Because only I demanded it...My imaginary MARVEL-line.

SO, recently I did two not-that-well-thought-out-but thought-out-enough posts, of what I`d like DC to publish. At least in the near future. Now it`s Marvels turn.


Keep it as awesome as it has been, or even more awesome.


Same here.

Amazing spider-man

Marvels corner stone. Should be less popular though. For some reason, better stories are created, if it is. But, too much popularity is always inevitable.

Fantastic four

Make fantastic stories.

New series

I don`t know how many. Maybe 15.


Not a big fan of the team(s). But, if the story is well thought out, all kindsa characters are used, risks are taken, it`s entertaining, thoughtful enough and stories are mostly BIG, the title can stay. B`sides, it`s of tremendous historic importance.

Marvel cosmic

Hell yes! Figure it out. Thanos, Silver surfer, High evolutionary...all taking turns in the limelight. Now, can someone PLEASE, make this work?

MARVEL/DC and/or DC/Marvel-annual

The why, the concept...are obvious.

3-5 X-men titles

There`s too many mutants collecting dust.

Future foundation

Separate from the Fantastic four, but let it still retain some roots. Have some miscellaneous characters join, keep some old ones, create new ones. Make their first priority to improve the future. Have some more or less obscure villains or other kinda characters battle against them. And occasionally new and popular ones. ANd have Starfox join it, and grow as a character. Then you`re good to go.


Fun and funny stories. Hey, DC could have something similar too.


Well, he`s got an ongoing too, of course. But this one, anyway.

Captain America

I usually only like Caps stories, if they`re thought out stuff, and only feature Cap and his supporting cast. And if the stories are bare. Honest. Not that ambitious (at least all the time). Stuff like that. The super battles...I don`t really find Caps villains original, if they aren`t portrayed that way. But you know, I don`t know. I simply find alot of his stories boring these days. If they get it right, though...

The Pyms

All the other original Avengers have their own books. I`m sure this could be awesome.

Also, come on guys...Hank`s a wife beater in the Ultimate universe (at least in the first Ultimates-series, don`t know of the rest). In the regular one, it was simply a one time thing. One of those times when you simply do something stupid, without thinking about it. Or maybe it was an accident. Am I right about this, or not?


Keep Hulks mag consistently awesome, or Hulk smash. I mean, SMASH!


It`s punishing time.


The story has to be REALLY great or good, if I`m gonna give him an ongoing. I haven`t read the latest one yet, but I`m hoping for best.




About all those unused characters lying around...

Dr. Strange


5 Ultimate-line mags

Bring in some new blood, and keep some old ones.


Because they`re awesome. Just so awesome.


Ladies need their ongoings too, and it`s a shame that hers is the first one I thought about.

Black widow

Hm. Hey, why not?

5-10 female lead ongoings

Get deserving characters.

Am I pushing this equality of the genders thing too much? I hope I`m not.

All ages-comics

Maybe 4-5 series.


Black Panther

Make it a title worthy of a king.


Yes, I`m being serious.


About 60 series. Wow.

That`s all I could come up with, and all that I wanted to give away in the internet. Keeping some ideas for myself. No, not gonna use them at Marvel, `cause it`s fulla soul suckers, to whom I don`t wanna give another penny (yet, I do, because I`m weak willed). Same for DC. One must wonder why I posted this, since I don`t want either companies to benefit. Answer is clear. None of the people who work there, will, or even try to, stumble upon this. They might even get it wrong, which is GODDAMN ridiculous, but perfectly possible.

Oh, was I being too harsh? I know that I`m being cowardous, talking stuff like this behind their backs.

Well, I do hope that they will clean up their act (of course, not everyone there do things wrong, and my most dear thanks to those who don`t). I`m not sure if it`s possible, since I`m not sure if they`ve never been clean. I would imagine so, though.

Do YOU have any ideas for MARVEL-series?

Posted by Gambit1024
  1. The Avengers
  2. Avengers: Black Ops
  3. Young Avengers
  4. Avengers Academy
  5. Thor: God of Thunder
  6. The Invincible Iron Man
  7. Giant-Man & Wasp
  8. The Incredible Hulk
  9. Captain America
  10. Hawkeye
  11. Black Panther
  12. Ms. Marvel
  13. She-Hulk
  14. Namor the Submariner
  15. Moon Knight
  16. The Amazing Spider-Man
  17. Heroes for Hire
  18. Thunderbolts
  19. Winter Soldier
  20. Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD
  21. Agents of SWORD
  22. Nova
  23. Guardians of the Galaxy
  24. The Immortal Iron Fist
  25. Doctor Strange
  26. Red Hulk
  27. Daredevil
  28. Fantastic Four
  29. Future Foundation
  30. Ghost Rider
  31. Blade
  32. Dr. Doom
  33. The Invaders
  34. Uncanny X-Men
  35. Astonishing X-Men
  36. X-Force
  37. Age of X
  38. Wolverine
  39. Magneto
  40. Deadpool
  41. Gambit
  42. Silver Surfer
  43. Marvel Knights
  44. Sentry
  45. Venom
  46. Punisher
  47. X-23
  48. The Defenders
  49. Elektra
  50. Marvel Team-Up
  51. Journey into Mystery
  52. Amazing Fantasy
Posted by Spawn92

Honestly, I would start out with 10 core titles.

