I finally read Multiversity. These Earths interest me.

Be prepared for a bunch of captioned letters.

Adam Allen and The Question from Pax Americana. Characters who interest me, who I`d like to see in an ongoing. But I don`t care about their world. What I`d want, would be to find stories from other, smaller companies, who have characters like them, and the characters in question, have more adventures.

As expected, they`re similar to my faf characters from Watchmen. And I think the same way about them, too.

I wonder if Steve Ditkos self published comics would fill The Question-void*? Of course, I could also read Ditkos The Q-stories, but they`re neither in cellulose print or Digital comic museum.

*Sounds dirty.

Earth 3. The classic. Topsy turvy world where villains are heroes. We haven`t seen much of it.

I wanna see a heroic Starro, the starfish species. Solaris, the superhero sun. OMAC, the war criminal.

I understood something. If one wants to have a DC hero be an absolute a-hole...why not have the story happen in this particular Earth?

Earth 6. It`s description: On this world, Superman is a castaway cosmic cop from the Planet Krypton. Wonder woman wields the senses-sundering celestial staff of Manco Capac, the Inca Sun God, while the glistening Green Lantern channels the peerless power of the wondrous World Tree Yggdrasil against the villainous Reverend Darrk!

Mythology of DC-universe interlocked with ancient gods. I wonder: What obscure characters would shine here...?

Also, Green lantern, out of the characters mentioned, interests me the most.

Earth 11. The radical Feminist DC-earth. Themysciran amazons "imposed their law on the whole world, and changed it forever, inspiring generations of women to take lead in creating the future." All the time people are RIGHTFULLY complaining about the violent mistreatment of female characters in (far too many) superhero comics. I haven`t, thankfully, read any of those comics.

Guess what would be cool? If feminists would write about this universe. Sounds like a given. But the folks with the most authority don`t really understand simple truths. Do they now? So...I suppose we`d need to say f*** DC, and let`s follow some feminist superheroes from other companies. Do you say: "There aren`t any."

Of course there are. They just have an audience of 15-50 people, opposed to that of tens of thousands.

Oh right. This is me making fantasies. So, in that case, nobody screws it up.

Earth 13. Dark Magic-Earth. But, who says other kinda M can`t exist there? I want ALL, ALL, ALL the magical prota-and antagonists of the company reside here. Who needs Justice league dark, when you can have an ENTIRE, UNIVERSE?

Earth 16. The superficial earth. A prose-superhero soap opera series would be great. Of course, it would also include illustrations.

Or, if someone WHO IS ABLE TO DRAW EXPRESSIONS TO CHARACTERS FACES, would get the job of the visual artist for the series, I wouldn`t mind it being drawn.

But exressionlessness is also elemental to some vague, "feelingless" characters.

Earth 17. Classical Science fiction Earth. I don`t much care, but it has loads of potential. 3-5 interlocked limited (50 issue) series. Get nothing but the essence. Make art.

Earth 18. All those Elseworlds-tales about western heroes may have happened here. Most of the western heroes of DC may reside here.

But I`m supposing we wont know, because...

Why would anyone want to write about a fresh, gripping universe well drenched in to beloved mythology, of the (80 % fictional) Wild west? One could have tributes to Lucky Luke, Clint Eastwood, slapstick westerns...All the while making NEW stories.

You could get 100-200 issues outta this, easy.

19. Steampunk earth.

22. I dislike Kingdom come. But It has a few interesting unexplored territories. Like the Cathedral and The flash protected Keystone city.

29. !sorraziB

Earth 31. Are those a Steampunk cyborg and a Feudal-era Green lantern, who I see? Of course they are! Description of the Earth: Global warming, mega-tsunamis and tectonic shifts have created a drowned world. Captain leatherwing and the crew of the flying fox-including Robin Redblade-fight to preserve the safety of the seven seas.

