Comics I`d like to make for DC, but shouldn`t. Part 2.

Here`s the previous part.

All issues are 80 pages long (I know, impossible). I might chance my mind at various points.

Issues 43-48: Lotsa villains do lotsa stuff. This one also has that island fulla villains. What`s its name? Don`t remember. Has: Joker, Lex Luthor, Royal flush gang, Merlyn, Darkseid, Condiment king...

Issues 49-55: New characters.

Issue 56: Aurakles, Earths first superhero.

Issues 53-55: Legion of superheroes and Booster gold vs. the vilest villains of Planet Earths future.

Issue 56-64: No superheroes. Pretty much everything else, though.

Issues 65-67: Firestorm does some seriously awesome stuff.

Issues 68-72: The New Gods vs. Mantis. Other New Gods-stuff too.

Issues 73-76: WAR. Weird war host, Omac and Wonder woman lead war themed heroes (for example, the haunted tank crew), to stop a war of unbeliavably gigantic proportions.

Issues 77-80: Insanity. Cataclysmic themes. Cosmic stuff. Hidden meanings. Batshit crazy story. Batshit crazy moments. Batshit crazy Batman-moments. Has all the characters who have appeared during the course of the series. And characters who haven`t. Also has a goodbye letter from me.+ Some breaking of that infamous fourth wall.


Well, that`s it. Show`s over folks! But if you wanna, do give me a few comments before leaving, though.

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