because the Sentry was too mentally stable. It is stated nowhere in the miniseries that it was a mental battle...

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The link is still not working, but thanks anyways.

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@butterflykyss said:

@king_stranglehold_da_first: she did confirm in an interview she is an omega mutant; however, most comic reasons won't take this as true unless confirmed on panel.

Do you have a link to the interview? Because many people on battle threads still use writers as sources. Even if its not shown on panel...