Response to a video: How long should you wait to accept a heroes death?

As long as they want. It took Barry Allen decades to come back (which is about 5-10 years in comic book time, actually). Bucky, too (technically). Some obscure ones never seem to, so you could think that they deserve to be missed the most.

But the characters don`t know who`s an unpopular character. They don`t know that it matters. So, in a world filled with these cheaters of death, they`re still going to be unsure. Except if they think:

"Well, he was no Batman. Batman can survive a battle to the death with god like beings. But my friend...I`m sad to say, but he just...I don`t think he could."

But...when you take in to consideration that most heroes are equally capable of that kind of deeds*...

There`s no reason to think so. I`m sure that friends of El Gaucho or Ragman have noticed, that their compatriots were/are as badass as Aquaman or Cyborg. But if Ragman would die, would they really be sure that he`d come back? It depends. Even a character who doesn`t have the fanbase of Cyclops has friends who have different opinions of the subject. Because most of them don`t know of the fanbases in our world. So they can`t make their minds about the thing based on that data. They`ll be thinking as the individuals they are. Because the yarnspinners/storytellers think that way.

Deaths in comic books haven`t changed in their core, but in scope. If Green Arrow would be caught in to an exploding warehouse in the forties, he`d come back after a few pages. "I thought you were dead!" "Think again, buster!" That occurs all the time these days, too. But it may also turn in to a year or two long absence (few months in comic book time). There`s also more emphasis on the death.

Decades ago, reader would think: This guy will come back in the next issue, tops.

Knew that it was simply a twist in the story. It still happens.

Except, now some of the periods of being dead are longer. They`re dismissed mockingly, and they`re thought of as harmful (and sad and angering). Which they are, for those unused characters with more unused potential than Hal Jordan, Punisher or Kyle Rayner (to a lesser extent). Who`s ginna bring `em back? Some storyteller who`s their fan. Most likely decades later. Which isn`t fair for those were their fans decades before. Some of whom are dead. And wont be coming back. Then can we know?

*In alot of the cases, they`re helped out by their friends, of course. Even Bruce Wayne woulda died years ago if there`d be no Metamorphos, Cassandra Canes and Superman analogies.

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Kickstarting comics.

You`ve probably heard or read about Kickstarter by now. Maybe you haven`t. Maybe you`re already a member and donate money.

Anyway, it`s a virtual place, where you can get projects to succeed. Any kind of projects. Music, movies, plays, jewelry, comics...

All kindsa comics. Ever wanted to see a great looking, black and white, satiric superhero parody that stars...?

Draw a comic book, thats paper stock is the same you get from an average Marvel-comic? Does a kid you know and/or have want to make one?

Do you like Winsor Mccanes comics (Don`t know who he is? Check this KS-page. Or Mccays page on CV.)?

Would you like to see "A film documenting a standup comedian who walks across North America in search of material, finding a fresh perspective on her country."

Yeah, it`s not a comic, but you don`t spend all your time reading them, so...

Did you like Stormquest?

Would you like to read Scam in a HC-edition?

Or perhaps you would want to read a silly, good looking comic about two superhero families arguing over whether to wear underwear inside or outside their costume! I do! And I`m not even a big fan of silly comics! I`m a moderate one, though. Needless to say, that it`s great for kids and adults (hope I didn`t lose the crowd with that).

And then there`s anthologies, lil ninjas, cute animal comics fighting against other cute animals, more superhero stuff, historical comics, Steve Rude scetchbook for 2014...

You really can make a difference in this site. But, in many cases, there`s not enough to do so (like in everything).


Maybe you can`t because you don`t have a credit card. In that case, you can get a prepaid credit card.

Maybe you don`t have alot of money. Well, even a few dollars (or other currency) can help. If there`s alot of people donating those dollars.

Perhaps you ain`t 18. Well...ask a friend and/or family member of yours, with a want to help others, to donate instead of you.

If it doesn`t work...wait till you`re 18, I guess. KS is probably still going by that time.

Perhaps you`re poor...well, that sucks, and you need the money as bad or more, as the ones asking for it.

Maybe you don´t care.


You could...start caring.

Maybe you don`t care because you can`t help.

Is it even possible? Possibly. Maybe you feel guilty because you can`t help.

I know the feeling. Everybody does. Probably.

But, there`s always a way. I know there is.



