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@acer_: We shall see. Silly me might start all over on it xD

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@acer_: lol im rusty. I see errors and stuff i didnt notice before as well as im not entirely happy with it

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@last_guardian: Oh dear gosh! What a wonderful thing you will do for me!

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lol I dunno about all that Acer...

Thankies Obi. I dont think Inner_Demon is posting till this weekend though :/

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You know the deal. RP is closed as of right now. will let people know if it will be opened..

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Tonight I'm without you, the raindrops are falling, with candle light burning, for you, I'll be waiting.If all of the days have no more light, and all of our dreams are lost tonight, the stars can all fall, and everything turns to grey. I will stay.

Haunting and beautiful the song wafted through out the dark room. This seemed to be a pattern for this young woman. Time and again she turned to the one thing that offered her solace on days like this. First when her parents died and then again when the images of her grandmothers bleeding throat, ripped open by her own blade, pierced the veil that she induced upon herself with alcohol. But this time it was different. No amount of alcohol could ease her pain. No amount of narcotics could dull the ache of her heart.

Exhausted from the tears that she had cried, and the high she was coming down from, the flame haired beauty looked up at the clock and blinking back the wetness from her eyes saw the time. It was past time for her to check in with her superiors. Well past time for her to rendesvous with her handler. But Kiara Sullivan did not care about any of that. She was tired of spending her lives bowing to the government. And her most recent did not help her view of the covert branch that she had worked for these past few years.

A knock on the door made her start, had her reaching for the bow she kept close to her at all times. It was impractical for her to answer the oor with a knocked arrow, but given her unique fighting style she did not need one for close quarters combat. She had been known to lay men twice her size down flat with ease just with her bow.

Steeling herself she rose with the grace of a cat from her borrowed hotel room bed. And in jsut a few silent steps she reached the door. Wrenching it open she was met with a glare and stiff right hook. Blood trickled down her lip only to leave behind no sign of the cut that had been there a moment before. A perk of her healing ability. Before she could even think her body was in motion. Like a coiled spring she arched her body to the left as her bow swng wide and cracked the man across the head. He stumbled but only momentarily, he was prepared for her, a challenge that she met head on.

Like the strike of a viper she was on him again her body twirling in the air as she built momentum for her next hit. But the man side stepped her blow and again landed another. This time a kick to the stomach that sent her flying into the wall across the room. Blood filled her mouth and she spat it on the ground as again her wounds healed. She stood slowly as the man crossed the room to her and she spoke in that chiming southern drawl she had hidden for so long, "I can do this all day, sweetheart."

The man grinned and gave no indication of his next move. But Kiara was giving him no chance to size her up. Without even thinking about it for mor ethen a tenth of a second she sent the dresser flying into his back. At the same moment her mind was using its psychokinetic powers to distract him she jumped into the air and brought her bow down hard onto his head. The wood cracked and splintered beneath the blow and grabbing the broken pieces she wrapped the string around his neck as she herself flipped over his back and pulled it tight.

"Who sent you?" Again that southern drawl filled the air and it took her only a moment to reign in her anger to steel her voice. "How did you know I was here?" But nothing came from the man. His body had gone limp. Carefully she maneuvered herself so that she could see his face, and the foam that now leaked from his mouth. Damn it, a cyanide pill, She thought to herself.

Kiara tossed the broken pieces of her bow to the ground and let the mans body fall. With a curse she picked up her phone from the bedside table and made the call she was dreading since long before the attacker entered her room.

"This is Sullivan, I believe my cover has been blown. I request evacuation and cleanup." The voice grunted a series of remarks that she ignored and without any confirmation from her she hung up the phone. She took a look around the room and with indifference she settled herself onto the bed. She reahed out and grasped at the pills she had scattered there. Tossing them back she reached again for the bottle of bourbon and washed it all down without a flinch.

"Today is going to be a great fcking day."

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@acer_: WEll lets hope we finish this one... Im actually about to throw up a thread for an RP now. So wish me luck -_- im so very rusty at this

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@acer_: You didnt upset me. A simple no would have sufficed... lol

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@acer_: Did you read it? -_-