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100 - 10

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Dirrell vs Degale is a good fight...

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@laflux said:

Top Five Hip Hop Producers

1. J Dilla


3. Tyler, The Creator

4. Flying Lotus

5. Kanye West.

No DJ Premier ?

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I am so sick of Hulk Hogan's Restaurant

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I don't think Hated is the right word... I honestly think Dwight Howard is Forgotten... it's like his skills should have developed More than they are at currently... and when you got freaks like Anthony Davis in the League who essentially is a 6'11'' dude that can do even more than Superman... it's like people are just forgetting about Howard... it does not help he was hurt during most of this season while Harden was having an all time career best season ( 2nd in MVP voting ).

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There was a time when DMX was one of the Best Rappers in the Game... 1998 - 1999, the Dark Man was 1 - 2 with Jay-Z. X made 2 classic albums in one year... then he made And Then There Was X, which was Pretty Good... then he started facking with them drugs... and the wheels fell off the Dark Man's Wagon.

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@king_saturn: Do deist believe in the afterlife? Im actually really digging this belief. Im an atheist and a big fan of the "if science cant explain it doesnt mean it was a god" but if I wasnt an atheist then I would definately be a deist. Why would a god create such a big universe just to keep track of a single species and every little small thing that they do just so they can go to a heaven and praise him some more while the ones who didnt want to burn for eternity.

I am sure some do... as if it's possible for a Supreme Being to create a Universe ( possibly Multiple Universes ) in such a way it would become a vast wonder of Planets, Stars, Galaxies... it's also possible for this being to create some type of existence that goes beyond just our Physical Reality...

Maybe he/she/it didn't... maybe GOD keeps track of several types of Lifeforms throughout the Universe / Multiverse... Perhaps, an Afterlife is simply existing as something else after your physical body dies that we don't have much data or research in Yet. Who says an Afterlife has to consist of a Heaven or Hell ? Maybe there is just an alternative existence to Lifeforms in reality that the Deity has made...

Just some Ponderings of the Mind...

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Loading Video...

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Thing about Selena Gomez is even though she is Pretty... She still looks Too Young for a Real N!gga.

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@pooty said:

@cable_extreme: typo: billions

@king_saturn: Just to clarify, i said A Creator created us intentionally not specifically. Meaning when The Creator set things in motion, he knew humans would exist at some point. Is that different from what you believe?

Oh, I thought you meant something else because you also said that "The Creator made us with a mind, emotions, etc to let us live our lives" that in itself is a direct belief of a Theist as that implies more of a Personal Deity who he himself creates humans directly. That's a little different from a Creator setting things in motion... as if you believe so... Our minds and emotions would be a by product of Evolution, Society, Culture which was indirectly led on from the Creator setting things in motion... not so much a direct creation of a Deity.

There actually maybe other ways to look at it... but I think they would still fall along more of a Theist Line of thinking... I mean just the belief of a GOD who creates Humans with purpose puts you on the same line a Christian, Muslim, or Jews in terms of GOD's creative endeavors.