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@feral_nova: Its the only thing left of Donnie. Id never steal his thunder

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@static_shock said:

Like I told the other guy, just because slavery ended hundreds of years ago and the Civil Rights Act was passed doesn't mean that society is fair to Black people, and it most certainly isn't. Black people having the same rights as White people doesn't mean anything when Black people are racially profiled and receive harsher sentencing than White people for the same crimes. Yeah, the opportunities are there, but Black people have to work a lot harder to take advantage of them because a lot of us are set up to fail. So, no. I'm not living on a mindset that I can't do something (and I didn't even suggest that this was the case). I very well can, and I believe that I can. But, it's harder for me, for obvious reasons. At the same time, I don't represent the majority. That's the truth.

As for equality, depends on what you're talking about. A lot of people don't really understand what racial equality and acceptance means.

I wasnt meaning you specifically hun. I just meant in general. It's gonna take time to heal from wounds. But if you dont let them heal then they wont heal. If that makes sense.

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@gjgp27 said:

If one wanted to go to college, scholarships are always there.

You know who got scholarships when I was in school, honor students. I got a scholarship but only because I chose to go to school outside the country, The amount I got wasn't even enough to pay for my supplies. Everyone else I graduated with had to take out loans and now their credit is completely shot. Some people I know have had their wages garnished. ALOT of people from my hometown, went to college, have degrees and are still having quite a bit of difficulty finding work. People just assume that if you have skills to put on your resume, you're hired. Doesn't work like that.

There arent just scholarships. Thats the problem. People just think thats the only way. Trust me thats why I never went to school until now. I thought I couldnt pay for it. Turns out there are Grants and loans. And some of the loans arent that bad as long as you understand the process of that loan. My loan I do not have to pay till 6 months after I graduate or drop out or whatever the case. There are options that people just do not take the time to look into.

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We no longer live in a world where the white man oppresses the black man

We are still living in that world, as far as I'm concerned.

And it is that mindset that lets us as a nation, as a people down. African Americans have every right that a white person has, isn't that what the Civil Rights movement was all about? Equality for all? Like I said, the opportunities are there for everyone, what we do with them is our own prerogative. I admit that whether we like it or not Racism is still alive today. But not everyone is like that anymore. Living on the mindset that you can't do something because someone stands in your way is bogus. Change the mindset. Make the movement that you will make a change. Be the change. Do not get stuck because of a social mindset that should no longer exist.

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@feral_nova: Nova... we have one here! Its the what are you listening too thread. I made the one on AV xD

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@billy_batson: I see nothing funny about that statement. Laugh it up. I could care less. But if someone tells you that you cant do something why would you sit back and take it. Why not do it to prove them wrong? Just a thought.

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@feral_nova: Let them implode lol. Gotta give credit where credit is due. We lost damn good RPers to animevice. And damn my music threads gone aww :( My first ever awesome thing I ever did on there was make that thread. lol

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You know what I don't understand about all this? We live in a new century, a new time. I know that African-Americans feel like they are unjustifiably attacked. But that means it's justifiable for them to loot, rob, burn things, STOP firefighters from putting out fires that could take other people's lives? That's not justifiable. That is ignorance. That is a bunch of children who see an opportunity to make idiots out of themselves. African Americans are not the only people who get killed by cops. But they are the ones causing a bigger problem over something that should be handled in a more peaceful manner. I am by no means saying his death was deserved. I am with people that it was unjust and mysterious.

Cops today are corrupt and power hungry. Not all of them but more than we'd care to admit. If our police officers can not follow they rules they are sworn to uphold why are they still there? I've seen countless stories over the past year or so where cops are killing people and animals for no reason. Where cops themselves are robbing businesses, they are supposed to protect, raping women just because they can. Our law enforcement system is failing us as a whole, they are failing themselves, the laws, and the rights they take an oath to protect. It is sad to see it takes something of this magnitude for people to see how unjust and unfair law enforcement is. It's time we did something about this.

We no longer live in a world where the white man oppresses the black man. We no longer live in a world where African Americans have to bow down and take the fate that is handed to them. Everyone has their destiny. Their own life. What you choose to do with it is your prerogative. The only oppression I see now is the one where people can not let go of the past. Let go and free yourself from the stigmas and the stereotypes. Stop making this into a race war, Because that is exactly what it is. And it is not just African Americans who fuel the fire, white people do it too. We all need to let go and see everyone for what they are People, human beings, man, woman, and child. We are all the same no matter the color of our skin. Strip that away and we all look the same.

I am sorry if this offends anyone. That was not and is not my intention. just an opinion.

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and im going to assume Zeon is Nova? Either case love the av ;)