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Oh! I was thinking Paul Sorvino! Giamatti is a bit too, too intellectual for this role. He'd be like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in it I'd suspect. Hmmmm not like they care. Most comic book movies lack so very much.

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I'd rather have a Dr. Strange #1 comic book to start with on Marvel Now.

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Looking forward to this new one! Hope it is good! Will they say "This is a good Jumping on Point" like they do?

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@CitizenBane: One of the best comics IMO.

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JD: I hate to spill it here and blow the surprise, but this is Faith's last mission. Bloodshot is going to skin her and wear her like a dress. Oh, should I have put a spoiler alert there?

DS: Bloodshot wearing Faith as a ladysuit is the sole reason I agreed to write for Valiant.

I hope these two are kidding. I'd be very surprised if JD killed of Faith. That would be the Worst Idea. She's very important to Harbinger!
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@Vance Astro:GOSH I LIKE YOU!

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I don't particularly care about what Olsen's gender is in the movie as long as the personality is largely un-altered.


Well a sex change would actually change a person, don't you think?

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Is it me or do only Marvel and DC do this? Gender Swaps in Race Changes don't seem to serve a purpose. Only thing I can think of is that these companies need to appear diverse outside of comics because general movie goers don't know their history. They need to PRETEND they have such a diverse roster although they don't give blacks, or females the proper face time in comics.

@Vance Astro: You are entirely correct.

Comic Books are not about Romance but Action, Action, Action. The Movie Studios are trying to 'cover' the usual bases. They want every easy market. I'd prefer Nick Fury for one to be White. Not because Samuel Jackson isn't cool, but because Nick Fury is White! In the comics. I want the comics not Sam Raimi who did a trilogy of Spider Man about his 'love' for Mary Jane!

Or Ang Lee who had the Hulk fighting a 3 headed Dog. Or Professor Nolan and his tepid interpretation with the Anorexic Bale as The Batman!

I'm not impressed by 99.9% of the comic book movies so far. Hugh Jackman is STILL Wolverine! He hasn't even worn the Costume yet! One actor for over 10 years now with Brian "I'm a Commercial Director" Singer STILL as Director. No wonder Scott "Cyclops" Summer shot Xavier.

Good Shot I say! Good Shot!

p.s. after all it was probably like Patrick Stewart getting shot! No Big Deal! :)

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Neat! Jimmy Olsen as a woman would be great. I think he and superman could have an affair after all Grace Randolph's Supurbia has a really hot Gay thing going on, why not Superman. Lois and Jimmy could fight over Superman! So cool and Superman wouldn't even have to know that 'She' is Jimmy Olsen!

Until after that night in bed!

Yep... DC sure wouldn't have a problem with this!