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Bio is my original work (©) copyright to me.

Except for the pictures, characters(Most likely will be my friends) and some of the quotes, those are copyrighted to there respected owners.

Kimiko's RPG Rules:

  1. You do not know me(Kimiko, the character), you do not know my name or my appearance. There was no past no present where you saw me or other company that was tracing me, that is bull. IF you have fought me before then maybe you may recognize my fighting style but no tracing, none of that. (There are a few acceptations, but those people have my permission.)
  2. Kimiko is a telepath and shapeshifter for a reason. She does not show her true identity to people, no one can break her telepathy and shapeshiting of what she looks like to see her true look.
  3. You know nothing of Kimiko's species, who she works for, etc. They are untraceable, COMPLETELY UNTRACEABLE.
  4. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, use me in your bio without my permission.

Rewriting this old bio. All lot of things have been changed/Retaconned. I don't know when I'll put the new bio up or it ever.

Sorry to the people that miss me.