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@veitha: Um. Actually, I think people are missing my point.

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@donmeca2020: This is a new series called Doomed about a student who sometimes somehow transforms into Doomsday. The first issue comes out in June.

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I don't have Netflix. Will this come out on DVD?

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@oldnightcrawler: I don't understand what you're asking me when you say "What does this have to do with people who actually are gay?" or however you worded it.

And about the consenting. What I was trying to do was illustrate in all three other types of sexual deviancy how they can just as easily be seen as consenting. What if homosexuals were not seen as capable of giving proper consent. "They are attracted to different groups than the majority of the populace. Therefore, their brains must work differently that others'. Therefore, how can we determine that they are inherently capable of making these decisions?" That's pretty much equivalent to the reasons children, animals, and cadavers, are considered non-consenting.

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Superheroes are big right now. However, they are considered more of a boy thing. Meaning girls might be more likely to be drawn to more "girly" interests such as Barbies and Disney Princesses, and whatever else they have these days. Hence, the need to aim a line of superheroes at girls. Well done!

@avenging_x_bolt: Seriously! Mal Duncan and Karen Beecher-Duncan got divorced? When did that happen. Mal just became Vox in the missing year after Infinite Crisis and I know after that they were still together, but I didn't know they had many appearances afterwards.

@darling_luna: What is SJW?

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So this is a video game? Never heard of it. What platform is it for? Is it a regular game where you go through levels, or one of those whatever'-they're-called games that are popular today where you go through a world populated by avatars of players from around the world through the internet? I mean like DC Universe Online.

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Step 3: Forget "Constantine" exists and just read some more hellblazer!

Do you mean the Keanu Reaves movie? Or the recently cancelled New 52 comics series written by Ray Fawkes?

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@mickeymayhew: At least they're not putting out all eight issues that each cost $4 to $6 in a two month period like they did with Axis.

@hackedlife: I certainly don't.

@shadowstare: In Convergence # 0 and #1, they list all of the cities trapped on Telos along with what universe they are from. If you look at the inside of the front cover of each Convergence tie-in, it will show you what universe the book is using, surrounded by what other universes appear in that week's battles. Week 1, it's all pre-Flashpoint New Earth, week 2, it's all pre-Zero Hour Earth, week 3, it's all pre-Crisis Earth-1. Only week 4, will it be assorted Earths, and all from the pre-Crisis multiverse.

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Goddammit! Still no Dark Universe!

When I first read Jeff Parker was taking over JLU, I was super excited. Then I read about the new direction and that level of excitement lowered significantly. This makes no sense to me from a story perspective. This JLU had the adventure where they form and a team-up with the LoSH and that's it. It makes zero sense to dissolve this group so soon. Since it's Parker, I'll hope to be pleasantly surprised, but I just don't understand why they couldn't give the current team more adventures. Similarly, this direction on Cyborg troubles me as well. He should have a couple regular arcs fighting appropriate villains before he starts having problems with his hardware. And the Aquaman direction! Why would Atlantis kick him out again? And at this time of all times. His mother just gave him something that will make the oceans accept him as their king and he is still struggling with the Atlanteans to accept him. It would make more sense for that to continue rather than have them hunting him down. Come to think of it, this whole GL: Lost Army concept doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. Maybe down the line it would, but right now the GLC is hated throughout the universe and wants to rebuild that trust. There are plenty of stories that could be told with that, but nope, they just disappear. I swear DC is run by morons.