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1. Why are so many of you commenting on the article or the man's work and haven't read either?

2. Why is there a perception that females in comics are generally written bad? Most characters in comics are males and they are almost always written horribly; from their names all the way through into their dialogue.

It is attributable to bad writing and nothing else. Neither male nor female characters are immune from it. Bad writing affects it all. Also, sex and sexuality in comics is as risque as it is on television. Grow up. Calling something "masturbatory for 15 year old boys" is quite ignorant. You can say the same to the Victoria's Secret catalog or most programming after 8 pm on any given night. I don't devote my reading time to devouring overtly sexual comics or ridiculously violent ones. However, sex and violence have their places in the medium. It depends on the tale being told and the material used to tell it.

This article reminded me of the ones I have read concerning shows like ROME, Spartacus or Breaking Bad. The shows have their content because they are made for mature adults, not juveniles. It is ridiculous that unless a comic says "For Adults Only 18+" it is assumed to be for all ages. Top Cow comics have never and will hopefully never be all ages. Comics like Witchblade are not meant for children or really even young teens. They are written with adult themed content and should be treated as such.

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@Vance Astro: I'd rather not. I much prefer to speak plainly and with whatever vocabulary fits the emotional content of my statement. If you don't like it you can fuck off as well.

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It would be cool if Brian Azzarello could come back on the book. I still feel For Tomorrow was a great character story for Superman. There are plenty of excellent writers out there, I think DC is just being nice and letting people participate (Perez) because of their reputation.

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Don't worry about it. It wasn't as important as it should have been. Apparently Professor X was always a douche bag and Onslaught wasn't even his biggest screw up. He kinda let a group of his students die on Krakoa because Cyclops couldn't handle that his brother was one of them. Oh, but he sent Cyclops back to rescue his original students while the 2 who were still alive lay dormant and eventually floating through space. Fuck Xavier.

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@The Myth: They saw each other in that issue, but they talked for the first time in the X-Man/X-Force Onslaught issues.

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They met during the X-Man/X-Force: Onslaught chapters. Nothing really came of it. I would like to see it brought up again. Might not happen with Theresa being in X-Factor, which is set in NYC while Nate is being a New Mutant in SF.

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@The Dark Huntress said:

@G-Man said:

Hate for the character already? The issue isn't even out yet...


I'm one of the biggest critics on the site of his work with Starfire and not even I'm going on about this.

I love how people automatically make the assumption that just because he's a "controversial" character, it's not going to be a good one. A bit presumptuous, no?

People need to wait until at least..y'know actually reading the issue before they start complaining about how it's not a good character, seeing as he hasn't even appeared in anything yet.

Look how everyone reacted to Miles Morales aka the new Ultimate Spider-Man. People need to grow up. Straight middle class Anglo-Saxon males are not the only ones who read comics or should be represented in mainstream comics. Lets see what the writer does with his creation before judgement is passed.

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@goldenkey said:

I say let him do what ever he wants too. He did an outstanding job. Him and the guy who played Magneto. I just hope Vaughn stays with it. He showed he can direct a comicbook film. I actually wished he was directing Avengers or even Superman. I have faith in Snyder. The guy has proved himself and his action sequences are just great but Vaughn was so good with Kick-Ass and X-men. As for Whedon on Avengers, Im worried. The script will be great, it's just that I don't know if the guy can direct. It's soooo hard to edit the right dialogue scenes. It's not hard to make actors look bad, even good ones. Look at George Lucas on the last 3 Starwars films. Just crap acting from good acting. That's called bad directing. On "A New Hope" the actors over ran him.

You, my friend, need to watch Serenity. Or you can pick up Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, or Dollhouse. Go ahead, we will all wait. When you're done, tell us whether you think he can direct or not.

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The X-Men don't have to work out. Apparently the X-gene gives them a higher metabolism than an ordinary human. Hence why all of them, regardless of training, look very Apollonian and Herculean. It is in the genes.

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I actually don't understand some writers. Why aren't there more writers willing to put in a good chunk of their lives to writing something like the X-Men? Claremont did it for 17 years and it is considered the quintessential run. When writers have the time to do long term planning, they can develop the characters much more intimately. You can't get that on a typical comics run, because there is another writer waiting 6 months later to retcon everything the previous writer did just because they want to tell THEIR version of events. It is pretty disrespectful to the hard work and effort that goes into writing these stories.