How i would do it (Green Arrow)

I would do Green Arrow pretty close to how he has been done before. He would be older than a lot of the heroes (40ish) and I would keep his new costume from the new 52. Oliver would have mentored a man named Roy Harper who would be know as Red Arrow but after discovering his drug addiction he would break ties with him. After kicking his drug habit Roy would begin training with other forms of weapons and take the name Arsenal . After parting ways with Roy, Oliver would discover he has a son in Hong Kong named Connor Hawke and he would bring him to America. After discovering his father is a super hero Connor would want to follow in his footsteps and would begin training with Oliver. Connor Hawk would be come the hero Emerald Dragon and would not only use a bow and arrows but also trowing stars and various other weapons.

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If you ever read Green Arrow you would have realized that he was always a lot older than Batman and the other Heroes in the JLA . He was almost 50 when he died in the OG DCU so that could n the JLA he could have been any where from 39 - 46 durring that time in the JLA because he spent 5 -7 years before he died not with the JLA. Personally I like what they are doing so far, we have to give them more time to Get it in the grove of things for GA, If it brings new fans to the Character that is good. Green Arrow Should be in the A list of Heroes but he is relegated to the Low B lister's. It's always easy to Critisize it's a lot harder to come up with a great Idea, and Honestly I am just not feeling it with what you described. You kind of missed Ollies Personality in this Idea. I liked Connor But after a while he became sort of tedious. And what Roy and Ollie had before the issues of Cry for Justice was fine, And I assume that at some point they will get back to that.

But It's not a horrible Idea, Maybe write some fan fiction and see what people think. Heck that might even change my thought on it.

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I like your thinking. But sadly they have decided to take a blant and boring route with Green Arrow. Arsenal, Black Canary and Connor would be a welcome addition to this series, I couldn't care less about team Iron man in the new books.

So far underwhelming.