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So.. nobody knows?

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So I noticed the last issue was months ago. Can anybody clerify for mr?

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Totally 100% true. I know this should be on Giant Bomb, but I'm not going back there again *shivers*

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@frogdog: ROFLMAO, I agree that he's arguably the best in technique usage in the whole franchise. Yep, in the theoretical side he considerably outweighs Ken, Souther, and Raoh, however applied in a fight he won't beat any of them. He's more like those professors who did memorable research and teachings in there fields but haven't worked that much in it as a career. "those who can't do teach/write".

Since you made me laugh, here's in return:

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@quintus_knightfall: Nice! She's diffenately the best in DC's present day(probably not in far future like 1Mil) in my eyes now.

@omgomgwtfwtf: What happened between the 3rd and 4th scan. His mask is randomly off?!?! This looks out of context, and DS looks more impressive. You actually raised my expectations in Slade(if you what you're saying is true that he is depowered).

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I'm surprised know one has mentioned that swordsmanship, archery ect. are considered martial arts. As it is this thread is to vague for me to decide we should limit to hand-to-hand martial arts.

No, we shouldn't! The thread name in AV has Martial Artist/fighter. So, we are deciding the best martial artist in both creativity and sportsmanship.

@grift3r said:

@quintus_knightfall said:

@killer_of_trolls: Slade Wilson is a badass but he's not a top level martial artist, not really. Not like Karate Kid, Batman One Million, Cass Cain, Batman, etc. He's a highly versatile h2h fighter but I dont think you can really count him as a martial artist in comparison with the more notables. And David Cain? She stomped him out (in his prime pre-drunkered days) while pregnant.

Quintus pretty much summed up why I placed her above both Slade and David. Even Bruce can't beat her in a straight fight. I'm pretty sure that almost every time Bruce faces her he's forced to resort some dirty underhanded tactics just to come out alive. Now, as of post 52 I have no idea if she's still a beast. As for Marvel....I'm leaning towards Shang Chi. As for Novels....I'm gonna go with the last Duncan Idaho Ghola.

I haven't read his own comics, but having Tasky one shotting The Cat who is Chi's main baddy really doesn't back up that statement. Furthermore, what's the guy from that Novel done, feats? I'm really taking this seriously.

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Batman wiped the floor with Deathstroke when he was depowered.

She stomped him out (in his prime pre-drunkered days) while pregnant.

Can I have those scans pretty please?(Both of you)

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@grift3r said:

DC wise I gotta give it to Lady Shiva.

That's a bold statement to put her ahead of both Slade Wilson and David Cain, and number 1. What would you rank for Marvel. Also, I wonder if someone has anything to add from Images or Dark horse. Also, where are the novel readers?

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@willpayton said:

@killer_of_trolls said:

Excuse me, What? I couldn't hear you over the violent sounds

of this:

and this:


BTW, in both senarios Batsy had an advantage, like the element of surprise and more. Bruce Wayne or any of the Bat Family aren't even at the the top ten, and that's being generous.

Whether Deathstroke can beat Batman in a fight is not the issue here. Many, many people can beat Batman in fights, it doesnt mean they are better martial artists. You dont seem to understand this simple idea.

Deathstroke is enhanced in many ways that makes him far superior physically to Bruce. DS is faster, stronger, more durable, and can think and heal faster than a normal human. He also has enhanced senses. These are not irrelevant things.

A lot of the people mentioned so far mostly win fights because they are physically very powerful, but otherwise show no special martial abilities... which they dont really need to have when you can just punch harder and faster than your opponents. Batman on the other hand has mastered almost every martial art there is, and can often outfight, outthink, and outstrategize superhumans, aliens, and supernatural creatures who vastly outclass him.

I do understand this, even in very detailed real-life application as well. Also, it's kinda of a meh response since we have to compare somehow, Bruce has the batsuit even if it's minor enhancements are not comparable with DS's, and DS is one of the biggest Mary Sues in melee that takes on entire teams of big names, and many on the battle section would side with him by reflex. Batman had advantages in all 4 fights as I already said, but Slade has 3:1 wins against him. Also, the enhanced brain thing counts here.

Secondly, Knowing all the current martial arts made by humans isn't all that impressive considering the question in the OP, I could name many characters with that like Yuujiro, Baki, or Muhamad Ali Jr who also invent new entire martial arts. DC's Karate Kid(Val) mastered thousands of arts from other planets, Batman One Million(who I am considering for the answer), not Bruce, mastered all martial arts in existence up until 853rd century. If this mattered I could have just chosen Neo(inside Matrix) who can download'em, check the thread in the anime vice link in the OP :). There are people in the UFC/M1/SF who had more martial arts in there arsenal that lost to others who had a couple of fighting styles, because they were just generally superior fighters or younger. If your argument was logical, then Sportsmaster and Tasky should dominate DC and Marvel since they can master any movment just by watching a youtube vid, weather it's cooking, musical instruments or fighting techniques,and as they say "those who can't do, teach", so taskmaster opened an academy for villains, lol, just a fun fact.

I know Bruce Wayne is excellent, but not him or anyone in the bat family is taking this title.

EDIT: btw, please don't mention the KK vs Batman fight for obvious reasons.

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