The Freeman Files: Case 1 - the Dark Days


Detective Freeman (


Doctor Tobias Monroe (


October 30th, 2012,

These strange happenings seemed timed perfectly in accordance to All Hallow's Eve. An energy-manipulating murderer who listens to alien rocks. Kameo being forced into a catatonic state by the effects of meeting said killer. And now, there was evidence of someone having tampered with her life support systems as well as a foreign needle-sized entry wound completely different from those introducing Potassium Iodine into her bone marrow. After analysis, the mark had trace amounts of Erythrogenic toxin or the residue from Streptococcus pyogenes - scarlet fever. Remarkably, all signs of radiation sickness in her disappeared faster than predicted, yet her symptoms including rash and fever increased drastically.

Must investigate further. Kameo is fine here under medical supervision. But whoever did this had strange motives for coming here, and a mild outlook on his or her own safety by breaking into the Harbingers' infirmary alone.


Freeman sat in his room, looking over the evidence carefully. In front of him were clues he had gathered from the scene of the mysterious injection: a photograph of Kameo's arm where the needlepoint was inserted, a Petri dish with a small colony of scarlet fever bacteria, and a small circle of glass where the culprit had cut through Kameo's room window and entered. Freeman also managed to find the shadow of footprints in Kameo's room. The night had been somewhat rainy and the invader tracked in trace amounts of mud, though it was dried up into dust by the time Freeman investigated for the first time that morning.

The floor tiles were each a foot in both length and width, a space the footprint filled nicely from heel to toe. The size of the footprint indicated by pure girth that it was a male, possibly either six-feet-tall or little more than an inch taller. Due to the fact that he tracked in so little, Freeman concluded that he could not have weighed more than one-hundred-eighty pounds. The circle of glass was testament to that - Freeman could imagine someone similar to his stature sliding his hand through a hole with such circumference. Any smaller opening would be unnecessary unless it was for a much more petite interloper.

But the mystery about Kameo's sudden recovery from the radiation sickness only to fall prey to the scarlet fever bacteria in such a sterile environment puzzled him. If the culprit wanted to kill Kameo, he obviously could have through a much more potent disease. It's as if he wanted to help her.

Freeman grunted and stood up, gathering his evidence into a shoe box and sliding it into a special compartment under his bed. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked outside, hungry for answers.

(OOC: More to come, soon, I promise. But how is it so far?)

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