MARVEL stories I used to wanna make. Version 2.

Compare this to the previous list of the same subject. Made by me, that is. Not the previous list you read about this subject, by anyone. But maybe the last one you read IS by me.

Anyways, I`m most likely not gonna make these. Ever. Maybe in some other form, though.

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Posted by dngn4774

Just two small recommendations if you get around to doing this. First, I would suggest doing two crossovers between you're ant man and wasps series. Also you should start your S.H.I.E.L.D. series with a funeral for Nick Fury then work from there.

Posted by Riot_Sqrrl

If I were a corrupt SHIELD agent, I'd sell the obsolete Nick Fury LMDs to David Hasselhoff to use as Hoff stunt doubles in his zany YouTube cheeseburger videos. I'd use the money to trick Sharon Carter into marrying me. Thus my revenge on Captain America for allowing himself to be portrayed by JD Salinger's son will be complete.

Posted by lykopis

Do you really think Jan could carry her own series?

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Maybe she could. That wasn`t my intention though. I meant that I`d give Hank and Janet their own series, The Pyms.


You`re the most evil son of a gun on the planet, and I love it.


Maybe as a fan fic...Too bad I`m not good with pre-existing characters...

Posted by Riot_Sqrrl

I was imagining today a Wonder Woman/Captain America crossover with the Hate-Monger and Dr. Psycho as the villains. C'mon, Mephisto... make it happen and you can have both of my ex-wives' souls.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k