Comic Relief - I Can't Be the Only One Reading Invincible Can I?

Kirkman's Invincible is simply amazing. The story is fantastic and fast-paced. The characters have been fleshed out and I actually find myself wondering what happened to some of the minor players in the side stories. Thats how drawn in I am.... 
Its gritty, fun, and dramatic....the artwork is fantastic and for me, thats what really keeps me reading. Great artwork and coloring. 
If this book isn't yet on your radar, make sure it is soon. You don't want to be late to this party...... 
til next time.... 
kid kwiks
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Posted by Skywarpgold

I couldn't agree with you more.  I love Invincible.

Posted by misterz173

Your not the only one who likes Invincible. I'm a big fan of Invincible too.

Posted by Telcalipoca

love invincible and this site has a few fans in here.

Posted by Primmaster64


Posted by Kairan1979
@kid_kwiks: you are not alone. I like Invincible too.
Posted by waezi2

Invincible is one of my favorit comics