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I know Gwen is supposed to die. I know it's canon. I know she's one of the most iconic deaths in comics - but I really, really hope they aren't planning on going with the death of Gwen Stacy storyline. But the more I think about it, the more likely it seems. It was a huge moment in Spider-man comics, and people who don't know the comics the way comic-book fans do would be shocked to see that bridge scene on screen. But it would suck for the Gwen fans like me who loved the character in both the comics and Emma Stone's version to have her death brought to the big screen. I honestly wish this re-telling of Spider-man could just let Gwen live, like an alternate universe Spider-man story.

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I'm sorry, I don't see why this is such a dealbreaker for some people. Tim was Robin while his father was still alive. His Dad even knew about his son being Robin. I just... don't get it.

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@YoggSaron: Maybe it was a little fast for Superman to reveal his identity, but I've been waiting so long for Superman to finally accept Superboy that I don't even care lol

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@FrankenKong: Darkseid, YES! But I don't think the team is experienced enough to go up against him yet... maybe if they work together with the Justice League...

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@Bestostero: If Bart ever did show up, I would want them to make him younger than Wally, like maybe 13 or 14. And give him that moppy haircut he had in the YJ comics :)

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@teamextrodinary15: Yeah... I could live without a love triangle lol I've seen that a million times before in other shows and it's not really appealing to me. I'd rather there be more working out arguments or whatever between them and growing as a couple without a third party involved - like a few episodes back when Superboy was being really overprotective and they talked it out maturely.

That's just me though...

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@sethysquare: Maybe in the comics, but... this isn't the comics lol I don't know... anything could happen, really. I mean, Zatanna was de-aged and Robin is Dick instead of Tim, and there's Wally instead of Bart, so really everything in this world is the opposite of what we all know.

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I'm really, really excited for season 2. I'm ok with Cassie being on the show as long as she doesn't mess around with Superboy and Miss Martian - yes, I know Cassie and Superboy were together in the comics but this show is so different from the comics that I wouldn't be surprised if they paired her up with someone else, assuming she has more than one appearance.

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I would love a quality Superman game... if we ever get one though is another question entirely.

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