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It is out of these two events - WW2 and the Comics Code Authority - that we get the superhero who cooperates with the police, has moderately left-wing/pro-democracy political views and doesn't kill people who clearly deserve it. This is also why almost every exception to the rule ends up being a supervillain (Supreme Power comes to mind).

You are COMPLETELY wrong about this. I can name a tone of superheroes who don't fit this description.

Perhaps a better way to put this: This is why the big-two main Universes are filled with sissies and moral cowards who are mistakenly called heroes.

Anyway, I didn't intend to post this on the forum because I don't give a damn what you cretins think.

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Ted Kord is awesome, and so is Vic Sage.

DC needs to take these characters back to their Ditko roots, Objectivism and all.

Wait, Dan Didio is a left-wing fruit.

Nevermind, everyone will remain hispanic lesbian communists.

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@DocFatalis said:

@Khadija:Thanks. I agree with, let's say 95% of what is written here.

if only this blog could sign the end of all the battles of that kind.

Thanos is definitely not a common villain or even someone on the superman level. He is a threat that can not be dealt with by a single hero, not even a Sup's level hero.

Yep. Just as with Silver Age Superman, you have to use form criticism and genre comparisons to understand what Thanos is *supposed* to be to interpret what his showings are meant to be; Thanos is clearly meant to be the Be-All-End-All Final Boss; This is added to the fact that Starlin ret-conned every bad showing Thanos ever had.

Frankly I wouldn't mind if Marvel had just stopped doing OMG WAR TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE after Infinity Gauntlet; but writers are not often known for creativity or originality.

Taking again from the restraints imposed by the incoherence of comic book physics I'm going to agree to disagree on Darkseid and just say I'll be impressed when he actually succeeds (outside of TGDS); when he is beaten he is usually beaten - Thanos just screws himself over with character flaws.

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There is nothing objectionable about barely-clothed and/or sexually promiscuous women. What kind of 14th century Ascetic bullshit are we trying to pull here? Like Superman isn't naked? The dude spray-paints his pants on.

I don't really care whether it's a man, woman or android from Zalbur who writes my comics; I care if I like the comic. There is no reason every damn field in the industry has to be representative of a random sampling of the population for Christ's sake.

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@kamakazi152 said:

Now that Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe is out I believe he deserves a little more recognition in this fight.

Pure CIS, just like Punisher v. MU.

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Deadpool would be cooked into molecules by Thor's energy blasts, dude. Adamantium might be fine, but his cells would be atomized. The only sort of person who regenerates from stuff like 'blasted to atoms' are like..cosmic gods or nuclear powered monsters.

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@XImpossibruX said:

Disagree on the last one, Thanos would beat Black adam 90/10

I can see that, but I always got the impression that Black Adam was physically more powerful than Superman, MM and Captain Marvel; and he's a fierce fighter and expert with the use of his abilities on top of that; I give him better odds.

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Actually you mis-understood, i meant Post Crisis Darkseid has better feats than Pre-crisis Darkseid if you choose not to include The Great Darkness Saga, contrary to what you stated earlier.

No, I understood that, sorry if I wasn't clear. I don't disagree with you. You are 100% correct that 4th World Darkseid is not TGD Darkseid in terms of feats.

I dont understand, why isnt beating the entire Justice Legion better than fighting Superman? I am sorry could you clarify that?

An invulnerability/energy issue. I'm not dismissing the rest of the Justice League, some of whom are Supermanish in their own fields, but because Darkseid is SO strong and tough if Superman can't take him out the rest of the JL doesn't stand a chance (Doctor Fate possibly excepted, but he's more JS).

I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to say Darkseid is a sissy or something. I think he is credibly stronger than Superman and more resistant to energy and toxic attacks. But he has been physically defeated by Superman, who I consider to be nowhere near Purple Puss.

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People tend to use the feats from The Great Darkness Saga to show Pre-Crisis Darkseid is mega powerful, but that takes places 1000 years in the future and he was mega amped.

You are right on this. But, even supposing Post-Crisis Darkseid was more powerful than his 4th World version, Thanos still has much more impressive showings against Superman-level threats. So, not disagreeing, just saying it doesn't make a difference for my purposes.

Darkseid doesn't use all his supposed powers very often, and Thanos does. Thanos has more feats. Darkseid beating the Justice League isn't much more than Darkseid beating Superman IMO.

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Most of SA Superman's feats make no sense either. That negates them too going by that logic. You can push a planet because that would break the planet apart.Why should "pure force" not be a factor?

I mean the same thing I meant about the Power Gem. A block of Pure Force can stop a beefed up recent Thor. But saying something is invulnerable or infinitely powerful doesn't prove it is. Most comic book claims are lies that are never lived up to (Sentry is a great example). SA Superman was the exception; in fact he vastly exceeded every benchmark they put on him year after year. If this block of 'Pure Force' had constrained Hyperstorm we'd be having a different conversation, but as it is the only feat we have is a Norse God of great but really sub-SA Silver Age Thor power levels - and that's definitely Sub-SA Superman power levels.

Also, many of Thanos' abilities are greatly variable because he's a cyberneticist and technophile. He can't always do the same things. The same isn't true of SA Superman, I mean he had all kinds of super-technology but mostly just 'invented' powers. I am not convinced he could actually do this ordinarily, since he only ever did it once and it seems pretty damn useful.

These are characters from two different genres, in many senses. It's like pitting Galactus against Thomas Aquinas' God. The latter wins, by definition.