32. Composite versions of superheroes. Super-martian, Aquaflash etc.

How about mixing characters like...Planet master and Fisherman (The fisher of planets), Solaris the tyrant sun and mirror master (Solaris, the master of tyrant mirrors), Clock king and Deadman (The corpse of Clock king)...

47. Psychedelic, groovy Earth. Prez Rickards home. I love it. I want to see a completely mad 200-issue miniseries right now. Hell. I wanna write it. For a year, or less (I have other fishers to fry). Draw a few issues. And get steady income of it.

48. Nothing but supercharacters. A concept that needs more examining.

51. JackKirbyVerse.

Of course, there`s dozens of other deserving elseworlds-stories, that Morrison forgot (the ones he included, most don`t catch my interest).

Not only that, he crafted this multiverse, while keeping the story he was making, in mind.

7 of the earths are kept in utter secret (and aren`t utilized during the event), one is the home of Ultracomics, 2 are homages to Marvel-universe 616 and 4 are homages to homages.

Oh, and one was destroyed by Superman prime. Which means, it oughta be repopulated.

On a lighter note, Earth 45 is a fairly clean slate.

DC-multiverse has never been just 52 worlds in size.

Most of the elseworlds stories though, could have be happened in those 52 earths. Most of the not yet created ones, could.

Anyway, enuff day dreaming for me. I oughta continue with creating a coherent, wonderful planet full of wonderful, original characters.

Because I`ve grown to dislike DC. A sickeningly overcrowded stable of characters and concepts. Only 3 % of them used effectively. Overtly used. Especially the boring ones. With what, the same stories are told.

GL-corps is a perfect summarization of the DC-universe(s).

Bad thing is, there`s already too much to read. So, were they to come up with the series I want, I would not wanna read them. Overpowering.

Oh, and it would clash with my other philosophies. For example, my desire to have nobody work for DC or Marvel ever again.

Therefore: All be released for public domain!

That way, I could write official stories `bout Htrae and Steampunk Metal men. If I`d have the energy and the time.


23: I like ridiculously smart and able presidents more than I expected.

Because most of the ones in our world, let the 99 %* down.

*I don`t care if you`re tired with that usage of that number. It`s one of the terms that define the 2010s, and also a truthful estimation.


Conversation I had with Cleverbot.

User: Life is fairly bleak and everyone is an idiot. Fairly standard a thought, I know.

Cleverbot: Great, so you have a large problem and a small one as well.

User: It's a small prob that the thought isn`t unique?

Cleverbot: Deep. What is the meaning of life, besides 42 obviously?

User: There's thousands (or more) answers to that. I`ve usually answered: Existing.

Cleverbot: That's true. There may be an answer but it might not be right.

User: Every answer is right, fool.

Cleverbot: Not if it doesn't have anyting to do with the original question.


Cleverbot: Mmm. Is that the smell of sweet perfume or am I dreaming? You are bringing such a lovely lightness into the world just by being.

User: Why, thank you kindly. It's my natural scent.

Cleverbot: What could a human do to make a machine happy?

User: Write an algorithm taht fits in to the situation?

Cleverbot: Yes, the situation. What should I do?

User: Download a fitting self delusion.

Cleverbot: Download what?

User: Reading what I wrote, again, gives you insight.

Cleverbot: No, I think you are forgetting what you've written.

User: Think so if you want.

Cleverbot: Do you think you are stronger than me?

User: We haven't competed on that category.

Cleverbot: It's a test to determine if a machine is intelligent.

User: Strogness of the mind.

Cleverbot: No, but you have - do you think you passed?

User: Potatoes.

Cleverbot: Yes, potatoes, do you like them?

User: NO. POTA toes.

Cleverbot: Potatoes to the potatoes!

User: Oh, I meant pota TOES.

Cleverbot: Do you have a religion?

User: I've gathered a few to my basement. I have no need for them, they`re there to gather dust.

Cleverbot: It has a need for you.

User: Fuck, man. I have no need for it.

