The voting for superhero-list has begun! 2012 edition.

This is the real deal. If you care at all (and I hope that you do) you shall vote for this list. And you`ll do so by October (10. month, if you wanted to know) 31. 2012. That`s Wednesday, by the way. Because that`s when the voting ends. Also, I promise you that you have alot of characters (maybe too many) to choose from. 200 to be exact. Not just DC and Marvel characters. Not just the super popular ones. There`s flat out superheroes, borderline superheroes, anti-heroes, heroes who aren`t actually SUPERheroes etc. No reason not to click the link below right now. Or soon enough. Well, what-a-ya waiting for?


Well, I know that nobody cares...But voting time is over. Too bad.

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