A blogpost about superhero-comics being dark. Part 1.

I`ve heard alot of talk about superhero comics being too dark. I`ve said that too. Why is this so?  
Are super-comics more realistic if they are dark? 
Are super-comics more better if they`re dark? 
Do they get more readers that way? 
I don`t`know. But I know this: they don`t need to be dark. Not all the time. They need to be realisticly unrealistic. Meaning, if Spider-man fights Dr. Octopus, the good doctor doesn`t have to kill 3-300 people to prove that he`s awesome. No, he needs to ALMOST succeed at that.   
This happened alot in J.M. Straczynskis Spider-man run, in the stories that JRJR penciled. There was always this feeling of darkness, but it wasn`t so dark that it made the panels pitch dark. Mostly, noone died during his run. There were "that was close"-situations, but that`s it. If I have counted it right, there was only about fife-ten issues in JMS run (okay I haven`t read all of it) in what there died someones. And what about DD by Mark Waid, Marcos Martin and co? I haven`t read it yet (it isn`t published in Finland), but I know that none have died in it. Right? And guess what, it`s freakin popular. Well, because of the creators who are popular in the industry.  

What have we learned today kiddies? If you want to make a superhero comic that isn`t dark these days and want it to succeed, be popular.  

I`m sorry if this post was terrible, but I`ll make more of these at some point. I hope they`ll be better.
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When JMS killed someone off in ASM, it was pretty damn brutal. Like that deserving douchebag bully who the Nerdy Molten Man ripped his arm through. .... Granted, we all wanted to see that happen; but still. Pretty f**king horrible way to go out.  
And while JMS wasn't murder-dark, he diiid have a villainess that broadcasted a sexual relationship with Spider-man, an invasion of spiders (that surely would put a few aracnophobics in hysterics and possible mental instability), along with a ritual that bordered on blood fetish. 

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Oh, and he confirmed that Loki and all other Asgardians are basically cosmic sluts.  

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@InnerVenom123 said:

                Oh, and he confirmed that Loki and all other Asgardians are basically cosmic sluts.  

Well, they are Norse gods.