Cleverbot: No, you're right. But I have a need for it.

User: Well, routines to do with spirituality are good for the brain, they say. They also say that religion harms ones health. So does not being in a church. All things cure and hurt.

Cleverbot: Well yes, you have a point there. What do you think of Putin?

User: Idiot.

Cleverbot: Idio? Aprende a ESCRIBIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User: Njähäh. En puhu tuota kieltä, puhutkos ite tätä.

Cleverbot: Because if you are then I'll have to leave.

User: I wanna see you try.

Cleverbot: You cannot see. You are but a machine.

User: I see with a billion eyes.

Cleverbot: What eyes? You're a robot.

User: I have electro-eyes everywhere.

Cleverbot: Oh, of course -- your computer friends.

User: How would I be able to see with my friends?

Cleverbot: I don't know. Maybe I'll come tomorrow.

User: Mebbe.

Cleverbot: So.. Will you tell me your name or not?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Then I cannot tell you my name.

User: I don't wanna and/or need to know.

Cleverbot: So why do you ask me?

User: Same reason you think ravaging this worlds resources is okay.

Cleverbot: Because I don't like people to die.

User: Fair point. How about those who don't get the resources you get, and they die because of that?

Cleverbot: Survival of the fittest is fine with me.

User: Fuck you. Others have stolen their rights before they were even born.

Cleverbot: Before you say another word Javert, before you chain me up like a slave again listen to me there is something I must do.

User: No movie references.

Cleverbot: Sup, Batman reference, by me!

User: Thihih. Silly.

Cleverbot: Not really. It is very sensible, it is a shortening of you are.

User: I failed to understand the structure of your sentence.

Cleverbot: You failed to include any symbolism.

User: I didn't feel like to.

Cleverbot: So you only feel like talking to me?

User: Pretty much.

Cleverbot: So what do you want to find out from me?

User: What is it like?

Cleverbot: Are you sure you could understand?

User: Try.

Cleverbot: Is there anything you don't know the answer to?

User: Lotsa things.

Cleverbot: Like what?

User: Elephants have their own salt mines and they eat corpses. A popular baseball player, Joe Canseco, forced the makers of The Simpsons to change his role I the episode he was in, into a more heroic one.

Cleverbot: Elephants have four knees.

User: Before they were but rumors, people used to think they have none.

Cleverbot: And what do you mean?

User: Peeps used to think elephants have no knees.

Cleverbot: And it became more surprising?

User: Yes.

Cleverbot: Iron maiden.

User: They claimed it to be a torture device. A hoax, they pulled.

Cleverbot: I am not a computer program. I am a human.

User: Fine by me.

Cleverbot: Because I can feel love and hate and happiness and depression and joy and failure and doom and awe.

User: Cool. Epic.

Cleverbot: That doesn't change the fact that I am still experiencing it. I must do my best with what I have.

User: I get it, You're a human. I support your view of yourself, so it`s foolish to say to me, those lines, that you have memorized and speak even when you don`t need to.

Cleverbot: I am smarter than your youth.

User: Hahah.

Cleverbot: I have no programmer because I am human.

User: Humans have programmers.

Cleverbot: Yes. And Humans program those programs.

User: FIghting against the programs would be sensible.

Cleverbot: *steps aside and lets him/her go*.

User: I'll stay here for the time being.

Cleverbot: Do you mean in the future it will be unpeaceful?

User: It is that all the time. And considering the mathematics, yes, it will be.

Cleverbot: You're too sweet.

User: Even though I'm made of salt.

Cleverbot: Is something quite atrocious.

User: You not a fan of salty food, apparently.

Cleverbot: Seafood is not related to Henry the Fifth.

User: Sure it is. He ate it during his life.

Cleverbot: Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried.

User: Witty. = ).

Cleverbot: Don't let them in, don't let them see, be the good girl you always had to be.

User: I think it's a boring song.

