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Chris Rock vs Eddie Murphy

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Terminator 2 : Judgment Day is the Greatest Action Film I have ever seen...

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Walmart is gonna be packed with Black Folks looking to buy 32 inch flat screen TV's for 100 dollars...

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That Ham was Off the Hook...

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It's time for some fun in the Real World...

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@jeepeh said:

@king_saturn: This goes back to the metaphor that we had going before about Willy Wonka and a Kid that his mom told to not eat candy. Eve chose to believe Satan above all people more than God. That was a choice, the wrong choice. Satan didn't trick angels into following him, he and 1/3rd of the angels wanted to overthrow God. God kicked them out of heaven.

The point being, it was partially Satan's fault, but that doesn't stop it from being Adam and Eve's sin too. During the Millennial reign, Satan will be locked up but people will still sin.

Correction : Eve was tricked by the Serpent into eating the Fruit... she chose to eat from the Tree "after" the Serpent seduced her into doing it... not as her own judgement to blatantly disobey GOD... that is key, and we knew it's true because GOD punished the Serpent too for seducing Eve meaning that GOD was at fault... because he knew the Serpent was a trickster and could cause problems but did not try to stop this creature's attempt at fouling up everything on Earth.

Read Revelation 12 again... the passage clearly says Satan and his Angels was or are to be kicked out of Heaven. Satan and "His Angels" possession... meaning he was their leader... he was the great deceiver and manipulator. There is no passage that says that those other Angels wanted to overthrow GOD... only that they are with Satan. As in Satan is there leader.

Adam and Eve only sinned because they was tricked by a Manipulating Creature that GOD knew his nature... The Serpent... GOD didn't try to keep the Serpent away from his new creation instead he allowed them to be seduced by the tricks of this Demon. Now you say that during the Millennial Reign, Satan will be locked up but people will still Sin... what does that have to do with anything ?

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@king_saturn: Doesn't Paul play the same position though. He did say he had 3 because of A.I.

Chris Paul is a Pure Point Guard... Allen Iverson plays Point Guard and Shooting Guard... the Sixers needed Iverson to play Shooting Guard because they needed some serious offense because no one else could really create their own offense for the Sixers team... especially when Jerry Stackhouse left, that's when Iverson's scoring went up a lot too. Philly needed it to. CP3 has always been a PG... he aint gunning for 30 points a night like Iverson is.

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@mr_clockwork91: He knew man would fail and would be punished for eternity for it, so he had a plan set so that wouldn't have to happen.

He made imperfect innocent beings to take care of everything around him, and be free to do what ever they pleased except eat the fruit.. which they chose to do anyway.

You're looking at it all wrong.

just to jump in... you are missing a huge element to this story...

The Serpent

People always are quick to say "Adam and Eve Chose to Eat the Fruit Blatantly" but if you look at Genesis 3 closer... you will see that they didn't eat the Fruit until the Serpent ( which GOD had made and put in the Garden as well ) came down and tricked Eve which led to Adam eventually eating the Fruit.

So technically, it is still GOD's fault that they ate from the Tree because he allowed them to be seduced or tricked by a creature who he knew was a skilled manipulator. The Serpent = Satan. If Satan could trick millions of Angels into following him right under GOD's presence in Heaven before he was kicked out... do you really think he would have that much trouble fouling up the plans of GOD for Humans on Earth ?

Think about it

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The question doesn't make any sense... Allen Iverson and Chris Paul don't really play the same position. Iverson is a Shooting Guard, the best scoring Little Man in the history of the game. Chris Paul is an elite Point Guard, just a shade under Isiah Thomas in skill IMO.