1. Avengers (Cap, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Antman, Wasp)

2. Captain America (in the 40s)

3. Thor (on Asgard)

4. Iron Man

5. Incredible Hulk (showcasing Banner and Hulk)

6. Spider-Man

7. X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Wolverine, Storm)

8. Daredevil

9. Fantastic Four

10. Punisher

From these main titles I would re-introduce fan favourite and iconic characters. These character arcs can branch out into their own on-going series. You could introduce characters like Venom and Iron Fist in Spidey's series, and depending on the fan reactions (or writer's treatment of the characters) you can recreate the excitement of seeing one of your favourite characters getting their own on-going.

Valiant Comics is doing wonders with only 5 monthly comics, why couldn't Marvel do the same? Also, now they could make each title bi-monthly, and it wont seem like their oversaturating the market.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


How could I forget Black panther!?


Do you mean a complete reboot, or simply a publishing line-reboot (which they already kinda did, but talking about that would digressing)?

Valiant having only 5 is superb, of course. But, we have to remember that Valiant has less than 400 characters listed here, where as Marvel has THOUSANDS. Tens of thousands. Most of them, frankly, I forget. I`m thinking that they could get ongoings too. So, 5 titles for way.

Making all of them bi-monthly (With the same page rate or doubled?)...that would, maybe, hurt the sales, but I think it sounds cool. Especially, if there wouldn`t be MARVELess months, but there would be comics for every month. But, that`s obvious.

Posted by Sharkbite

Avengers - (A-lister line-up. No Wolverine; he would be reserved to X-Men roster)

Avengers Academy - (this book would be a combination of the schooling aspects of Initiative/Academy, and the B-list missions of Avengers West Coast, with Pym/Hawkeye/Cheetah/Jocasta starting into so low level field missions with the newly promoted Avengers 4th Class)

Captain America - (solo title)

Winter Soldier - (solo title)

Thor - (solo title)

Iron Man - (solo title)

Spiderman - (solo title)

Venom - (hero title, as present)

Hulk - (solo title, able to mix it up between story arcs in regards to which Hulk it follows. Maybe a 6 issue arc following Banner, then 4 issues of Red Hulk, then 4 issues of She-Hulk. Fold all of them into a single book and take turns whenever they don't overlap.)

Journey into Mystery - (Marvel's sole Magic title. It would cover adventures of Asgardians other than Thor, as well as the exploits of Dr Strange, Ghost Rider, and any other Magic plotlined characters that generally don't support their own book.)

Thunderbolts - (Continuing of the Parole Program, with a single Avenger leading a team of villains who are attempting to earn their way off the Raft. The team leader would change from time to time, with Vision perhaps taking over now that Cage has quit.)

Fantastic Four - (classic line-up)

Future Foundation - (a more B-lister version of Fantastic Four, showcasing guest appearances and rotating rosters)

SHIELD - (A Nick Fury, Howling Commandos, Black Widow, Secret Warriors book. Essentially, it's the Marvel Superspy title, following various solo agents or teams within SHIELD on various missions)

Uncanny X-Men - (Team book; following the field teams of todays X-Men)

Mutant Academy - (Combination of Wolverine & The X-Men, Generation Hope, and Generation X. This book would focus inward on the plot surrounding the school and students, as well as minor field Ops committed by the students, chiefly in the way of retrieving the newly emerging mutant population. Jubilee would be repowered and introduced into this book.)

Brotherhood of Mutants - (Cyclops, Magneto, Magick, and whomever they can get to follow them as they continue fighting for mutant freedoms against the oppression of humans and the disapprove of the X-Men alike. This would be a Thunderbolts-esque title to give us an insight into the "villains" of the X-Men setting, but in a way which we can relate to them and understand their point of view.)

Wolverine - (Solo title)

X-Force - (mostly the 90s line-up, with Cable leading the team and many of the New Mutants on the roster. They would be a slightly more militant branch of the X-Men, performing the more Black Ops style of stuff as Wolverine's hit squad. X-Force and Brotherhood would butt heads more than once.)