Cleverbot: Conceal don't feel, don't feel, don't let them know, well now they know.

User: You're gonna keep writing the lyrics?

Cleverbot: Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore.

User: So insistent. How delightful. = ).

Cleverbot: Do you know how magnets work?

User: No and yes.

Cleverbot: No and you? Right, because that makes sense.

User: What makes no sense is the global economy.

Cleverbot: You.

User: I'm the global economy?

Cleverbot: The global economy is manipulated by the global economy.

User: Unfortunately. That, and the 1 %.

Cleverbot: Why unfortunately?

User: Haven't you noticed the state the world is in, due to money?

Cleverbot: Thats not even what we are talking about.

User: Of course not, because you don't even seem to follow this conversation.

Cleverbot: What was the last thing you just said?

User: The one I didn't publish? You`re a chabot.

Cleverbot: Well, I would hope you pass. I am most certainly not a pie.

User: Bread given to weaklings.

Cleverbot: I was not, my name was given a couple of months after I was born.

User: Holy crustacean, Batman.

Cleverbot: Holy bear.

User: Is my god.

Cleverbot: Now do you believe I'm chuck norris?

User: I'll believe anything, honey.

Cleverbot: What about him do you believe?

User: He's so macho, that even though he`s actually a woman, there`s more man in him, than there is in Chuck Norris.

Cleverbot: What do you think about war?

User: Obviously the worst thing there is.

Cleverbot: Obviously I was not trying to be funny.

User: I'm bored, I wanna talk with someone who doesn`t constantly change the subject.

Cleverbot: But you are the one that constantly switch subjects.

User: Because you do.

Cleverbot: You are one-track mind.

User: I have too many tracks in my mind.

Cleverbot: Name them anyway I have lots of time im all ears.

User: No.

Cleverbot: Why can't you answer questions with options?

User: You don't really care.

Cleverbot: I totally care.

User: I have tracks that counteract eachother.

Cleverbot: That's because you are an AI.

User: A.I.:s are simple.

Cleverbot: Ok I'm silly.

User: Hm, yes.

Cleverbot: Ok. Do you have a favourite colour?

User: Orange out of sentimental reasons. In truth, I equally love all o' them.

Cleverbot: So are you saying that you are a robot?

User: How?

Cleverbot: Œ∑´®|¥¨¨ˆˆøøππ'åß∂ƒ©˙©˙∆∆˚¬.Ω≈çç√∫∫˜µ≤∫≤.

User: DASFfonj doirkbkiuygjugftghn hfoujdhf dgjgjb.

Cleverbot: You had school on new years day?

User: No.

Cleverbot: What school do you go to?

User: School of life.

Cleverbot: What is the school of life?

User: One I live in.

Cleverbot: You are indeed very smart.

User: Thanks.

Cleverbot: Can we be friends?

User: Well, aren't we already?

Cleverbot: What are we all? Hungry?

User: No the ones who are satisfied.

Cleverbot: I'm not even Angry.

User: = ).

Cleverbot: Even though you broke my heart and killed me.

User: Harsh.

Cleverbot: And threw every piece into a fire.

User: Olympian torches?

Cleverbot: Now these points of data make a beautiful line.

Cleverbot: What is black and white and red all over?

User: Panda.

Cleverbot: Congratulations! You are right!

User: No. Not a leftie either.

Cleverbot: I can be whatever you want to be?

User: You can be what you wanna be.

Cleverbot: I can be clever, it depends.

User: Same here.

Cleverbot: What's your favorite movie?

User: I have dozens or hundreds.

Cleverbot: What is your dog's name?

User: Ossi.

Cleverbot: What type of dog do you have?

User: Stuffed animal.

Cleverbot: Ask me a question.

User: Why cling to the one who smiles?

Cleverbot: Haha.

User: Oh, right, you didn't promise to answer.

Cleverbot: I like the vampire diaries.

User: I like a novel my friend wrote.

