Bucket list (My letter to my own vine characters) XD

this is the letter to my characters it shows what i have planned for them in the future.

Dear Yoshua, Pieter, Jules, Keiro and Tsukino

First of all Yosh give John Constantine a couple of free pints for the trouble of coming all the way to my multiverse once again.
Hope you don't mind but your gonna collect dust for a while, sent Lexi a thanx for all the fun we had over at the 9 Lives.
Give our little girl a kiss for me, and im gonna give you a new look at the end of the week its gonna be awesome.

Pieter be nicer next time!!, don't forget the wedding!! it should be around that time again.
You should be having your own adventure blog any time know.
And sorry but your going to North Korea at least twice this month its gonna be annoying and painful.

Jules YOUR NEXT!!! and you know what i mean!!! so get of your lazy @$$!!! >.<

Keiro new upgrades will arrive soon just remember to train hard and keep going to school.
And give you know who a kiss from me. ^_^

Tsukino yes yes i sent you to the Playboy its no crime its quite benificial and im gonna ad you to the vine within the year.
Okay the Clubhouse named Ice Escape!! clean it!!!, im not gonna do it for you people. 
And i certainely aint gonna make someone for you to do it >.<
Well that`s it i know im cruel but its for the best hang tight for now we`ll keep contact.

Love you all forever :D
Sincerely Benjamin Carlo AKA You`re dad, God, and worst nightmare!!!.

multiple Quiz results so this is me? o_0

according to the tests im like this but i didn't really taught i would be like that
PS: Sorry for the overuse of smiley`s but i really like smiley`s

You Are More Yin



How You Are In Love

You take a while to fall in love with someone. Trust takes time.
You give and take equally in relationships.
You need your space and privacy. You don't like to be smothered.
You're secretly hoping your partner will change for you. You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

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tokusatsu damashii

i love tokusatsu you might only know them from power rangers but i`ve been enjoying them for a long time these are my favorite
characters and episodes

1 akared the red god of super sentai : boukenger vs super sentai


2 jan(gekired) & rio and the gekirangers: gekiranger 47 
coolest  as sentai stupid as power rangers >_<

3 momo ura kin ryu climax form : ryutarou and the taros-tachi : kamen rider den-o 18
love momo`s reaction here ^_^

4 wataru kivat and tatsulot: kamen rider kiva emperor form: kamen rider kiva 21(i think)
and he held back alot of power in this ep

5 tetsuya neo-human casshern (casshan for americans) cashern the movie


i know alot more but it takes so much space here
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nobody gave it a name so i call it the stone age of superheroes

ogon batto or better know in some latin country`s as fanthomas or Fantaman
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!
i have always been fascinated with the extraordinary heroes from before superman`s debut
i happened to make a list of these heroes most of them are from the french  shadowmen though
and i don't think heroes from the league of extraordinary gentlemen count since they are reinvented into a comic to suit the storyline

springheeled jack
Spring heeled jack  1837 (in his real live appearance)
Rocambole 1867
Hugo Hercules 1902 (not a real hero but he was super-powerd)
Scarlet pimpernel 1903
Doctor Omega
1906 (not the same as docter who`s legendary omega)
The Nyctalope 1910
Fantômas 1911 (villain)
The Night Wind1913
Reverend Doctor Syn the
scarecrow  1915 (also saved jack sparrow in disney comic)
zorro         1919 (maybe batman`s other insperation)
Antinéa      1920
Fascinax   1921
Belphégor 1927 (villain)
Solomon Kane 1928 (movie is stil not out)
The Man Who Laughs 1928 (the true insperation to the joker)
Ogon batto 1930 (first japanese hero)
The shadow 1930 (radio appearance) (maybe batman`s insperation)
Hugo danner 1930 (farther of iron Munro)
conan 1931 (of course)                                                           
Lone ranger + tonto  1933
The spider 1933
Doc  Savage  1933
Mandrake the Magician 1934
The Phantom Magician 1935
Doctor Occult 1935
Green hornet + kato 1936
The Fanthom  1936
The Clock 1936
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 1937

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