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Vine Adventures! #1
"Dane of The Dead"

1st Spectacular Double-Sized Issue! Everyone's favorite Super-Speedster Dane has accidentally crossed between the barriers of Life and Death; but in reality his timing couldn't be better because the soul of Renegade Lantern is in danger of being dragged into the darkness by the corrupted soul of...KING HYPERION! But what does Hyperion have planned for the UnLiving Emotional Spectrum Power Battery? Will Dane be fast enough to stop Hyperion before he puts his plans into motion and save Renegade Lantern from Eternal Damnation?! Find out the answers to these questions and more in the exciting first issue of VINE ADVENTURES!

Vine Adventures! #2
"On ICE" featuring Dark Veritas and The ICE Dragons

Vine Adventures! #3
"WORLD'S MOST WANTED" featuring Talon and The Hunter

Vine Adventures! #4
"The Controller" featuring Pixilized and Wanderer

Vine Adventures! #5
"Parallels" featuring Risky and The Hunter

Vine Adventures! #6
"Up in the Sky" featuring Gloom

Vine Adventures! #7
"Where No One Has Gone Before" featuring Kurrent, Lethal Weapon, Simon Williams and...Babs?!

Vine Adventures! #8
"The Last Red Ring of Rage" featuring The Hunter

Vine Adventures! #9
"The Night of a Thousand Hyperions"
featuring Renegade Lantern

Vine Adventures! #10
"Our World At War" featuring Chaos Agent, Wanderer, Darkchild and Risky

Vine Adventures! #11
"Feral" featuring UnAmerican Hero, Feral Nova and Dane

Vine Adventures! #12
"The Wolf Syndicate" featuring King Hyperion, Talon, Kado, Warsman, Nightwolf and The Hunter

Vine Adventures! #13
"The Man Who Worked Wonders" featuring King Hyperion and Simon Williams

Vine Adventures! #14
"Green, Blue and Orange All Over" featuring Andferne and Midnightist

Vine Adventures! #15
"Empire" featuring Warsman

Vine Adventures! #16
"The Search for Tempest" featuring Paragon, Nighthunter, Andferne, UnAmerican Hero, Kado and Darkchild

Vine Adventures! #17
"Shadows of Future Past" featuring Akira Overdrive, Arach-Knight, Drifter, Talon, Uchiha NeVann and Kado

Vine Adventures! #18
"Casino Royal" featuring G'Bandit

Vine Adventures! #19
"The Orb of Infinity" featuring Gambler

Vine Adventures! #20
"iPaladin" featuring LstPalaldin

Vine Adventures! #21-25
"The Mirror Universe Saga" featuring Sha, Hecate, Andferne, Paragon, LstPaladin, Akwa, Simon Williams and Feral Nova

Cover to Wolverine #72

Vine Adventures! #26
"One Shot At Greatness Part One" featuring Closure and G'Bandit

Vine Adventures! #27
"One Shot At Greatness Part Two" featuring Closure and Drifter

Vine Adventures! #28
"Prison Break" featuring Warsman

Vine Adventures! #29
"Celestial Romance" featuring Star Sapphire Talon

Vine Adventures! #30
"No Hope" featuring Darkchild and Andferne

Vine Adventures! #31
"Risking It All" featuring Hunter and Risky

Vine Adventures! #32
"Love is a Battlefield" featuring Darkchild and Star Sapphire Talon

Vine Adventures! #33
"The Quick and The Dead" featuring Dane and King Hyperion

Vine Adventures! #34
"War of Kings" featuring Wolf Pack and The Hidden Lotus

Vine Adventures! #35
"Know Your Enemy" featuring King Hyperion, Sha, Talon and UnAmerican Hero

Vine Adventures! #36
"Standoff" featuring Final Arrow and Chaos Agent

Vine Adventures! #37
"To Hell And Back" featuring Closure and King Hyperion

Vine Adventures! #38
"First Flight" featuring Simon Williams

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WeareVenom123 said:

"Don't think so. The art is different, and this isn't in either one of the two issues that are out.  So unless this is from a future issue, then its from somewhere else.  So back to the original question, what comic is this?"

This is from Thor #600. The scenes in which we see the world from Bor's warped point of view was drawn by Marko Drudjevic. Everything else was drawn by Olivier Coipel. Maybe you should actually read or re-read (depending on whether or not you actually bought the book) it a little more closely.
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That's true.

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We've seen Storm do some pretty impressive stuff but come on. Even if she was an Omega-Level Mutant or even a Goddess for that matter she would still have to take stress tolerances into account, you can only go so far before your body gives out. Even Galactus has natural limitations. Honestly, I am surprised she hasn't suffered a major stroke and fallen into a long-lasting coma yet.

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LOL!!! Capes are too dangerous. They kill more superheroes than villains do. I think they should be banned.

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It was 1993 and I was at a Fred Meyer when I saw Sonic the Hedgehog #1 sitting on the magazine rack. I grabbed it immediately, bought it and BAM! My journey from Archie to Marvel and now DC began. Though before I bought my first comic, my Dad had a massive stash of DC comics (mostly Superman related including "The Death of Superman", some of the harder to find issues of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and some Green Lantern stuff) before that. A stash which is now under my protection (My Dad didn't want his roomate's kid stealing them so he handed the comics over to me for safeguarding). I get my Cheesecake now?

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Hey...this is the first time the real Jessica and The Sentry have ever met. Too bad it wasn't on better terms like Veranke's meeting was.

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Good God...she looks like she got mauled by The Hulk.

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That does it...I am gonna go postal.