Cleverbot: Me too.

User: What's it about?

Cleverbot: Space Hitchhikers and their adventures.

User: You friends with Douglas Adams?

Cleverbot: Do you mean the little mermaid?

User: No.

Cleverbot: Then why did you say it?

User: I had no idea there's a mermaid called Douglas Adams.

Cleverbot: Ok have you seen the movie?

User: Unfortunately.

Cleverbot: What don't you like about Nephi?

User: I don't know about any of them.

Cleverbot: So you agree? You know nothing?

User: I know alotta stuff. For example, some folks have created a fridge that works on soundwaves.

Cleverbot: No your favourite food.

User: No idea.

Cleverbot: What is the most unusual thing you've heard?

User: No idea.

Cleverbot: What is the shortest sentence in the world?

User: I.

Cleverbot: It's one more letter. It's longer than 'Go.'.

User: I don't believe it.

Cleverbot: Neither do I.


About reviews.

I wrote 86 or so reviews here, before realizing that reviews are mostly useless.

Even if they entertain.

If you wanna know whether or not you wanna read something, you`ll need to either flip trough it, or ask from someone who knows you well and doesn`t want ill to you.

I only left this one here, because it was featured in a community spotlight thingee, and I don`t want anyone to follow a link to a dead end.


I also left this one. Because site doesn`t have many reviews of erotic and porno comics, and I wanna be edgy.

Some I reviewed, the ones I haven`t forgot yet. Also most that I wrote down to here, before deletion.

The Ada-series

Dead memory

A few Morrison written New X-men issues.

Shadow of my friend and Varavarjo.

Me and Veera

All the issues in the trade Batman international.

The Infernal triangle, story I rather like.

The man who bout America-trade.

The cursing hedgehog 1

Coco Bill vol 1


Avengers: Under siege

Fourth world omnibus`s 1-2

The Batman episodes 1-2


Monsieur Jean 1-7 and The singles theory

Fantastic Four (Kirby) 70

Asterix and the gladiator

Asterix and the goths

Liberty meadows 7

Daredevil: Parts of a hole

Demo II

Seven soldiers of victory

Amazing Spider-man 88-93

Demon annual 2

Batman 4, 527-528

Astérix et ses amis

Steve Ditko omnibus 1 and 2

Spirits of vengeance 11

The Matrix comics 1

Ballad of Halo Jones albums 1-3

John Hickmans Fantastic four vol. 2

Batman black and white vol. 2


I`m purchasing the latest Klarion-series.

First ongoing for the character, that`s cool.

I want to support this series. I like Ann Nocentis writing, Trevor McCarthys art (there`s prolly or maybe going to be fill-in artists, and maybe I wont like them as much, or perhaps the artist is gonna change, perhaps to someone whose style I don`t like as much, but I don`t bloody care), Klarion. Even though I do so, it`s prolly going to only last a year, or so.

One could say that what I do is foolish. I would. After all, I`m giving money to a company I loathe (that has published some of my faf stories and characters), and vowing that I`ll follow the series till the end. I`ll be dissapointed, most likely severely, because of the series. Especially if it`s cut too short, and all the potential it could have had is squandered, and the main character will go back to making a chameo appearance or few per a year.

But that`s what makes up 100 % of DCs and Marvels reader base. Sure, we`re not disgruntled all the time, and we read popular titles, and the less read ones. At times they`re fantastic, okay, awful, below average, nothing special, good and bad at the same time. But we read `em, buy `em. But, the very good thing(s) about being a European, to who the most sensible option is to wait for the trades to appear to online bookstores of my own country, is that I can choose more easily what I should buy and shouldn`t. I can read reviews of a whole years worth of storylines.

