Confusion and thoughts about Martha Johansson, No-girl, Xorn and others.

(The following text contains spoilers about New X-men.)

Those three very mysterious creations of Grant Morrison, who might not be three of number at all, really confuse me. I`ll discuss about all of them individually.


She is referred as No-girl in her CV-page. I thought that No-girl was different character entirely, given that Xorn saw her when he looked at her by looking at her by using different wawelengths (or whatever he said). But, given that it was revealed later in the series, that Xorn was actually Magneto in disguise, it might not be possible, if the Xorn helmet didn`t have some kind of high tech gizmos in it.

That is, if Magneto didn`t just play along with his students, because No-girl is/was actually Martha, and everyone pretended that she isn`t. Like her wiki page tells, and the comic arc "Riot at Xaviers" suggests (if you look in to it thoroughly enough).

Has she been referred as No-girl in other comics? If so, have other comic creators misinterpreted her partly, or not? For someone who hasn`t read any of the stories where she appears (beside New X-men), it is extremely difficult to know.

EDIT: I read Grant Morrisons last X-men comic yesterday. In it, Martha is called No-girl. I had completely forgotten that, like I had forgotten so many other things about the series.


On the other hand, maybe No-girl wasn`t Martha at all. After all, Xorn doesn`t speak to Martha directly, when he speaks to No-girl (which could be because he wanted to pretend that she exists).

Also, Martha is a telepath. She could be able to talk to No-girl. If No-girl isn`t Martha.

Also, since the whole Xorn business was later changed so, that Magneto WASN`T posing as Xorn (which is completely stupid), it would also prove that No-girl does exist as a separate entity.

Plus, Basilisk referred to No-girl as someone who`s not Martha. Did he mean Martha, is he schizophrenic or did he see a mutant cal-girl, because of his unusual eye?

Did the old looking mutant girl Ernst* pretend that Martha isn`t No-girl, or did Martha tell her what No-girl told Martha?


Xorn use to be an alias of Magneto that he used in his most elaborate, intricate and most succesful scheme ever. Which is cool as hell. Then some folks at MARVEL and some fans pretended that Mags wouldn`t have had totally wanted to beat the crap out of human race. That he wouldn`t have had wanted to crush Manhattan if he coulda. Also, fans (including me) were bummed out that Xorn had never been a character of his own.

Which led to the Magneto of Planet x to be revealed to have actually been the brother of another person called Xorn , who was driven insane by Sublime. Which is horrible.

Which in a way, makes sense. After all, Xorn-the-made-up-identity was so full of gaping plot holes that nothing else couldn`t`have had been done.


Not true.

How I would`ve explained the errors in the Xorn-scheme:

-Xorn had memories that would make him someone who`s not Magneto. They could`ve been added to his brain (and the key from what Emma Frost got the memory from) by a telepath working for Magneto.

-The glow that Xorn emitted from his mask could`ve been simple lamps.

-Most of Xorns powers resembled those of Magneto.

-This pic:

Xorn/Magneto makes a bird come to life. The monk who spoke to Cyclops said that he saw the bird die. Maybe Xorn/Magneto told the monk to lie about that. Maybe the bird was a robot. Maybe Magneto/Xorn made the bird look like it died, by using his powers (which is unlikely, since magnetism doesn`t affect the electronic impulses of living beings destructively).

-That scene with the blue faces at the end of New X-men annual 2001 could`ve been holograms.

I know, feels forced. But at least my ideas don`t ruin a Grant Morrison written masterpiece.


Well...those were my thoughts and questions (feel free to answer them if you know answers to them).

*Why is she called Ernst? Does she feel that she`s a boy in a girls body, is it a name that can be used by both genders or am I over reading that part?

UPDATE: I read Grant Morrisons last X-men comic again. In it, Martha is called No-girl. I had completely forgotten that, like I had forgotten so many other things about the series.

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Posted by bigtewell

Its a morrisson story so you will be much happier ignoring the elephant in the room.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


I`m a Morrison-fan, which means that the elephant in the room doesn`t bother me. The whole things still puzzles me.

If the characters would never have had appeared again (or at the very least, No-girl would`ve never been mentioned again), and all the mysteries would`ve been left alone, it wouldn`t bother me.

Posted by eldestrisk

I give this a thought every now and then, it's rather pointless. Marvel continuity just doesn't get along with Morrison. But good analysis you made me wanna re-read.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


True...Actually...what I`d wanna know the most, is if Martha is called No-girl in any comics.

I`m guessing you don`t know. Because that would be way too easy.

Also, thanks for the compliment.

Posted by oldnightcrawler

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: actually, the thing with the bird reminded me of how Xorn healed Xavier's legs and spine. It was revealed that he did so with nanites, controlled magnetically. If Xorn wasn't Magneto, this means he at least had the same powers, as well as the original's affinity for robotics, both of which lead me to believe he was a clone of Magneto that had not developed beyond the point at which it had been programmed with his memories/belief that he was Magneto.

Edited by eldestrisk

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: She has been called No-Girl post Morrison, when I get home I'll try and look for the issue it happened to make sure, but I recall it happening more than once.

Check out her appearances on Generation Hope if you can.

Posted by TheFool

Didn't Marvel try to go back on the whole Xorneto thing in the short-lived Excalibur series that started off with Magneto and Xavier?

Posted by GonnaRain

Don't know which issue it was, but it was probably from New X-Men.

Edited by eldestrisk

In Generation Hope as I thought. I think it also happened in Wolverine and the X-Men.

Posted by bigtewell

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: morrisons either hit or miss with me. like he brought the xmen into a good place and made them better for a modern times plus fantomex is a fav of mine but i kinda dislike him since he bashed on moore and miller

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


I know that Moore bashed him first, but I don`t know about Miller. I don`t mind, really. If they`ve got feud towards each other (and they do), it`s their business. I can understand someone being leery about the whole thing, though.


I figured that some writer woulda done that. I don`t know if I approve...But then again, it`s someones vision regarding the character, and it`s not hurtful...So, I guess I can be a bit okay with it.

Well, the issue doesn`t look bad. So, I suppose I will check it out if I get the chance.


That`s one of the scenes that puzzle me. The answer isn`t told clearly. It can be either one. The person reading it can choose which one. Which makes the fact, that Martha was revealed to be No-girl, unfortunate.


Didn`t know that.


We`ve all got our theories. Yours is better than the official one.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k
Edited by theTimeStreamer

i just ignore morrison's new x-men. horrible stories, horrible art.

Posted by lykopis

That was fun to read.

I have no answers for you outside of loving the character of No-Girl and hating the character of Xorn.

Posted by adamTRMM


Can somebody explain to me, the ideas behind Ernst/CasaNova and Martha Johansson/No-Girl?

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k


I suggest you to read New X-men, or their wiki pages on the Vine.

Posted by adamTRMM


I suggest you to read New X-men, or their wiki pages on the Vine.

Of course I've read it, it just wasn't that clear.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k



If you didn`t read the wiki pages already, rereading it will help. I had to do so to enjoy it even more, and understand all the stuff that was covered. Or at least most of it. I`m pretty sure there`s someting I didn`t understand.