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@Rasarima: Makes a lot of sense man, actually is basicaly what said there, somehow banner let Hulk take control because of his power and together they could survive. Now, this post that you sent helped a lot. Thank you, dude.

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@Nudeviking: Dude, thank you very much, this acttualy makes a lot of sense, I couldn't find this anywhere, as I wrote there, there was just a question like: ''What if Hulk doesn't turn back in Bruce Banner?'' And this makes sense, you know, in the beginning I was thinking that was because those device for control the gladiators, but is is took off in the end.

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Hey, someone know this? Iam trying to find an answer for this but it just doesn't make sense, the story is amazing, one of my favorite of Hulk, the character is built so well and the art, even the animation is cool, but I can't find the relation in this, even in the last stories of Hulk, when he can't turn back in Bruce Banner because the injurie in his brain, the piece of metal that can't be took off, was solved a long time before he goes to Sakaar, so, someone know that? I found something that really point it, asking ''What if Hulk doesn't turn back in Bruce Banner?'' but don't says why, and I couldn't discover it in the comics or the animated movie, so it is just unknowed or that is some reason for be like Hulk everytime in that planet? That is what I was wondering about this comic book.