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I LOVE this idea!

Can't wait to see what wolverine and Scott's reaction if they do become a couple. Plus I was a big fan when X23 was on xforce and a huge supporter of Scott. She always seemed to respect him even more then Logan. So this makes sense to me.

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I haven't read the newest issue yet, hear it has gotten way better. I've been meh on this whole arc so far, just feels unnecessary. But I hear last issue is the best one, so should pick that up. Hopefully it changes my mind ha ha

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Damn another X title.

Well nightcrawler is one of my fave characters, but really hate that he is returning. Cheapens his death and makes his sacrifice meaningless. Prob won't pick this up, I'm X'd out still at the moment anyways.

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It has been a long time since i have come on to make a comment, but I had to after I read this, all i can say is Amen brother.

This drive me nuts about comics. Especially when it comes to Jean and Wanda, it has made me hate both these characters so much. They are murderers but everyone still loves them, in the comic world and out.

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I may get back into this now that it is ending. I read the first 4 trades..maybe 5 then got really sick of it. but I have taken a few years off of it, maybe its time to revisit these characters.

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Good pic although i think Alpha Flight should be up front. They better be a big part of this story. And he should be getting married in Montreal, but other then that, i will prob get this issue.

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For sure getting this book but still hate the hair do much. Looks like she has a rat tail in some pics. Wish they gave her a pane trail instead of this or a panoytail with that huge bump in front if they wanted the faux hawk look. Still getting this cuz it's carol though!

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I think the female hitler scarlet witch is the best example, no people like her should not be on the team.

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I loved this show, best Marvel anime by far. Iron man was good also, wolverine was garbage, just horrible, have not watched blade but its on my list on Netflicks.

The voice acting was decent I felt, many people will bash Storm in this and that is all i ever hear, but i for one actually liked storm in this. For once I didn't get that "holier than thau" attitude and voice for her. She always has been a character that drove me nuts, i think because I always put the voice from the 90's cartoon to her, and I hate that voice! So i for one was very happy to actually have a likable storm in this.

The action art and story were great, no not the same as the books, but what cartoon is? I enjoyed it.

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Extremly happy about this news! she is my favorite female character, but having said that i hate the short hair. But dig the costume and the mask, but ya the hair is awful, wish they just gave her a ponytail or a bob cut or something.