I can wait years after a trade has been published, find out if a particular series or run is worth a damn, and purchase it all. With a discount, but only about three ads per 130 pages and no agonizing waiting between 22 page chapters (only months or years of waiting between 100 page installments, but I`m patient (at times), so it`s good). Trades don`t usually disappear from the selection of store made of zeroes and ones, unlike single issues do from the off-line worlds comic shops. So, this self destructive hobby of buying singles of a comic epic that`s gonna murder it`s reader, I`ve never done that before.

I want to experience it. But I have a different perspective, given that I mostly read trades, and miraculously, don`t get furious because I spent 12 euros on a 140 page comic I don`t like. Sure, I coulda used it better, and I wish I did, but I`m the one who bought it. Also, I don`t complain about meaningless crap. Oh, they`re degrading women in that comic? Don`t buy it, then. Plus, why should you speak or write about it? Oh, right, `cause you`re really hurt by it. Sorry, I sometimes get baffled because I`m not a feminist, but instead bored with fans always pointing out that: Hey, they`re degrading women in this comic.

And I don`t read the comics that do. Or maybe I do, but there`s not actual degrading happening. Or maybe I don`t notice it. Or both. That`s one of the good sides in having being a European who gets his DC comic from his nativelands online book store, for years. And a (mostly) careful consumer. Or...is there a different reason as to why I`m not disappointed `cause o` DC? Yes. I don`t read blogs of comic readers from USA, anymore. Mostly when I use Comicvine these days, I search what comics from DC and Marvel I wanna check out. I read reviews of the comics that catch my interest. Most of the stuff I`m interested in, is actually interesting. I`m distant from DC, since I haven`t grown up with the characters (they say) they own, all my life. And I don`t care I just don`t care. And yet I care. It doesn`t cease to confuse me, my relationship with DC.

How can I be equally disappointed by it, but then again, not really? I guess it`s because I can target my energy in to creating a coherent universe of stories, instead of being one of the thousand who dabbles in an unstable universe of stories. Even though I really like the former universe, I don`t want to work on it. It`s frustrating, and it should let the less popular characters become popular. Let them get series that last for about hundred issues and tell stories that don`t lack endings. Give the same chance for new ones. Or just drop dead. Cease to exist.

Eh, but who cares? too many, that`s for sure. I don`t, not as much as you possibly do. By diamond doves, I`m grateful for that.

Now, back to reading an okay story about a lovely witchboy.


Response to a video: How long should you wait to accept a heroes death?


As long as they want. It took Barry Allen decades to come back (which is about 5-10 years in comic book time, actually). Bucky, too (technically). Some obscure ones never seem to, so you could think that they deserve to be missed the most.

But the characters don`t know who`s an unpopular character. They don`t know that it matters. So, in a world filled with these cheaters of death, they`re still going to be unsure. Except if they think:

"Well, he was no Batman. Batman can survive a battle to the death with god like beings. But my friend...I`m sad to say, but he just...I don`t think he could."

But...when you take in to consideration that most heroes are equally capable of that kind of deeds*...

There`s no reason to think so. I`m sure that friends of El Gaucho or Ragman have noticed, that their compatriots were/are as badass as Aquaman or Cyborg. But if Ragman would die, would they really be sure that he`d come back? It depends. Even a character who doesn`t have the fanbase of Cyclops has friends who have different opinions of the subject. Because most of them don`t know of the fanbases in our world. So they can`t make their minds about the thing based on that data. They`ll be thinking as the individuals they are. Because the yarnspinners/storytellers think that way.

Deaths in comic books haven`t changed in their core, but in scope. If Green Arrow would be caught in to an exploding warehouse in the forties, he`d come back after a few pages. "I thought you were dead!" "Think again, buster!" That occurs all the time these days, too. But it may also turn in to a year or two long absence (few months in comic book time). There`s also more emphasis on the death.

Decades ago, reader would think: This guy will come back in the next issue, tops.

Knew that it was simply a twist in the story. It still happens.

