3 Dudes from DC (Washington....)

So, my two friends and I have started a blog. We like to think of ourselves as nerds. Maybe we are, maybe we aren't. The main purpose of our blog is to talk about what we like and what are friends are into.

But it is also going to chronicle, mine, some, or ALL of our journeys to San Diego Comic Con in 2014. We went together in 2011 and cannot wait to go back. It was an amazing time. So this time, we are going to try something different. Blog/podcast our way until the time comes to go in 2014. Should be fun. I hope you guys check us out.

We only have a few entries so far...I'm cool with comments/critiques/suggestions on the site. It will get better with time...and probably money. lololololol.


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I'm actually stoked about the new Spider-man movie. Its going in a completely new direction and after the last installment (SM3), I welcome the refreshing change. I can't wait to see how they tell the story of his mother and father...did they work for S.H.I.E.L.D.?? How will he gain his powers and web abilities? I'm very excited...time to start reading some Bendis!!

Oh and the costume has definitely grown on me!

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Comic Help - Need Advice

Hey peeps
I am starting my own comic. Problem is, I feel that I have this amazing story, but I am not an artist. At least not to the degree that I imagine the art for my book. Do you guys have any suggestions on moving forward without an artist or trying to find one in my area (Washington DC area)????
Any help or advice would be greatly appreaciated


Shows that I'm watching....maybe you should be too!

Sup yall - Since it's Friday and I'm at work, I figured I would not do any.....So here is my list of shows that I watch, in no particular order...Not sure if I can pick a fave from this list...I watch them all religiously. Which shows do you watch and more importantly, What should I be watching that I'm not????????? 
1. Sons of Anarchy 
2. Southland 
3. Justified 
4. The Event 
5. Being Human (UK) 
6. Shameless (Showtime) 
7. Dr. Who 
8. Smallville 
9. Supernatural 
10 .Sanctuary 
11. Haven 
12.  Torchwood 
13. Being Human (US) 
14. SGU 
15. Chuck 
16. Dexter 
17. Spartacus 
18. Californication 
19. Burn Notice 
20. White Collar 
21. Vampire Diaries

The Event - Just When I thought I was out, they pulled me back in

I had almost given up on NBC's, The Event. They almost lost me.......almost. The characters were getting stale (except for Clifton Collin's, Thomas) and you weren't really sure where they were going with the story. At the end of the mid-season break, the rating proved just that. So, the PTB of the show decided to take a long break and come back with a revamped story and now what appears to be more fleshed out characters. They have immediately toughened up the portrayal of Blair Underwood's President Martinez and the writers have given us clear answers to alot of what happened earlier on in the season.  
I think they have realized that the best way to keep an audience watching is to answer as many questions as they are creating.  
My only complaint about this show so far is the actress that plays Layla/Leila. I can't put my finger on it, but she's just not convincing to me. At all.  
I know I'll keep watching....what about you?

New SGU with an amazing lead-in from Being Human....

I love SGU. And I love Being Human. These two aren't complimentary shows of course, but the audience from Being Human could prove to do great things for the last 10 eps of SGU. In fact, I'm going to say it now that the execs at SyFy are going to be kicking themselves after seeing the numbers for the last ten eps.  
I'm excited to see both!

Comic-Con advice....help!

I'm going to San Diego for comic-con in July. Here's my problem. I only read them digitally. Stuff I download. What should I do when it comes time to get autographs? I have so many favorites, I'm not sure I can just pick a couple to buy and have signed!!! 
Maybe I can get them all to sign my hard drive.....hmmmm

V (or as my friend likes to say....5)

V is getting really good. Plot lines exposed, questions answered, major players getting whacked. I like it. I think the producers/writers realized that they needed more action in the show and the last two episodes have come through like gangbusters.  
Morena Baccarin plays an excellent villain. And Elizabeth Mitchell is so hot and fiesty and she can kick ass too. I love it. 
The element I like most about the show is the protrayal of the 5th Column. THe anti-V faction. There are extremists and there are the main group of rebels. I like watching them struggle between what is right and wrong and how that dynamic has changed since the V's have arrived. The arrival of the V's have caused many people to react one way other other. You're either with us, or against us. No more shades of grey. Thats what I love the most.....
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