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@galvix_prime: Dayton walked through the tinted doors of the nightclub and strolled past the numerous drunk dancers, avoiding their touch using his sonar . The loud bass and strobe lights slightly tampered with Dayton's senses. He arrived at the bar and as he sat down, the bartender greeted him. "Hey kid, I think you're in the wrong place." Dayton did not look at the man but instead pulled out fifty dollars and set in on the counter. "I'll take a Dr. Pepper and a water, keep the change." The bartender looked at the boy with a questioned look then scoffed and walked away to fetch the drinks. As the man walked away Dayton heard a loud ting in his head next to his chip. The ting was followed by a hollow voice. "Greetings fellow lifeforms." Dayton searched the bar for the source of the noise and he picked up a sudden presence next to him. In the stool to his right, sat a large mechanical man. Dayton gathered his senses and spoke without facing him. "What's a robot like you doing in a human place like this?"

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@morte_knightfall: @the_mercenary: @surreal_sadiablo: (Sorry for the delay, I'm in japan so I was asleep.)

Dayton noticed the man's smooth talking to the woman and rolled his eyes. "But gracias nino. It is raining outside, are you going to remain here or come inside?" The man spoke as they began to walk in. "Yea, I'm coming." But before Dayton could get in the doorway a large man brushed past the two and and trampled Dayton to the ground. " Hey man what's you're-" Before Dayton could finish,he saw the man glance back and under the broad fedora a bright red eye could be seen. A sudden chill went down Dayton's spine but before he could react the man threw off his trench coat. He revealed a blue and yellow suit with ammunition and weapons strapped on. Dayton was now back on his feet watching the man along with the two from before. The now costumed man grumbled something as his fedora floated to the ground. He seemed unaffected by the rain that was still falling at a steady pace. Without any hesitation Dayton noticed the man's body facing a cab, the man's large body blocked what he was looking at but it became clear when he stepped away and a man's body lay motionless on the ground. The large costumed man walked across the watered street, bringing cars to a stop, as he faded away into an alley Dayton looked back up to the two that were standing next to him. " I don't know about you two, but I'm goin after that guy, so you two go in the hotel and call the cops and when you do, tell them not to shot at the one in red. " Dayton was about to run off but he was halted by a hand on his shoulder.

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@surreal_sadiablo: @morte_knightfall:

As the man's grip loosened Dayton jerked back and released his wrist. He rubbed it a few times and looked over at the woman who softened the man's girp. Dayton had no time to think and just said the first thing that came to mind."Oh well ya see, I uhh need money for crime fighting?" Dayton scolded himself for what he just said. " Uhh, look let's put this all in the past, I'm sorry to bother you, here let me open the door for you." Dayton walked over to the golden handle of the glass door and opened it.

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@surreal_sadiablo: @morte_knightfall: "Of all the days for it to rain, it had to be my last. " Dayton was staring onto the slightly flooded streets from the cab window. He rustled his hands around in the slightly soggy pockets of his black zip up hoody. The faded yellow car pulled up in front of a towering hotel. Dayton put his dark blue running shoes back on and pulled out his wallet. "Here ya go." Dayton sighed and handed the driver 30 dollars. As he stepped out of the car he noticed a very well dressed man walking with a girl who Dayton figured could be cute if she was dressed a little better. He then remembered that he was standing in the rain and hastily ran to the protection of the hotel. Dayton waited to the side of the door under the rain guard, as the two neared Dayton he walked next to the man and reached for one of the coat pockets. Before he could get to it a firm hand clenched on to his wrist. When he looked up the man was staring him deeply in the eyes.

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I'm Here, aching to RPG. Anyone Really.

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Dayton stood on the ledge of an apartment building in mutant town. A radiator behind him unhealthily buzzed and occasionally would spit out a spark. The teen was sent to cut off a loose end in the circus, the boss said to stay stealthy but he quickly broke that rule. "I've been searching for days boss, I got nothin." Dayton spoke as he heard a slight echo on the other end of the line. "Keep looking kid, if you don't find anything by tomorrow you are authorized to use necessary force. " That didn't really mean anything due to the fact that Dayton already killed two low level mutants. "Yea, thanks boss that'll help." The boss growled at his sarcastic tone. " Just get it done runt." A click was heard and static was in Dayton's ear. He tapped his ear piece and looked around again. "Screw these missions" Saying this Dayton hear a noise behind him. He noticed that the radiator wasn't humming anymore. He slipped one of his batons out and released the blade extension. Dayton turned around and like before, the rooftop was empty. "Come out freak!" Dayton yelled as he clutched the baton.