Superman Doesn't Age and Death is Pointless

One thing I find really strange is when they make future Superman look old. To do a brief discourse on aging, it has to do with post-breeding age genes not being weeded out and gradual factors like genetic damage. There's absolutely no reason Superman should ever age once he reaches physical maturity. I don't think people quite understand that middle-aged is the limit of 'maturity' aging, beyond that is just a degredation of an adult life form. Superman obviously is either immune to or rapidly repairs genetic damage (see: repeated, intense Kryptonite exposure) and seems to actually be adaptive - the more you hit him with something the more resistant he becomes to it.

If anything, Superman should be like the Greek gods - perpetually 22-35.

Now I know there have been immortal or long-lived and apparently ageless versions of Superman, but I think it's just a human conceit to say that aging (beyond maturation) is either universal or 'necessary'.

For that matter, the same thing goes for mortality. Barring heat death or other lack-of-access to energy sources there is nothing 'necessary' about death. All it reflects is an absence of biotechnology, which certainly the supercrazy advanced aliens and gods of the DC Universe could easily overcome. In fact, it appears that a good portion of them are effectively immortal; which just makes the BS sacred status of mortality even sillier.

Death does not add meaning to life. It is the negation of meaning. I'm with Rand and Hitchens, this whole idea that mortality 'completes' life or somehow makes it 'more precious' is crazy. What's more valuable, a screwdriver that breaks after you use it 5 times or a screwdriver that will never break? The answer is so obvious, if Earth weren't filled with creepy death cultists.

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Yeah, good thing stuff like overpopulation isn't an issue.

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@Khadija: I prefer the singularity by kurzwell but your idea is nice too