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While the story was good, I can't get behind the aspect of J'onn being sent to conquer Earth. I knew it was probably coming. But this is the heart and soul of the Justice League we're talking about. This is just not kosher. Whether or not he decides to betray his Martian masters and defend the Earth doesn't matter. J'onn is not a spy. Someone really should start a lynch mob for the people at DC who decide to pull this crap!

Also, has it been confirmed that Mr. Biscuits is a Martian? With that drape covering his face, he could be pretty much anything. Also, I've never known Martians to snore from their armpits.

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Earth One Cyborg figure's forehead looks like a Japanese flag.

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@g_man i can't believe no one else noticed this. But Endgame concluded with #40, not #39.

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This book is obviously one of the aspects of this DC YOU initiative to diversify tone, feel, and genre of DC's main line of books. I mean, because it's basically gonna be a comedy about an alien not knowing what's what on Earth. DC is obviously trying to capitalize on the success of Harley Quinn by giving Connor and Palmiotti another book to do similar stuff in. I understand that DC is trying to cultivate more fans by mixing it up a bit when it comes to the tones, feels, and genres of their book to appeal to fans of different tones, feels, and genres. Yet I wish they'd take it easy on the comedy. They've got Bat-Mite, Bizarro, Harley Quinn / Power Girl, and probably a few others now. I don't mean they should make all their titles overly dark like some were saying they did for a long time at the beginning of the New 52. I don't mean they should have 'no joke' policy. I know I'm biased toward the superhero genre, but I don't usually mind them doing a book or two in another vein like All-Star Western, or one of the war books they've tried putting out over the past several years. Usually, when they do some other genre nowadays they do it with a twist from a more superheroic direction. This is what they're doing with these comedy books. Comedy using superhero characters. Now many criticize the current television cartoon Teen Ttians Go! Well this show isn't bad. It's hilarious! It's just that we don't have a decent DC Comics action cartoon at the moment, and a great one was cancelled just before Teen Titans Go! began. That's basically what I'm getting at. Comedy is great and everything and can be a nice breather, but I don't want it to take away from my action heroes. If DC were to publish a separate line of comedy, and still have a full main line of super heroes, that'd be great. It's just that there are so many great characters who don't have their own book. And DC has shown that it can't handle having as many as 52 books at the same time, so we have fewer than that to give every deserving character a book. And one of these precious slots is wasted to give us another book like Harley Quinn!

It's not that I think Red Hood and the Outlaws should have ever existed the way it did. But now that they've taken Starfire out to give her her own title, that title should not have been given the chance it has to continue. Red Hood / Arsenal? Gimme a break!

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@kfabz-23: I agree. It's like DC editorial sat down with the writers and said. "When Convergence is over, let's take every title we have and send it in a shocking new creative direction, despite the fact that in many of these same titles, there is rich potential to continue to explore the current direction the book is going in." What's hitting me the hardest are the various Green Lantern titles and Aquaman. And though these are new series, I don't like the directions Martian Manhunter and Cyborg are going to go in from what I hear. But they're not as bad as GL and Aqauaman. But you know what basically is is JLU. They haven't had more than two arcs and they're already shaking up the roster. And what the hell did Batman Beyond do to deserve to be so drastically changed? Though I will admit, that first issue was somewhat enjoyable. It looks like they're going the route of "it seems she's a complete dolt because she doesn't know Earth customs" route with Starfire like from the animated series, which will not receive my seal of approval. The other thing is, sure Kreisberg and Sokolowski's first issue of Green Arrow wasn't great, but it really rose in quality from there, but DC took them off the title because everyone was saying they were making it too much like the TV show. Well, it really wasn't anything like the show at all. Everyone just couldn't get past the fact that they introduced a comics version of Felicity Smoak. Then everyone was saying Percy and Zircher would save the title. Well, their first issue was worse than Kreisberg's and Sokolowski's, and I don't see much room for improvement.

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I myself thought the Amazo Virus storyline was a ton of pure filler. I'm glad Darkseid War is finally here to make this book meaningful.

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@werst9 said:

@scouterv: In my book rewriting history and destroying a timeline to create another is genocide. You are eliminating one universe and creating a new one in its place. It's like cloning a bunch of people you mass murdered. They are the same people but they aren't the same people. Then there is the butterfly effect of people who lived in one time line but do to something changing are now dead. The numbers are the same sure but Barry is still taking the lives of people who would have lived away and giving them to other people. Unless Barry is creating a new timeline instead of rewriting the old one it is still eradicating an entire dimension of people, and history so he can be happy and live with his mom. Only way this isn't some Kang Doom level evil is if the original timeline group with dead cisco still exist. But cisco remembering being killed implies that it is an erasure and rewrite. Even if it isn't altering peoples memories and reality to suit you better is supervillain evil. They all think they deserve it too

I've always felt that if the heroes of the New 52 were "heroes" in the sense of how the word it is usually used in comics, if they knew that the New 52 timeline were not how it was was supposed to be, but was rather created by the Flash under the influence of Pandora's meddlings, they would do everything in their power to restore the timeline to how is should be. Never mind that the New 52 has its own fans now and all of it would be erased. I feel that if they were actually heroes, and they knew, they'd undo the manipulations, and the only reason they don't is because they don't know. Well, truly, it's because DC Comics editorial staff want to be "relevant" by pissing on the fans. And now there's this whole issue of reality not being able to withstand another rewrite. "What we have is better than nothing existing at all." But there was mention that reality in the current timeline was fluid and had not completely set, meaning there is still hope of pre-Flashpoint continuity reasserting itself, mixing in with New 52 continuity.

