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Some questions, but first a disclaimer: all of these ideas are brilliant.

1. Would your 80-page giants be anthologies or one continuous story? Perhaps both, offering multiple perspectives of one event by several heroes.

2. I've always been a little curious what Metron would do if he found what he was looking for. Are there New Gods in the New 52? If so, I need whiskey before I read any of that. Loved the Kirby stuff, and I liked the Mashall Rogers run on Mister Miracle back in the day. Late 80s offered some nice Mister Miracle stories and I didn't mind Legends. BUT! New 52 + characters I love= whiskey.

3. I remember when Wonder Woman was wonderful and a woman, not just Superman without a y chromosome or an amalgam of a bunch of John Byrne weirdness regurgitated by someone who isn't Byrne. Do it! Save her good name and lemme see some ankles. Scandalous, I know. Whatever.

That's it. Thanks for the lsit.

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You wrote your comment when my notification system wasn`t in order. Hence I reply this late. No apologies required,of course.

Uh...but anyway.

1. Both. But, without there being a need to get the other issues. I like that approach.

2. They`ve appeared in Wonder woman, and are pretty generic in it.

I like Kirbys saga too, but it suffers from being uneven. Due to imcompetence at DC at the time (which is actually a constant) and the way Kirby made stories, himself. Will have to reread the epic to find out how I ultmately feel about it.

3. Here here. Mine would probably be a tribute/modernization of the 40`s WW-stories (I haven`t read them stories yet, but have seen glimpses. I have two chronicles waiting.)