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NOOOOOoooo not him!!!

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I love Valiant! Rai is an awesome series, but so far I fine the story a little slow! But CLAYTON CRAIN make the art look so amazing its makes everything else ok :D

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I grew up to this I hope they don't ruin my childhood lol!

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I love Valiant! I have everything Valiant!! Valiant rules!

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Wow I Iove how there has only been a three page preview and someone is pointing the finger and yelling racist. Smith comes from an anime and manga background that means big flashy larger then life character ( think Ninja Ninja )there is nothing racist about this. Hell look at all the diversity in the crowd shots

I believe the accusation was "a little racist". The spectrum isn't "burning crosses in someone's front lawn" and "not racist". That's a false dichotomy.

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@lifeofvibe: how is to kinda racist

theyre upset cuz theres a character with a top hat grillz and holding a bank roll.....not like theres anyone like that on almost every tv channel....

If a stereotype is popular does that make it no longer a stereotype? If some black creators choose to portray themselves a certain way does that give a white comic book artist the right to appropriate that portrayal for their own work?

Would you prefer all the characters to be white instead? How about Asian? Why not make them blue? It doesn't make a difference. the point is, there is gambling and illegal activities going on. That's it.

I would prefer them not to reference racial stereotypes, as such essentially uses "blackness" as a prop—much like the cars and bag of money—as a shorthand to tell the reader what's going on, thus dehumanizing African Americans. The exact same character in less stereotypical dress would have worked for the same panel.

You're right! I'm totally offended by all this crazy racism and sexism in comic's now a day's. I'm offended because that pimp is a Black guy, but I'd be offended if he was White or Asian MAN!

Solution: So in order to appease ME an not offend me, ALL the characters in the book should be Racially Ambiguous!

But wait there is more...

HELL! I'm even offended because he is a Male! Why not a Female but that would offend me too!

Solution: All the characters in the book should be Gender Neutral! This way you can't tell if its a boy or a girl!

Don't even get me started on Sexual Orientation of comic book characters now a days! Why do they have to be Gay, Straight or Bisexual all the characters should be Asexual this way no one will be offended.

Just paint every page gray no one will be offended this way! Because no matter how YOU think you could FIX this comic book or any other comic book someone will be offended and call you out and start some sorta shit on the internet calling you an ignorant bigot.


Just in enjoy the comic book for what it is... a comic book!

PS: Imagine name change too, LoL "Superman" (SuperPerson) - "Cyclops" would be change also in case anyone with the rare congenital disorder of "Cyclopia" gets offended by his name).

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I'm going with Green Arrow too... but I'm biased I vote for DC all the way no matter what.

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Personally I think this is a great idea. I'm totally picking this up!