My Top 30 Favorite SuperHeroes

Not in any particular order.  (Nothing in my profile is in order i`m list gonna update and write some sort of captions.. this is just so i don`t forget)
 My favorite characters
DC Universe
Frederick Christopher `Freddy" Freeman - Captain Marvel Jr. (Shazam)
William Joseph "Billy" Batson  - Captain Marvel (Shazam)
Conner Kent  "Kon-El" - Superboy
Lar Gand - Mon-El
Clark Joseph Kent "Kal-El" - Superman 
Timothy "Tim" Jackson Drake "Tim Wayne " - Robin / Red Robin
Jason Peter Todd - Robin / Red Hood / Red Robin
Dick Grayson - Robin / Nightwing / Batman
Bruce Wayne - Batman  

Marvel Universe  
Wade Winston Wilson - Deadpool
Miguel O'Hara - Spider-Man 2099
Kallark - Gladiator

Image Universe   
Danny Fuller - Kid Supreme
Albert Francis "Al" Simmons - Spawn

List items

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cool list =D