I apologize for taking this thread off-topic, but this is what I think of when I read the above conversation.

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Hey all! It seems there is not already a thread for discussion of this OGN.

I must say. Geoff Johns' second volume of Batman: Earth one once again is great. I had not enjoyed at all the first two Superman: Earth One volumes. I also was found greatly wanting after reading The Killing Joke, oddly enough. I had begun to think it was the OGN format I disliked as there was not enough room to fit in as much story as you'd fit into a six to twelve issue comic arc. But Johns' first Batman: Earth One proved that theory wrong, as I greatly enjoyed that. And he manages to do it again with Volume 2. Now let me also say, I did also enjoy Superman: Earth One- Volume 3, surprisingly.

First of all let me say, that it seems that the Earth One books seem to be getting a repetitive shtick. As in both Superman: Earth One- Volume 3 and Batman: Earth One- Volume 2 a character with the name of a big villain of each hero dies and a female relative of that character goes on to become that villain. It does seem concerning especially, in that they happened so close together in the same imprint, which only releases a few books a year. But if they leave it at that, it may be fine.

Now to the hype. Johns has introduced three key villains for future volumes. Two-Face, Killer Croc, and Catwoman, and two, and possibly all three of them, know his secret identity. I look forward to reading about these characters in future volumes. And I greatly enjoyed how Johns weaved the Riddler plot into the fallout from the first volume, and the creation of Two-Face.

And that is what I have to say. Everyone else, please post your thoughts below.

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@inferiorego I think you mixed up some names a couple times there. Saying Wells when you meant Barry and Barry when you meant Wells. But why do you keep calling Martin Stein "Dr. Martin"?

I either missed the Killer Frost appearance or did not realize what it was in the amount of time it appeared, but thanks to @galacticfork for the info on where that was. And I was thinking I missed the Hawkgirl appearance too, but thanks to @supbatz for clarifying that. Upon reading that post, I remembered thinking it was odd that they'd showcase this random chick alongside Cold, Henry, and Singh.

Anyway, now to my thoughts. First of all, if you remember the Season 1 finale of Arrow, it too ended on a cliffhanger, in the middle of the Undertaking, then Season 2 picked up six months after the undertaking. That threw me through a loop when that happened. I certainly hope this one works differently

This season finale was very, very emotional. I shed a tear or at least got watery-eyed several times. The first season finale of Arrow was also very emotional, but in a different way. It all came at the end with the death of Tommy Merlyn. (who I still hope it turns out was resurrected with a Lazarus Pit and became a crazed assassin a la Jason Todd.) But I remember that after watching that Arrow season one finale, I was emotionally reeling for the next several hours.

In speaking of Tommy Merlyn. Did I not call from the beginning that Eddie would be used in the same way as the character killed off in the season one finale? Now I'm thinking he survived and will return, likely as Cobalt Blue. They did say the panels on the time bubble were made of cobalt..

As for the Jay Garrick helmet. I certainly was not expecting that. But since it happened, we can only speculate on what its significance is. Is Earth Two on the other side of the wormhole? Did Wells/Thawne know exactly who it belonged to?

I can't currently remember if there was anything else I wanted to touch on in this post, but this finale certainly was thought-provoking and leaves you wanting more. A lot of the people who have posted before me have some really great, smart ideas.

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@sealife: What! Where'd you hear that? If that is the case, then I really have to say that DC really has to get their act together in regards doing what they say they are going to do. When the March solicits came out, like it listed like sixteen New 52 books as cancelled, then when the June solicits came out, it's like "Sorry, these seven additional books are cancelled as well." Six of those got sort of rebooted under new titles. (Well now, five if Dark Universe really is kaput.) But the seventh was Supergirl, which as I understand was selling really well since its new creative team took over a couple issues prior. So what happened there, I have no idea. And Dark Universe was one I was really looking forward to. And it never sees the light of day. And I'm assuming that Mystic U, is in the same boat. We don't even know what the premise of that one was supposed to be. And they had announced that the "We don't want to call it 'The New 52' anymore but it still really is" would consist of forty-nine titles. Well, five of those were limited, and now two ever materialized, so they're still only at forty-two, which is about where they were pre-Convergence. Sorry for ranting in my rage, but DC really does need to get its act together.