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Not the 616 version !

Ummm... sorry to brake it to you but on the marvel database under bi characters it says... "Hercules (616)"

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I was looking up bisexual characters on dc database and I saw Constantine was listed. please tell me its a tipo or a mistake. I was thinking maybe its veridgo one but it says new earth... : ( its just I get a little panicy lately ever sence they made alan scott gay. oh and I was looking up marvel database and Hercules is listed as bisexual to.

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Ok this is probily a no brianer but if you had to pic a hero to be wich one would you chose... Wonder Man or Sam Alexander and why ?

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Hey big news I think i disscovered Shang-Chi's last Name. I posted a topic on and I got this response... "Yes.... BUT.... Marvel no longer retains the rights to Fu Manchu. They've since had to rename him Zheng Zu, making Fu Manchu only an alias. As far as I'm aware, and I could be wrong, traditional Chinese naming order is: FAMILY + GIVEN. A good example would be actress Bai Ling. Her father's name is Bai Yuxiang. That means Bai is the family name and Ling & Yuxiang are the given names. In Western culture, it's reversed, putting the individual name before the family. Bai Ling's mother's maiden name was Chen Binbin. Here in the states, we'd probably call her Binbin Chen. So, for Shang-Chi.... Zheng Shang-Chi for traditional and Shang-Chi Zheng for Westernized. Either way, technically, I guess his last name would be Zheng. To the OP's question.... Seeing as how Shang-Chi has denounced his father, it's possible that Shang-Chi could be listed in the phone book as NLN, Shang-Chi with NLN standing for "No Last Name", which is legally possible to do." So his last name is probily Zheng.

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Ok but i still don't get it ? Carter Hall is from Earth-Two and Katar Hol is from Earth-One this was before Crisis on Infinite Earths. So how can they be the same person ?

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I was looking up Hawkman again and its said on his page that... "Carter Hall, now infused with the mysterious Nth Metal, is granted flight, strength and a living armor. He battles dangerous threats, both alien and mystical, as the savage Hawkman." and under real name it says... " Katar Hol" under aliaces it says... "Carter Hall, Hawk, Khufu, Savage Hawkman and Katar Hol" So i'm real confused and like a little help on this please ?

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Ok i was checking out Mark Moonrider and the Forever People's page on dc database and it said that... "The patriarch of the planet New Genesis, Izaya (also known as Highfather), engaged in a social experiment wherein he selected five random individuals from different points in Earth's history and brought them to New Genesis. The five children (named Beautiful Dreamer, Moonrider, Big Bear, Serifan and Vykin) grew up as close friends and eventually began to refer to themselves as the Forever People." So this means the forever people were born on earth right ?

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Ok i just got losh issue 22 and in it was Karate Kid... ALIVE ? I'm wondering how did he come back ?

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I heard all Durlans were tentacle alien shap-shifters. I was wondering are they all like that or just some of them ? I was thinking maybe the early durlans were the tentacle ones but in the 31 centry they evolved into the humanoid aliens they are today ?