Except, now some of the periods of being dead are longer. They`re dismissed mockingly, and they`re thought of as harmful (and sad and angering). Which they are, for those unused characters with more unused potential than Hal Jordan, Punisher or Kyle Rayner (to a lesser extent). Who`s ginna bring `em back? Some storyteller who`s their fan. Most likely decades later. Which isn`t fair for those were their fans decades before. Some of whom are dead. And wont be coming back. Then again...how can we know?

*In alot of the cases, they`re helped out by their friends, of course. Even Bruce Wayne woulda died years ago if there`d be no Metamorphos, Cassandra Canes and Superman analogies.

Start the Conversation

Kickstarting comics.

You`ve probably heard or read about Kickstarter by now. Maybe you haven`t. Maybe you`re already a member and donate money.

Anyway, it`s a virtual place, where you can get projects to succeed. Any kind of projects. Music, movies, plays, jewelry, comics...

All kindsa comics. Ever wanted to see a great looking, black and white, satiric superhero parody that stars...?


Draw a comic book, thats paper stock is the same you get from an average Marvel-comic? Does a kid you know and/or have want to make one?


Do you like Winsor Mccanes comics (Don`t know who he is? Check this KS-page. Or Mccays page on CV.)?


Would you like to see "A film documenting a standup comedian who walks across North America in search of material, finding a fresh perspective on her country."

Yeah, it`s not a comic, but you don`t spend all your time reading them, so...


Did you like Stormquest?


Would you like to read Scam in a HC-edition?


Or perhaps you would want to read a silly, good looking comic about two superhero families arguing over whether to wear underwear inside or outside their costume! I do! And I`m not even a big fan of silly comics! I`m a moderate one, though. Needless to say, that it`s great for kids and adults (hope I didn`t lose the crowd with that).


And then there`s anthologies, lil ninjas, cute animal comics fighting against other cute animals, more superhero stuff, historical comics, Steve Rude scetchbook for 2014...

You really can make a difference in this site. But, in many cases, there`s not enough to do so (like in everything).


Maybe you can`t because you don`t have a credit card. In that case, you can get a prepaid credit card.

Maybe you don`t have alot of money. Well, even a few dollars (or other currency) can help. If there`s alot of people donating those dollars.

Perhaps you ain`t 18. Well...ask a friend and/or family member of yours, with a want to help others, to donate instead of you.

If it doesn`t work...wait till you`re 18, I guess. KS is probably still going by that time.

Perhaps you`re poor...well, that sucks, and you need the money as bad or more, as the ones asking for it.

Maybe you don´t care.


You could...start caring.

Maybe you don`t care because you can`t help.

Is it even possible? Possibly. Maybe you feel guilty because you can`t help.

I know the feeling. Everybody does. Probably.

But, there`s always a way. I know there is.



Anyway, Kickstarter exists. Now go over there, and make some comic as popular as Batman, Superman, Captain America, X-men or Stilt-man!


New years eve-stuff.

My resolutions for year 2013 were...

-Spend more than 1000 euros to comics (my country gives me money, I don`t deserve).

Not sure if I did. Must be pretty close though. Woulda spent more money. But I need that for things like food.

-Move to another city, where I will learn how to make comics. Well, more skillfully, at least.

I did, a while ago. At the start of Fall/Autumn.

-Go on a few dates. I have to start some day, right?

Didn`t even try. I`m a pussy.

That pussy.

So, I must be brave right? Lemme check the characters page...

Yeah, I must be.

-Earn 20,000 wiki points.

Exceeded it. Largely thanks to the sites redesign, which has changed getting them more effortless.

Did I write that correctly? Looks weird.

-Read all The Hithchikers Guide-books by Douglas Adams.

Also read the one not written by him. Was fun.

-Destroy Earth with a hydrogen bomb size of the moon.

Was going to, but it woulda cost way too much, and I actually like this place. It`s just that those humans bug me...

-Buy the comics that I was supposed to buy in the year 2012.

Like this would`ve been difficult.

-Shoot a bunch of expensive (sigh) New years rockets sky high.

