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DBZ threads don't have to end up like this.This could have a perfectly reasonable debate.DBZ is inconsistent but so are comics.Just coming in here and saying someone wins is trolling and no better than someone who isn't make a case at all.People will just have to agree to disagree.I don't see what anyone gains by not proving their point but consistently running their mouth.

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@jflash94 said:
" @erik: lolz thats why bardock can fly in space and shoot a riot javelin at his face wth "
Did you just learn english last week?
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@Klandicar said:
   Heh, you fanboys need to let it go, Wonder Woman never had a chance against the mad Titan.
I can never understand how someone disagreeing with you makes them a fanboy.Your entire argument is a fallacy the begin with.The distance between the Fallen One and the fact he may not have been moving at gull speed has been brought up and you ignored it.There is nothing in the scan that says he's moving full speed nor did you post anything that shows where the Fallen One was before he tried flying at Thanos.You obviously missed the part in this thread where it was explained Wonder Woman is immune to telepathy.
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King make DBZ fans look like sh#t.

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randumo24 said:
"punch a hole through him ala bojack"
This is exactly the silly stuff i'm talking about.You are so stuck on DBZ you actually believe this is true.
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randumo24 said:
"what i dont understand is why all these people who claim to hate dbz keep coming on these battles, it just doesnt make sense"
It's your fault.Your fanboyism pisses people off.That's the main reason people don't like DBZ.The fanboys f#ck it up for everyone.Here we have a clear mismatch and you are trying to act like Gohan actually has a's ridiculous.
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Lost_Rellik said:
"King Goku said:
"PS3 loses because it has almost no exclusives,it has games that 360 has that crash and freeze,and it hasn't come out with Playstation home yet."

Haha thats pretty funny dude cause statistically...if you know shit all about computers ps3 is actually like 12x better than the 360. Ps3 uses bluerays while 360 is still using old dvd tech., which means it can't fit as much info on the disc. Also here is a link to all ps3 exclusives Just to list a few, Resistance 1 and 2, Killzone 2, DC universe Online is coming, God of War, Motorstorm(one of the best launch titles ever!), Infamous is coming, Little Big Planet, Lair, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 1& 2, Warhawk and SOCOM Confrontation. What does 360 have? Oh yeah, Gears and! Also, ppl say that ps3 has problems...I haven't heard of anybody that had any major problems with the system yet, as apposed to the hole like first 2 years 360 was out they pretty much all had to go back. Just a quick fact...GTA 4 was supposed to be much bigger and better but the 360 wouldn't have been able to handle it so they had to make it smaller so the poor little shit system could handle it! Overall....if somebody gave me a free 360, I wouldn't even wipe my arse with it. Oh and here is a video and there are a bunch more parts that shows that ps3 will pretty much destroy 360 in the future...why do you think Microsoft is already making a new xbox which is coming to come out like in 2012... watch it"
What you're saying in this first sentence has little to do with my point.Blu-Ray obviously doesn't keep PS3 from crashing and freezing.I had to restart games several times in the middle while playing with friends.It doesn't matter how much you can fit on the disk because like Wii's stupid ass motion sensor..very few developers even utilize the whole thing.MGS4 is the only game I know of so far that has actually used all of the blu-ray space.

When I made the comment about exclusives...PS3 had like two...but either way,how many supposed exclusives were taken right away by 360? Devil May Cry 4,Virtua Fighter 5,Tekken 6,GTAIV,Assassin's Creed,Beautiful Katamari,and Fatal Inertia and now they are losing Final Fantasy.

360 has alot more than Gears and Halo they also have....Fable II,Forza Motorsport,Crackdown,DOA4,and Mass Effect all selling in the millions.

Having to downgrade GTAIV for the 360 doesn't mean anything.It's the same game.Graphics aren't really important.GTAIV's graphics are impressive on any console or any TV.Your prediction for the future don't mean much either.If Microsoft has to make a new box to compete with Sony..oh well,they are already owning them to begin with.
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geraldthesloth said:
"Sentry is just crap

i hope that character dies :/"
has nothing to do with the battle.
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erik said:
"What if Ares has his axe?"
He still loses.Herc knows how to disarm him.
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Herc alreayd made quick work of him several times.