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SPOILERS! Norman brings his HAMMER down upon The Fantastic Four. 0

Reed has been cooped up in his lab, as usual, building a massive interdimensional gateway he calls "The Bridge." He wants to review and examine all of his past failures and see how things could have gone in other realities. Susan and the others aren't too happy about Reed getting side-tracked from building Franklin's "Hover-Horse" but that is the least of their worries. Several HAMMER agents have just been given word that Norman Osborn has pulled The Fantastic Four out of The Initative and strip...

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Kill the Blink, Save the World 0

Once upon a time before Blink was introduced in The Age of Apocalypse her Earth-616 counterpart died tragically after being pulled into some sort of anti-matter temporal rift in the fabric of time/space...but What If she hadn't? To be blunt the Multiverse begins to unravel, The In-Betweener attempts to kill Blink, Blink replaces him, accidentally creates more problems and after sacrificing herself is resurrected once more and becomes The In-Betweener's apprentice. All in all the idea that had Bl...

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Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely 0

In one brief moment The Silver Surfer had nearly snatched The Infinity Gauntlet from the hands of Thanos during Infinity Gauntlet #4 but missed! However in this tale Norrin Radd succeeds but instead of willingly handing over the Gauntlet to Adam Warlock he takes for himself and in doing so brings peace to all worlds, goes a little crazy, kills Mephisto, turns Death into something that is not to be feared, nearly kills Shalla-Bal and then presumably he and Shalla-Bal are killed when Norrin wills ...

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The Badoon have a nasty surprise for Charlie-27...SPOILERS! 0

To make things short and sweet: Charlie-27 refuses to let Nikki or Talon face the Badoon Gladiator that they have agreed to fight one-on-one which, if they won this battle, would force Brother Royal to reveal the location of their Hatchling Incubation Facilities and therefore lead to the complete and total annihilation of the Badoon race (they were in the 26th Century at the time of this story and with the complete destruction of those facilities the Badoon would not be able to continue on as a ...

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A good idea but a flawed story. 0

In "What If the Age of Apocalypse had not ended?" it took two years longer to defeat Apocalypse then it should have but in the end he was destroyed. In the days since then tensions between Humanity and the Mutants are on the rise as both sides struggle to rebuild what was lost but then during a mission to the Moon, Magneto and his X-Men (along with several humans and superhumans) discover the abandoned abode of The Watcher and are shocked to discover that the machines have been recording Galactu...

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