New 52 Shazam Reboot

S'up ppl,

Ok, so far I dunno how I feel about the new Shazam reboot. I have read the first two stories of Shazam (found in Justice Leagues series). Its seems like Geoff Johns is recreate the Shazam from the flashpoint which I did not like very much. I have a feeling each child will represent one letter and power from the word Shazam. I hope that is not the case or else I feel that is way to predictable. I don't understand why they decided to change Billy's personality into a brat, I guess it makes for a better story. I guess they'll completely kill off Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel Jr.). Maybe they will take a piece of Shazam's DNA and make a Shazam clone jr. named Freddy Freeman lol j/k.

Anyways those are my 2 cents

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The New DC 52 and the BEYOND series

So I am kind of curious regarding the beyond series, will it still be part of the New 52 DC universe?

If so where is everyone else (Damian, Jason Todd?)

Tim Drake is the Joker, Dick Grayson I think is just old and retired. Do you they will change the entire story line cause of the new universe?

In the Superman beyond seriers why do we not see Kon-El (Superboy) is he still alive? He should be old enough to be Superman.

Is the universe completely separate from the New 52 DC universe?

Does any one have any comments or ideas?


Killing Off The Marvel Family (Shazam)

So I`ve been following the Marvel Family since I was a child and basically I found that as time passed they would write about them less and less, when they would come up with a story line it was very weak and boring. (With the exception of Kingdom Come and Cry For Justice both time Marvel was the bad guy in the story but they were good story)  
Its almost like they were trying to slowly making people intentionally dislike the entire Marvel Family and write them out of the DC Universe. 
- First: The wizard Shazam take away Billy Batson 's and Mary Batson 's powers 
- Second: Osiris fight Freddy Freeman and take his powers away from him. 
Right now there is no more Marvel Family and just feel like they basically wanna kill off the entire Marvel Family

Does anyone have any good news about them or do you think that this is the end for the Marvel Family?
 Kid Supreme


Captain Canuck Fans (cuz there are soo many of you... NOT)

Whats up Canuck Fans and Non Canuck Fans!
Alright, so for all of you that cannot wait to see Captain Canuck in live action movie get ready, cause you`ll have to wait a little bit longer but there is some good news. 
Richard Comely creator of Captain Canuck was on the phone with The LA Times saying he is "close to striking a deal with a Canadian production company to make a $15-million live-action version of the comic." he also stated "I wanted him to be as real as possible... He’s polite, by the way. Just a little bit gentler."
I myself am a Captain Canuck fan but I think this movie will suck but hopefully I am wrong and it has a well written story but I doubt it. Honestly can you even name 3 great 
Canadian movies
thats have ever came to pass, probably not.
I am not saying that the budget is to small, cause if you look at the movie Kick-Ass it had a budget of about $28-million and it did really well, and it also had an awesome story line.

On a side note for all of you wondering about the Captain America movie. Its budget is an estimated  $140-million!
So I am curious about what your opinions are so leave your comments below!
- Kid Supreme


Most Epic Fight Scene in the Justice League Animation.

Yeah I`m a Captain Marvel (Shazam) fan boy ... But it doesn`t take away from this awesome fight.. check it out.  
I just felt like sharing this clip even though i`m sure most of you have seen this already. 
Superman vs Captain Marvel (Shazam) 
I`m just curious to see other peoples opinions on this fight, if they think it was well done or not. If they feel superman should have been able to take on Shazam with more easy or if it was a pretty good representation of how a fight would go between them.
 Justice League Unlimited - Clash    (not a remix / no added music sound track in the background)


This is Me!

Hey everyone,
I`ve decided to write a little something something and well I read a lot of comic books. Luckly I have a job that pays well and I spend all my money on comics (sad I know). I prefer DC Comics over Marvel Comics (I know i`ll have a lot of hate mail now lol).  In general I like all comics from the major to the Indy companies.
Lets see, I like to draw a lot I might start adding some of my artwork on the art section of the forum. (I like to draw a lot... Which doesn`t mean any of my artwork is good)
I like to practice Capoeira been doing it for a little over a year then stopped... Life happened... Now i`m gonna try and get back into it.. Bupp.. that about it.
Take Care people
- Kid Supreme