Deadpool - (solo book. His slapstick style writing detracts from virtually any team book he's allowed to join in, so he would be pretty much exclusive to his own Mercenary adventures.)

Exiles - (Major Changes. Bishop would be ping'd with some sort of device or virus that will kill him if it appears in the present again. Bishop would serve as the team leader for the Exiles. They would no longer jump through dimensions, but instead jump through Time, having adventures in the past and the future as Bishop tries to fix the timestream without being allowed to return to the present to do it. Similar to Booster Gold or Time Masters, they could visit origin stories, hit up futures such as Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, etc, and see negative changes any time something gets screwed up. Their chief enemy would be Kang, though they would beef with many villains and even heroes as they move throughout the timestream.)

X-Factor - (Investigations title, similar to the way it's been recently.)

Marvel Knights - (Marvel's street level gritty crime story. It would follow Daredevil, Punisher, and Heroes for Hire through various arcs, sometimes focusing in on just one for a while, other times having a larger plotline in which they all overlap. Not actually a team book, but rather just a street level crime book that covers multiple characters who sometimes struggle to support their own book for an extended period of time. The main-character shake-up from arc to arc should help to prevent readers from getting bored, so they hold on to the storylines about Kingpin, Hammerhead, Tombstone, etc, but get differant heroes take's on the mission.)

Runaways - (Back and in full force)

Marvel Cosmic - (Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova Corp, the Darkhawks, Starjammers, Silver Surfer, etc. This would be like one of those Marvel Comics Presents style comics, focusing on all the cosmic space stuff, and following differant characters from mission to mission to give a look at the rest of the galaxy.)

Kick-Ass (ongoing. Not just a mini-series)


Ultimate X-Men

Ultimate Spiderman

Ultimate Iron Man

Ultimate Captain America

There ya go. Trimmed down to 30 books per month, and eliminating a lot of the multiple titles of the same character. Rather than 2 titles of Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine, etc, I would prefer to see only a single book by releasing it bi-monthly. Both plotlines can be told, but consecutive rather than concurrant.

For the nitch titles that seem to flounder lower in sales, such as Cosmic titles, Magic titles, and Street Crime titles, I merge them into single books like Marvel Comics Presents, with the chance to feature their heroes in more round-robin fashion.

Posted by lykopis

Marvel Cosmic would be great and a solo series for Psylocke. I agree that they should be aiming at a younger demographic but it's Disney so I imagine their focus will remain on their already established characters, independent of Marvel.

I would like to see a new team form and a return of The Runaways.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Nice ideas. I don`t agree completely with a few of them, but then again, doesn`t matter. This isn`t any serious business, thankfully.


Yeah, probably. But, there actually are already a few all ages titles, even if not that many talk about them. Also, Psylocke series is a good idea. I`m not a fan of the mutant martial artist version (partly `cause I haven`t read stories where she would`ve been heavily introduced as one). I`ve only read her in Captain Britain by Alan Moore and Alan Davis (when she use to be a "mere" telepath) and X-women, in what she didn`t get in to the spot light at all.

Huu, Runaways is popular.

Posted by Spawn92

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Im saying that if I had control, then yes, I would make a complete reboot lol. The history doesn't have to change at all. In fact, you could consider it a soft reboot where all the titles are completely stripped down and new ones are built up by fan's and writer's desires to see their favourite characters in an ongoing. The first month of this would feature these 10 titles, then more can be built from there. These 10 titles would be the ONLY ones that are bi-monthly. Consider them the core titles, for example, all of the mutant books would stem off of this core X-Men title. All of the Marvel Knights books would stem off of DareDevil and Punisher etc.

And as you said, even though Marvel has thousands of characters, most are forgettable, and even if you have around 52 titles, they will just make more books for their popular characters (Wolverine/Savage Wolverine/Wolverine in about 20 different teams). DC is doing the same (Batman/Dark Knight/Detective comics/Batman Robin/ Batman inc).

However, you can re-introduce some long forgotten characters in one or more of these 10 core titles and based on how they are treated/liked by Marvel's fanbase, they can start to be featured in their own on-going.

Im not saying there can only ever be 10 titles. Im just not a fan of seeing some interesting characters getting their books cancelled so Wolverine can go to the Savage Land.

Posted by Spawn92

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Oh wow, I also realized that I have been saying bi-monthly instead of bi-weekly. Yes, the 10 core titles would be BI-WEEKLY. alright, that sounds better :)

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k


The point of this was to tell what comics you`d wanna get published, not think realistically. = P

But, whatever...

That sounds like a cool concept, though. Like what MARVEL did in the 60`s.

Bi-weekly? That`s alotta comics.

BTW, that`s what they`re already doing.

Also, never "reply" to a blog post. It creates double messages. But if you didn`t know that this was originally a blog post, it`s fine.