My top 81 Heroes

ok guys i am a comic fan so this will be pretty much all Marvel and DC (mostly Marvel) but i figured since everyone is doing a top 100 i might as well also

also if you think i am doing 100 at one time you are smoking crack, i will do it in sets of 25. (ill try but if i cant then bare with me im doing my best here)

List items

Posted by RogueShadow

Cool list.

Posted by kidman560

@rogueshadow: thanks as of right now its not finished but i saw like everyone else doing one (literally everyone i saw has a top 100 list) and i felt left out :'( so i thought id do one

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Fancy. :3

Posted by kidman560

@linkxv1: oh you think so. ha ha anyone you think i should add i am taking advisements

Posted by Betatesthighlander1

Awesome List!

Posted by LinkXV1

@kidman560: Looks cool to me, but you put Elektra twice.

Posted by OreoAssassin

@kidman560: cool list it's missing TOXIN BADASS SYMBIOTE lol

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@oreoassassin: no it isnt current toxic sucks. Pat Mulligan Toxic was the best and the freaking killed him

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@kidman560: I can't even mention "broxin" that's disgusting. I'm talking about Pat Mulligan BADASS SYMBIOTE lol

Posted by kidman560

@oreoassassin: oh good because forcing Eddie to bond to toxin made me nearly throw up!

Posted by OreoAssassin

@kidman560: I had high hopes and then when I saw the "spaghetti monster" they made Toxin I threw up