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i see the punisher killing himself if that ever happens. the guy wants crime extinct like batman.

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bring back richard rider.

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cap is more experience in fighting guys superior to him than batman. batman may have more skills and weapons than cap but he's also human which means he's bound to make mistakes like all of us. in terms of who's smarter i'll say batman cause he a detective and solve any problem and come up with a plan in 5 minutes but in this fight cap wins in strength and experience plus he's fought iron man and daredevil.he's lead the avengers into victory countless times and has been their leader since they formed. batman has helped the JLA in technology,weapons and strategy. batman is the Einstein of the JLA and knows all the members plus their weakness and strengths so he just the monitor guy.

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i hope the rings stay true to the comics.

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i like the joker pointing the gun at himself.

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the roster that would make me happy:

  1. superman
  1. batman
  1. green lantern
  1. MM
  1. FLASH

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finally the fight i been dying to see.

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1. name the top 10 iron man villains.? is batman so popular?

3.does shield have a base in space and why is it that the shield TV series won't feature characters from the comics like clay quartanmanin, woo, gabe Jones, contessa and Tia senyaka PLUS JASPER STIWELL cause the're really cool agents.?

4. will joss whedon include well known shield tech into the TV series like LMD,MANDRIODS, FLYING CARS AND SPIN TECH OR WILL JUST MAKE UP NEW ONES.?

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  1. avengers:disassembled
  2. the man without fear.
  3. iron man:enter the mandarin.