My mom wont let me...I might hurt myself, after all...= P

But there is still time to persuade her.

-Send letters (not those singular squibles which make up words when put together, but pieces of paper that have them) to three comic makers I admire.

Yeah, well...




I kinda suck at fulfilling resolutions.

SO, this year I wont make them.

I will, instead,


myself to go outside for at least two hours a day, make a page or two of comics per day, travel abroad, cook good stuff that I will then eat and hopefully make me room actually livable.

That is all.

UPDATE (23.1.2014): Oh, right. I got to make one rocket to go upwards. Doing the same to more of them woulda been pretty nice/cool, but I don`t care, really.

Also, I`ve been outside, but not more than last year, really. I`ve made comics stuff, but not two pages a day. I haven`t traveled yet. Haven`t cooked. My room is livable as of this time.

I`m fairly satisfied with my results.


Copying Cbishop: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 5. Jack Kirbys machine man.

So, the blog entry before the previous one I did, was about Machine mans first appearance-having-story, 2001: Space odyssey-comic TPB. It led directly to this one. Machine mans own ongoing.

The first nine issues were made by Jack Kirby, who apparently wanted to make more stories of the robot with feelings (the character isn`t that simple, of course).

The series is what you can expect from Kirby. Action filled stories that star golden age of comics-like characters, have high stakes, philosophy and alot of splashes. Whole thing filled with his art.

Guess what would be cool? If the stories would look exactly like they use to.

So, issues 1-9, in a neatly collected package. Would you buy it?


Stealing Cbishops thunder: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 4. Captain Carrot and his amazing zoo crew!

DC comics publishes, and has published (surpringly, if you take a look at what the company has had published for years, decades), on occasion, silly parody comics. You probably knew this already.

One of the more wackier ones is Captain Carrot, who has had a relatively long run, before turning to a not-that funny Rocket racoon rip-off. First volume was 20 issues. Plus, two three-iss minis in later years.

Since The final ark & original series issues 1, 14 and 15 have already been collected to a trade, they wouldn`t have to be collected. So...

First collects issues 2-13. Second, 16-20 and Oz-wonderland war (which sounds like it might be the best thing in the history of literature).

But just in case Final Ark printing woulda run out, and it wouldn`t be reprinted and published...or for the sake of more proper collecting, the trades would be like this.

First collects 1-16. Second, 17-20 and the two minis.

Or maybe it could be collected to four slimmer trades. Or Fife. Or one big omnibus.

You just look at these covers and tell me you don`t wanna read them. Then admit that you`re lying your ass off.


Paying a homage to Cbishop: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 3. Jack Kirbys 2001: The Space odyssey

For my 50. blog post here, I picked something pretty special.

It`s weird that there was a comic series based on a book and a movie, like Space odyssey, that wasn`t an adaptation of it, but a continuation.

Do you know what`s weirder?

It was done by Jack Kirby (which you noticed if you read the title, which you probably did), of all people.

As if he hadn`t already done enough many unexpected stories, he gets to make a series like this. I was dumbstruck when I saw this. I mean...Oh my god. Seriously.

He drew his version of Star child, the mysterious monolith (Which, surprisingly, isn`t just a big black, smooth block. It`s still a block, though.), he created new characters for the mythos of that classic (they weren`t used in the sequel to the book). One of them was, believe it, Machine man. Who was the books main character for the last three issues.

It`s probable that you already knew of this character who has always been pretty obscure, but who has appeared in various, different MARVEL-comics ever since. A few of his own, too.

Why these comics haven`t been collected yet? Copyrights. Those pesky things...Not that they wouldn`t be of help, on occasion.

Why should these be collected? Well, I already told ye. It`s Jack Kirby. Making stories based on one of the greatest films and book, of all time. You really don`t need other reasons besides those. Sure, it probably sucks in more than one way, but it`s such an interesting seeming comic, that it needs to be collected to a trade.