Imitating Cbishop: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 1. Rest of original Kamandi.

DC makes alot of bad decisions. One of them hasn`t been, to collect the first 41 issues of the original Kamandi-series in to trades. But...there`s still 18 to go.

I know why there`s been no collection. First of...It wasn`t made by Jack Kirby anymore. It had multiple writers, writing an issue here and there. For example, Dennis O` Neil, Martin Pasko and Gerry Conway. It features art from likes of Keith Giffen, Chic Stone and Dick Ayers.

What happens in these issues is, for example...Kamandi fights against Coyote cowboys, a snake, his son, other anthropomorphic creatures, becomes an OMAC, he kills innocent critters (under mind control, no doubt)...There`s short stories of the Great disaster, too. So, basically something that fans of the Last boy on Earth and other kind of enthusiasts over strange DC-comics from the 1970`s would want to read. I know I would. Especially because it`s bound to be a lot better than some of the more current stuff from the publisher. And especially with those creators.

There`s also an OMAC-story in the last issue, but that could and should be printed somewhere else.

What this comic would eventually be, would be a BIG trade, about the same size as the other "omnibus"-editions of this series. It would collect issues 41-59 and the Kamandi-story from the second issue of Cancelled comics cavalcade. Because, well, the series was cancelled before issue 60 was published (Sheesh. That DC implosion-thing was a biatch.), and the story for it was published in that one.

Which means...400 pages, or so.

Though DC probably wouldn`t deserve to get more money outta the final issues of a series that it at least partially screwed up, the fans deserve to get them in reprints. I don`t know at all if the stories are as good as I hope, but I`m interested to check them out, nonetheless.

Here`s some covers

Sweet, huh?

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I did not know that Kamandi became an OMAC at some point. Very cool! I knew that Karate Kid guest starred in the last issue. I need to get back to my Would U Buy It blogs - DC has announced two or three in the last few months that I had intended to suggest, but hadn't gotten to yet. Very cool to see that they're getting them published though.

As for the Omnibus style- I don't know if I like 'em or not. I think it's biggest practicality is if something like this is going to see print, it probably needs to be done all at once. But a book that big...I just can't imagine the binding surviving. One slip from the hands, or bend the wrong way, and the contents are coming away from the spine. Smaller books survive that kind of thing easier.

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The binding has been extremely well for Jack Kirbys fourth world-omnibus`s, Jack Kirby Omnibus`s and the preceding two TPBs of Kamandi. The same amount of pages, pretty cheap and looks good.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Hm, good to know. I fear that time it slips off my lap, and I instinctively catch it by the cover, and the insides jerk away from the spine. lol ...but that's what I get for reading a book that big on my lap, instead of on a table. :}