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@frozen said:

@king_saturn: He fought SA Superman and they were complete equals. The Infinite Crisis fight is a big nerf to the character. Kal L > Superboy Prime.

Here, in Justice League of America #74, he stalemates SA Superman and they both collapse.

It's reinforced in the Bronze Age in Superman Family #187 when BA Superman admits Kal L is his equal in strength. This was around 1978, the time the first Superman movie came out.

And there are comics where he literally makes up superpowers or reverses time easily, etc.

Justice League of America 74 is borderline Silver Age / Bronze Age as the comic came out in 1969... Bronze Age Superman was official in the early 1970's... I guess it works though.

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@frozen said:

@king_saturn said:

I would go with The Eradicator... He has superior versatility than Superman of Earth 2... Intangibility, Energy and Matter Manipulation... there isn't a speed issue either as both characters are Faster than Light...

You sure? Kal L at his best is equal to the SA Superman. The Infinite Crisis fight had a nerfed PIS version, and Kal L was still more powerful.

@highaccuser said:

Post-crisis E2 superman is standard kryptonian.

No he isn't. He's more powerful than any New Earth kryptonian.

What makes Earth 2 Superman equal to Silver Age Superman ? I always thought he was more like a character closer to Bronze Age Superman levels... in any case, I don't see why Eradicator's Energy Manipulation doesn't take him out.

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They are getting beat by nobodies

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I would go with The Eradicator... He has superior versatility than Superman of Earth 2... Intangibility, Energy and Matter Manipulation... there isn't a speed issue either as both characters are Faster than Light...

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Now Listen Moe...

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Sneaky People Suck !

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@king_saturn: Ummm...usually rules are the reason why. But seeing how it's mainly Pre 52 from OP description and what's being discussed,it should be Pre 52...

Well some rules stink...

but on a more serious tip...

I will list the OP below....

Cyborg Superman and Black Adam


Martian Manhunter and Superman.

No coming back after body is destroyed for Cyborg. No making Adam or Cyborg fight the other or leave for MMH. No morals or BFR. Fight near Mt. Everest.

Happy fighting.

Now where does it say Pre 52 in this description or give any rules about what feats can or can't be used ?

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Why is Pre-Crisis being discussed here?

Why Is Post Crisis Being Discussed Here ? Why Is Silver Age Being Discussed Here ? Why Is New 52 Being Discussed Here ? Why Does It Matter At All ? If It's All Fiction And None Of It Ever Really Happened... Why Are There Restrictions On What Feats Can Be Used ? How Can One Thing That Never Happened Have More Validity As Fact Than Something Else That Never Happened ?

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I am writing in regular writing because it is regular .

You look like you use comicvine all day :P

Yes God knows all that we have done , do right now and what we will do in the future . He knows what will lead you to Hell and what will lead you to paradise .

You are not understanding how God determine's our fate . You are right in saying that Allah has predetermined everything in our lives and has power over all things. This does not mean, however, that Allah has made all of our choices for us beforehand, nor does it mean that He forces us to make mistakes so that He can punish us for them. That would not be in accordance with Allah's nature of being just and merciful. For Him to be the One and Only God, He cannot be unjust or cruel.

He has predetermined our fate because he knows what we will do on this Earth : evil or good . AND WE DO NOT DO EVIL OR GOOD BECAUSE ALLAH HAS DETERMINED OUR FATE . Allah has determined our fate BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT EITHER WE WILL DO EVIL OR GOOD IN THIS WORLD.

We abuse free will as God only gives the best of his creations free will and we are using this free will to go up against Against Allah (the one who has given it to you) . So what is this if not abusing our free will??

And Again , we do not go through something because ALLAH has determined it . Allah has determined it because he knows that you will go through that thing . Look at yourself . You can do anything that is in your power . Is that because God has pre determined it?? No . God has predetermined it because he knows that you will do a particular thing . Allah doesn't interfere in our free will . We are free in this world . And we should use this freedom wisely.

I think I would have still chosen Islam as my religion if my parents were seculiar . No-one is forcing me to keep Islam as my religion . I have chosen it . I can choose christianity or atheism too if I want but I have no reason to since I find Islam a true religion .

On a Side Note, Pooty killed your Argument using the Quran...

