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(Under Construction)

Super-name: Kid-Vendetta

Real Name: Hunter Brass

Age: 15

Height: 5'10

Weight: 160 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green



Super-strenght- Thanks to the enhancements that he gained from Dark Vengeance, he able to bench press up to 40 tons easily.

Flight- He can fly at 400 mph easily.

Super-speed- His speed on his feet, is slower than his speed while flying, he can run up to 300 mph.

Enhanced-stamnia- Like his mentor he can hold his breath in space and can hold his breath underwater for a extesive ammount of time.

Enhanced Durabilty- He can resist blows from meta-humans which would instantly kill other people.

Heat vision- Kid Vendetta can generate pure heat energy from his eyes, he can control what direction the lasers will go, they can bend, curve or go straight. But this power tires him the most, so he tries not to use it.

Healing Factor-


Natural Detective- Before he started training with Dark Vengeance, Hunter was a natural detective, solving the ability to see things which others miss. His skills have greatly increased now that he is being trained by Malcolm.