Persons I wanna dedicate stories to.

This is a remember-to-do-list. And also sort of a tribute. Most of `em don`t need no introductions. But I still give/gave everyone one of those.

I`d also like to work on stories with most of these persons. If anyone is interested at all (nobody is) I will note all who I wanna work with, with this word: BOU.

This lists persons aren`t in a top list-order. Sorry.

Persons not on CV:

-Paleface. A Finnish rapper who comments on stuff, smartly.

-Leevi & The Leavings. My faf band.

In progress. Always.

Okay, it`s not, anymore. I have changed my mind on some things. I don`t hate any of these persons. I do have feelings of dislike towards a few.

But, I want to credit those who have been the greatest of influence on me. Or whose works I like alot.

I kinda would wanna thank everyone, though. And hunreds of others.

List items