My Marvel Dream Team

Agree, disagree?tell me ok. i am not going for the most powerful but the group i think if they worked together as a team would be amazing.

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Posted by Admiral_IronBeast

Good team, but I definitely would not have picked x-23 and spidey to be on the same team. Spidey's humor and X's lack of it might create some difficult situations.

That said--nice choice with Captain Britain. I think a lot of people don't give the character a chance due to him being an obvious rip off of Captain A, but I think CB has made up for it with his own awesomeness

Posted by kidman560

@admiral_ironbeast: oh yeah dude check out Captain Britain here

he beats the Phoenix force like a boss

Posted by Admiral_IronBeast
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@admiral_ironbeast: oh yeah and Snowbird is a boss to shes from Alpha Flight so no one knows her. but shes as strong and as fast as Hercules

plus she has killed all three of the Great Beasts like a boss