There is no such thing as Regular... Regular is just a word Weird People use who want to think there are the Norm.

Not any more...

Very Good Then... This Is Important That You Acknowledge This Point.

Allah Doesn't Have To Make Every Choice For Humans... It's The Fact That He Creates The Human Knowing That There Lives Could Lead To Eternal Damnation Which Makes Him Cruel... It's Good That Allah Creates Those Who Will Eventually Lead Lives That Will Have A Outcome Of Paradise... But For GOD To Create Humans That He Knows Will Lead Lives That Will Eventually Send Them To Hell... That's Not Cool.

On Top Of That, GOD Could Create Situations Where Your Choices Lead You To Decisions That Would Lead You To GOD Anyways. That Makes It Even Worse As It Makes It Seem As GOD Does Not Really Care Who Goes Where... As Long As There Are Some In Heaven and Some In Hell. CRUEL

If GOD Freely Gives You Choice To Do What You Will In Your Life... How Can You Abuse The Ability ? It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Choose What GOD Wants You To Do... You Are Free To Choose As You Will... Therefore, You Can't Abuse That Which Is Yours To Use Are You Please. Good and Bad Are Subjective... Though Technically If GOD Knows What You Will Choose Beforehand... Free Will Is Illusion.

Allah Doesn't Have To Interfere With Our Free Will... He Can Simply Watch Us Do What He Already Knows What We Will Do... And If That Leads To Hell and Damnation... Then Allah Is Wrong... As He Had Basically Created Something And Watched The Creation Destroy Itself Knowing It Would Do It Even Before He Created It. And As I Said Before, Allah Could Create Different Conditions Where The Creation Does Do What He Wants It To Do... That Makes Allah...... CRUUUUUUUUUEL.

Well I Think You Are Wrong... It's Environments and Culture That Shapes And Molds People... Defining Moments In People's Lives... Conditions And Factors That Shape And Mold How And What You Will Believe... Now You Can Say That You Would Still Be A Muslim If You Was In A Different Situation... But That's Speaking Directly From A Completely Biased Perspective As Islam Has Your Mind Bent Towards It Today As We Speak...

But Who's To Say If You Was An African American Living In Atlanta, Georgia With Some Good Ole Southern Bible Believing Folks That You Would Still Be A Muslim ? It's Highly Likely You Wouldn't. Not Even Considering Other Possible Factors as well.

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@king_saturn said:

Anywho back on topic, Silver Age Superman was still weak to Kryptonite and Magic...

no he's not

@king_saturn said:

and if we consider the fact that Black Adam can challenge Bronze Age Superman and Bronze Age Captain Marvel... both themselves Planet Movers... I don't think it's out of the question the character could fight with even Silver Age Superman... minus PIS Power of Silver Age Superman of course. It probably won't matter as Hank could subdue Kal-El with Kryptonite Based Weapons anyways after he is done with Martian Manhunter.

Intent of Characters >>>>>>>>>>>> Retcon, PIS

Silver Age Superman is a solar system mover.

And he will take hank down before he can do anything about it

Lex Luthor used to use Kryptonite against Silver Age Superman and it would work on him... Superman could only handle Kryptonite via some PIS. Also, Doctor Fate has shown able to affect Superman with a simple zap of Magical Energy... so yeah, Silver Age Superman has no natural immunity to Kryptonite or Magic.

Yeah, a Solar System that for all we know what the total sum of mass of a New York City... the whole sneezing the solar system scan away only speaks of a Distant Solar System... it doesn't say it was our Solar System... and since all planets and stars are not equal in size ( some planets being as small as continents )... speculation can come heavy into play with that scan... ( if you really think about it )

Now if you speak of the Silver Age Superman scan of him towing the 13 planets... Well, the planets are not actually given how big they are in size. For all we know these worlds coming from this other galaxy could all be near the size or mass of Mars ( which is significantly smaller in mass than Earth ) something like 10 percent mass of Earth IIRC... that alone would make the feat a bit less underwhelming in comparison to Pre Crisis Superman or Pre Crisis Black Adam...

As for Speed... Silver Age Superman maybe Faster than Light... but so is Cyborg Superman... besides, Hank has weapons that can generate Silver Age Superman's weakness ( Kryptonite )... Supes back in the day couldn't even get near that stuff without some PIS feats happening.