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Sources saying Lamarcus Aldridge is gonna sign with the Spurs... looks like the West is gonna be a lot different next season.

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Horace Grant was not Underrated IMO... He was an Elite Role Player.

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@wolfrazer: Because Pops is from the Future. Pops could know of Kyles death in the alternate timeline as his death could have occurred in that specific line even if it happens different.

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Soldiers Of Fortune

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I dunno if these Q's were answered in the movie, maybe I missed em but...

1. How did Sarah even know about Kyle in the first place? How did she know that he died protecting her in another timeline? I don't recall her saying she had dreams like Kyle did....or did she? I can't remember really.

2. Is John dead? Or was he corrupted? I know he was infected at a cellular level, so then is the John we see in the movie post time travel, not actually John or is it?

3. Speaking of that, does this mean that T1-T4 also exist just in different timelines? I would assume so, thus there we have a multi-timeline canon sort of thing.

1. It's possible "Pops" knew about Kyle and how things would go with Him and Sarah during the Proposed Timeline from stemming from The Terminator ( 1984 film ) Timeline. Just like how the T-800 Knew About Dyson and Cyberdine And It's Influence With Skynet In Terminator 2 When He Was Inquired By Sarah Connor.

2. John Does Not Exist... He Was Compromised To Become A T-3000 ( As Wiki Calls It ). So since Sarah and Kyle have not had any Hanky Panky yet and The John from the Future was Turned Into A Terminator... John Is Dead Essentially... It's Just A Terminator using his Physical Form.

3. No Idea

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@spambot said:

@king_saturn: 65? He hasn't played that many in like 5 years. He missed over 100 regular season games over the last 4 years though some of those he sat out on purpose but I expect more of the same this year. I think 60 games might be his max or less if he gets injuries.

That Is Incorrect... In The 2012 - 2013 Season... Wade Played In 69 Games. That Was Just 2 - 3 Years Ago. Just This Last Season Wade Played In 62 Games Which Isn't That Far Off From 65 Games. So I Think My Prospects Are Good Here.

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Deandre Jordan to the Mavericks ?

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@frocharocha: Just saw it. And yeah, I have the same question, who sent Pop to the past??

Also, is that it?? Is judgement Day averted for good??

Will lil Kyle Reese grow up and relive these events? Will he live a normal life? If so, why did adult Kyle make sure he remembered the saying?

1. I got a feeling the question of who sent Pops to the Past will be answered in the Sequel to come.

2. You did not see the Post Credits Scene ?

3. It's setting up for another Terminator film... I think they already agreed on a sequel.

@ostyo said:

@king_saturn: Still sounds pretty terrible then. Unfortunate.

Not Really... I mean you honestly could not have thought this film would be as good as The Terminator or Terminator 2 : Judgment Day... those are Sci Fi Masterpieces... but for it to be about as good as T3 means it was Pretty Good... not spectacular but not a waste either. They left some things undone... but they are supposedly making another Terminator film after Genesis anyways. Then again, if this film does not make enough money... you can scratch it.

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Terminator Genesis was Pretty Good... It Has Some Obvious Flaws... I Would Say It's Better Than Terminator Salvation... Possibly Slightly Better Than Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines.

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How Many Times Will Seth Rollins Fight Romans Reigns And Dean Ambrose ?