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@king_saturn: You know, there are bible prophesies that God will reveal himself to the entire Armageddon.

You make a good point; one thing to make the Bible authentic are the many prophesies of the Bible that have come true. Since Biblical prophesies are true, that makes them significantly different than just any prophesy. If you noticed the recently media, and you have a certain level of familiarity with the Bible, you'll note Biblical prophesy unfolding right before our very eyes. You raised the one point that I forgot to raise in defense of the Bible.

God tends to reveal Himself to individuals; people testify to God revealing Himself to them all the time. God will vividly reveal Himself during Armageddon, as you noticed.

The point was Why can't GOD reveal himself to everyone like Now before the world is dying or tearing itself apart. For GOD to reveal himself to everyone at the end of the world is pointless... as the world itself is dying... and it's not like GOD does much for the Non Believers at that point anyways according to these proposed prophesies.

As far as revealing himself to individuals... that's trivial ( n!gga could be hallucinating or simply saying he saw GOD when he didn't ) ... that's what makes it problematic... if GOD revealed himself to everyone at once before the world is dying... then we could have literal physical evidence of the encounter... especially if it's like one of those Mount Sinai type of events with Moses and the Israelites.

God does reveal Himself to everyone; seeing Him as a physical manifestation is not the only way you can have revelation of God; despite God revealing Himself, some people adjust the goal post to the point that they can try to convince others that they do not believe; it's more of a matter that some do not want to accept, is the more accurate description of what's happening; that's just something that those people need to deal with on a personal level, before it's everlastingly too late for them. God revealed Himself by physical manifestation at various points in antiquity, with the most recent being in the form of Jesus Christ.

It's certainly not a trivial matter when God reveals Himself to individuals; when it happens, it's usually a profound and life altering event for those individuals; these instances usually happens thousands of times a year, something far from insignificant. I'm someone that God has revealed Himself to multiple times, so you're actually kind of talking a foreign language to me; I can understand where you're coming from, if God hasn't revealed Himself to you, after a point, probably a point where you moved your goal post to. Don't belittle someone's experiences. Individuals having God reveal Himself to them is a whole lot like God revealing Himself to the Israelites, as it was confined to one group mainly, and somewhat a second group (e.g. the Egyptians).

GOD has never revealed himself to large quantities of people at once in modern times... seeing GOD in a physical manifestation is the "Best Way" for GOD to reveal himself to everyone... otherwise it would constantly be a trivial matter because GOD revealing himself to individuals can always be chalked up to that particular person is crazy or just making up things for their own purposes. Again, you constantly go on this GOD revealing himself to Individuals but this has nothing to do with GOD revealing himself to Everyone as it would take something more Physical in nature for this to happen anyways... something that can be seen around the world by millions or billions... not just some individual manifestation.

It is a trivial matter when GOD reveals himself to people... because even though that person may change his life over the ordeal... we have no idea or neither does the person who is saying it that it was actually GOD who revealed himself to them... it could have been a number of things including a n!gga just making the sh!t up in his head... you talking about how GOD revealed himself to you... but If I recall correctly, you was the same guy who said that you had existed with GOD before the world began... I am thinking you are a perfect example of GOD's individual revelations being trivial... because you speak "Bizarre Things" when you talk about how GOD revealed himself to you and not legitimately. Even if GOD revealed himself to you in some profound way... what evidence is there to really go by that it was GOD ? How do you know it wasn't a Demon or Satan ? They also can transform into beings of Light or Divine Presence... ( well Satan can at least, don't remember about his Lieutenants ) so how do you know it wasn't Satan playing you and pretending to be GOD to you ? The Devil is a trickster right ?

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Jennifer Lawrence in the Nude

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Not sure if this is breaking the no porn rule...

AND SAVED......................

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KRS - One's Nose...

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WWE 2K15 looks Promising

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Camron got new music out ?

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You Best Do So, Sulu... Or I Will Bathe The Star Ways In Your Blood. :P

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"I Will Bathe The Star Ways In Your Blood"

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That's You Buddy...

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How is atheism still a thing..........

The same reason Judaism, Christianity, Islam are still things... as long as you have religions that have strong followings and have had them for over 1000 years... then you can expect to have those reject these religious beliefs being a thing still.