Do Not Let The Avatars Fool You... King Saturn is all Man !

Being it is this is my First Blog on this Site... yeah surprising right

I figured I would speak on something that seems to come across the CV Forums a fair amount of times... this idea that I am automatically thought of to be a Girl by some Users... simply because of my Avatar Preference... I guess the whole idea of me using the User Title " KING Saturn " is something thats totally missed in all of the excitement of a new user seeing a Half Naked Chick in someone's Avatar... 


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Posted by pixie_child

Yes, because most half-naked images of women like that are their own pictures. *cue eye roll* I was confused for maybe .05 seconds. And I'm slow on the uptake so what does that say?
Posted by Blacklightning13

lol i knew straight away that u were a guy. only the very sluttiest chicks would post that.

Posted by Annarnone_Deathfeather

To be honest I wasn't sure. Then it sort of hit me wtf would a chick name them self king unless obviously they were a lesbian or wanted to confuse people which brings me to another point. there are plenty of girls all over the net who post half nude pics of themselves. Either for attention or so they can complain about guys hitting on them. :P

I just stumbled across this randomly and needed to find out why a girl would call themselves King. The only person fictional of coarse that I could think of that is called king that looks like a girl an is from SNK King of Fighters

Nice now the confusion is gone I'm off to do some browsing of comicvine

Posted by SuperZelda84

If you have a picture of a girl what do you expect (sigh) stupid people..

Posted by PurpleCandy

I know your not a guy since most the pics are celebreties, but why?? lol

Edited by antony

nice one i thought you was a girl who is that girl ?