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@green_skaar you better be prepared to further update this thread...

Blue Marvel? Obviously a favorite of yours.

AE: It’s true that I’m a huge fan of Adam, and I’m glad of the chance to put a little more focus on him and chronicle his adventures for a little longer. [Editor] Tom [Brevoort]‘s a fan of his too, I think — certainly, when we were kicking around ideas for the roster, he was part of it from the start.

Adam’s the same character he was in Mighty Avengers, although he’s got a new costume and he’s leaning a little more into super-scientist mode. He’s still one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, and this is going to be a book where he’ll finally get to cut loose on the page. He can’t be distracted by a larger threat the way he was in Mighty Avengers — these are the largest threats.

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I'm going with Storm, her recent showings are very impressive.

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Franklin wins with ease. Can we please stop putting the Sentry in these matches he has not chances of winning? Its getting annoying.

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@king_stranglehold_da_first: no worries agree to disagree is the best part.

I see Genis as more powerful than either too, both of them together not so much.

Also as you might already have noticed by now your second and third set of scans are from photon era and not applicable to Insane Genis Vell from mad god saga. He was more powerful during Photon era, thanks to having absorbed the bands and further heightened cosmic awareness.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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I guess we will have to agree-disagree. But I'll just leave it at that Insane Genis Vell on panel has shown to have more raw power than both the Sentry and Void.

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you are mixing up 3 different stories here friend and they aren't even the same version of Genis.

I'm actually aware of that...

The first set of scan is from where he had allied himself with Entropy and he is shooting in front of Entropy because as you can see on the scans itself saying "creating something is alien to me. Some sort of energy discharge would be appropriate."

That is what the Genis does. The next page after your second scan we see Entropy having turned into Eternity and recreated all that was destroyed.

But he was still able to cause a big bang, something of which neither on team two has shown capable of doing.

The other scans are from New Thunderbolt and this was Genis as photon. In this incarnation he absorbs his own nega bands. Notice how Genis looks different in the 2 other set of scans you have ?

The first set of scan is how recalling the events of Entropy saga while the last set of scan is a vision of a possible future he was shown.

That last scan with Photon was shown that even regular Genis has been hinted at being able to destroy a universe.

"The Photonic energy-the be all- and end all that is time and space" Again only hinting....

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@king_stranglehold_da_first: it's never explained what happened on panel but there are hints suggesting it was Entropy who did most of the work. Though yeah being considered as an asset by an abstract being of this stature is pretty big.

There is also the whole insulation that Eternity was only killed because he wanted to die.

After killing Eternity it was Entropy who becomes the new Eternity.

It's all a bit confusing but honestly apart from that part Genis has never been really shown as a threat to someone like Eternity.

He probably still has more raw powers than either of them though.

Here are the full scans.

Here he receates it after he destroyed it a second time iirc.

Here its kinda stated that he is capable of destroying a universe.

All I'm saying is that we can judge from these scans. Whether IGV is a threat to Eternity or not, Eternity has at least paid him attention and not Sentry or Void, showing that IGV power is much more greater. And unlike Sentry's or Void's it has been displayed on panel.

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@king_stranglehold_da_first said:

Can anyone explain how the team would win or even take down Insane Genis-Vell? He IGV has more raw power than either on team 2, being that he was able to bust a universe and recreate it iirc.

Genis Vell lost control of his Cosmic Awareness.

A Genis-Vell in control of his powers could had best stalemate Sentry during Thunderbolts.

A guy totally out of his mind will not face two Sentry, especially with the Death Seed.

But this isn't regular Genis-Vell that fought the Sentry, but the most powerful version of him. Genis-Vell totally out of his mind was able to destroy and recreate a universe. And also take on the likes of Eternity. We don't know what the Sentry and Void are like in their true potential, they can be insanely powerful, but they have not done anything so far like effecting a universe.