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It was a bit sad when Terra died in the TT animated series... (I didn't cry)
Uh... I bet I can think of 5 others, just not now :/ lol.
... ... Ah! When Human died on... Was it Speaker for the Dead, or Xenocide... I think Xenocide but I read those books a year ago. T'was sad. But, I didn't cry.
On Forrest Gump at the end when Jenny died... Sad, didn't cry, but I must admit, I felt like it...
If I think of anything else, I will post it later on... Good topic post btw.

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Well, you know that one Teen Titan animated series right? Well... I watched all the seasons, in order from the beginning of August, and just ended it a few days ago... *sigh* DONT watch the last episode of season 5!!! If I EVER see Cartoon Network or that Kids WB I will kill em'! WHY THE HECK DO YOU END A FREAKING SERIES LIKE THAT!?!?!?!?! Christ... *cough* sorry about that.. I won't tell how STUPID it ends but lets just say I almost freaking cried... no... My eyes almost watered... -.- It's sad, and if they were smart... They wouldn've done better... If they were intelligent... They wouldn've KEPT THE SERIES GOING... Now I gotta find all of the TT Comic books and read them because I am unsatisfied... ... ... What do you guys think? (For those who have seen all of the TT animated series)

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@The Average Bear said:
" I was reading one of the trades of Blackest Night recently. And Kilowog was battling Black Lantern Ermey. For the entire duration of the battle, I heard the voice of R.Lee Ermey (I didn't know the actors name until just now...Obviously that connection was intended). 
So, with that said: Who do you hear when you read Hal or Kyle talking? What about Sinestro, and other characters? "
Hal: kind of my own voice...
Kyle: (same as Hal)
Sinestro: Mark Strong, seriously, even before I heard about the Green Lantern movie.
All of the Teen Titans I hear the voices of the voice actors of the cartoon (ex. Beast Boy = Greg Cipes)
For some reason, when I read Quicksilver and Cyclop's dialog, I hear Quinton Flynn's voice... 
Superman: The guy who played Superman from Smallville.
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@gambit987 said:
" I want to ask if deadpool is not stronger than some of you want too confess. I mean bugs bunny got toon force but doesn't deadpool has breaking-the-fourth-wall force. Isn't it something you have to keep in mind when you create a battle about deadpool. Is breaking the fourth wall not dangerous for the enemy and handy for deadpool. So what I mean is, is breaking the fourth wall something like a power and potentially dangerous. (example didn't he stop bullets with fourth wall breaking) "
Hm... Breaking the fourth wall I think, is just something to keep the viewer reading the comic... I don't think it's a power or anything...
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@Shiza said:
" I'm new to the whole comic book area and by new i mean only a month ago I bought my first comic. I know the basic knowledge of most of the heroes and villains but I'm completely oblivious to current events. as of right now im reading by volumes of The Walking Dead, Chew, and reading some popular batman novels like The Killing Joke and Batman R.I.P..   "
Ha! Go easy on you? What were you thinking we would be like... : 
"YO!! WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!! *dropkick out the window*"
hehehehe... Well welcome to the forums. The Killing Joke is REALLY GOOD man, you got taste! XD
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@Calvin said:
" @Kineto: He's great.
And so is Foster!

Yep, but I liked Tim Roth better on Reservoir Dogs... 
Though, I like his accent on Lie to me, and it is an interesting show, i've learned a lot from it.
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Hmm.. What about Dr. Lightman? He would be called a detective, right?
But my favorite detective would have to be... FOX MULDER!! :D

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If this stupid story gets comic books banned I'll freaking show them what they think they see!!! (Sorry about the threat...)
Kick-Ass is a freaking movie, not real, stupid psychologist... That's like saying that music sometimes has cussing in it, that means all music is bad... Jeeze!
Of course there are bad role models and good ones but who really cares? Has it really affected our lifestyle that much?! 

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Sony... Cause I have a lot of their stuff, really good graphics too!

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" @Kineto: Now they would of made a really cute couple. "
Yeah. Too bad Raven warped him back to the Tower before he could even say goodbye... But if you remember the end of that episode... It ended well :)