Top 5 Heroes (I'm a Marvel)

 Clint Barton has been my favorite Avenger since I started reading Marvel. From his wise cracks to his pin point accuracy, everything about the character has always been captivating for me. I didn't enjoy his time as Goliath and absolute dislike him run as Ronin but no matter what he'll always be Earth's Mightiest Marksman. 

 Captain America

  Drawing in at a close 2nd place is Captain America. From his fighting against the Axis in WW2 to his time as leader of the Avengers, Cap has always been a symbol of Truth, Justice and the American Way. (More so than Superman :P) Although some of his earlier stand alone stories where kind of campy, Steve has evolved into one of the most complex characters of the Modern Age.  



  Matt for me has always been a source for sarrow filled, darker toned stories. Tormented by his passed and in dread of his present, DD has never really made an effort to be a stand out hero. He has one goal, one dedication. To protect Hell's Kitchen at any costs. Although he's lost plenty of his closest loved ones because of his exploits as DD, he continues to hold his chin high and do whatever it takes to right his wrongs. 

 Iron Fist
 As a Hero for Hire to his most recent (Most awesome) adventure, Danny has always been a character I knew could make me laugh; while still being all kinds of bad@$$. Altough I kinda miss the days of his lone glowing fist, his current plethora of power definitely knock his C-Lister up to notable superhero statis.  

Ghost Rider 

 When I started reading comics Danny Ketch was the offical Ghost Rider of the Marvel U. And even though I enjoyed his run, I've always been a bigger fan of Johnny Blaze. Whether he's rockin' wicked shades and an Hellfire Shotgun or going all blazing skull as a Spirit of Vengeance, Johnny is just plain cool. Lol Although he may not be the crayon in the box, he always manages to get the job done. That job being serving up a hot dose of hardcore vengeance. 

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