A memory.

It was a few years back, and I was on a gymclass, sitting and doing nothing else than what you do when you sit. It wasn`t my turn to do anything. And so it wasn`t either for a couple of guys that I really didn`t, and still don`t like. Oh no! Did I say something bad!? Well, maybe I merely didn`t like one of them. The *******. I wish that he dies a terrible, long and painful death. Maybe a few hours lasting, in some storage room, fearing. Also, I wish that by that point he wont have any friends who would have to feel terrible, since they lost him. Oh, why I didn`t like him? Because he was another bully. In my case, he said things I didn`t like. I wonder if there will evr be a time whn any of my enemies, who I`ve spoken not-so-greatly of, will someday apologise me. I would feel a little bad, wouldn`t I ? Well, none of them have done so. At least not at this point. Oh well, let them keep those apologies that they wont give me. I hate them. I don`t want to see them nomore, even if I will. And that makes my memory all the more intresting. But you wont read that, `cause you`ve already stopped reading.

I sat there, and the guy I hate(d), said something like this:"That first issue of Donald duck (Finnish version) of this year was really good."

That issue had the story by Carl Barks, called "The crown of a mayan ceaser". Or something like that.

So, you now see that even idiots may read great comic-stories, and like it.

I don`t really care if you didn`t like my rant. If you don`t understand my own idiotism, it`s your bloody fault.

Posted by InnerVenom123

So, you hate the bully and he reads comics?

Posted by Renchamp

I will accept the fault for not wanting to invest the time to research your idiotism. That's on me.

Posted by jeanlucpicard

I'll give you a 3 on the trolling thing cuz you're pretty bad at it. also you can't be on a gym class, that would kinda nasty.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@InnerVenom123: Exactly. In my country, pretty much everyone reads Donald duck.