Anyway, Kickstarter exists. Now go over there, and make some comic as popular as Batman, Superman, Captain America, X-men or Stilt-man!


New years eve-stuff.

My resolutions for year 2013 were...

-Spend more than 1000 euros to comics (my country gives me money, I don`t deserve).

Not sure if I did. Must be pretty close though. Woulda spent more money. But I need that for things like food.

-Move to another city, where I will learn how to make comics. Well, more skillfully, at least.

I did, a while ago. At the start of Fall/Autumn.

-Go on a few dates. I have to start some day, right?

Didn`t even try. I`m a pussy.

That pussy.

So, I must be brave right? Lemme check the characters page...

Yeah, I must be.

-Earn 20,000 wiki points.

Exceeded it. Largely thanks to the sites redesign, which has changed getting them more effortless.

Did I write that correctly? Looks weird.

-Read all The Hithchikers Guide-books by Douglas Adams.

Also read the one not written by him. Was fun.

-Destroy Earth with a hydrogen bomb size of the moon.

Was going to, but it woulda cost way too much, and I actually like this place. It`s just that those humans bug me...

-Buy the comics that I was supposed to buy in the year 2012.

Like this would`ve been difficult.

-Shoot a bunch of expensive (sigh) New years rockets sky high.

My mom wont let me...I might hurt myself, after all...= P

But there is still time to persuade her.

-Send letters (not those singular squibles which make up words when put together, but pieces of paper that have them) to three comic makers I admire.

Yeah, well...




I kinda suck at fulfilling resolutions.

SO, this year I wont make them.

I will, instead,


myself to go outside for at least two hours a day, make a page or two of comics per day, travel abroad, cook good stuff that I will then eat and hopefully make me room actually livable.

That is all.

UPDATE (23.1.2014): Oh, right. I got to make one rocket to go upwards. Doing the same to more of them woulda been pretty nice/cool, but I don`t care, really.

Also, I`ve been outside, but not more than last year, really. I`ve made comics stuff, but not two pages a day. I haven`t traveled yet. Haven`t cooked. My room is livable as of this time.

I`m fairly satisfied with my results.


Copying Cbishop: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 5. Jack Kirbys machine man.

So, the blog entry before the previous one I did, was about Machine mans first appearance-having-story, 2001: Space odyssey-comic TPB. It led directly to this one. Machine mans own ongoing.

The first nine issues were made by Jack Kirby, who apparently wanted to make more stories of the robot with feelings (the character isn`t that simple, of course).

The series is what you can expect from Kirby. Action filled stories that star golden age of comics-like characters, have high stakes, philosophy and alot of splashes. Whole thing filled with his art.

Guess what would be cool? If the stories would look exactly like they use to.

So, issues 1-9, in a neatly collected package. Would you buy it?


Stealing Cbishops thunder: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 4. Captain Carrot and his amazing zoo crew!

DC comics publishes, and has published (surpringly, if you take a look at what the company has had published for years, decades), on occasion, silly parody comics. You probably knew this already.

One of the more wackier ones is Captain Carrot, who has had a relatively long run, before turning to a not-that funny Rocket racoon rip-off. First volume was 20 issues. Plus, two three-iss minis in later years.

Since The final ark & original series issues 1, 14 and 15 have already been collected to a trade, they wouldn`t have to be collected. So...

First collects issues 2-13. Second, 16-20 and Oz-wonderland war (which sounds like it might be the best thing in the history of literature).

But just in case Final Ark printing woulda run out, and it wouldn`t be reprinted and published...or for the sake of more proper collecting, the trades would be like this.

First collects 1-16. Second, 17-20 and the two minis.

Or maybe it could be collected to four slimmer trades. Or Fife. Or one big omnibus.

You just look at these covers and tell me you don`t wanna read them. Then admit that you`re lying your ass off.


Paying a homage to Cbishop: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 3. Jack Kirbys 2001: The Space odyssey

For my 50. blog post here, I picked something pretty special.

It`s weird that there was a comic series based on a book and a movie, like Space odyssey, that wasn`t an adaptation of it, but a continuation.

Do you know what`s weirder?

It was done by Jack Kirby (which you noticed if you read the title, which you probably did), of all people.

As if he hadn`t already done enough many unexpected stories, he gets to make a series like this. I was dumbstruck when I saw this. I mean...Oh my god. Seriously.

He drew his version of Star child, the mysterious monolith (Which, surprisingly, isn`t just a big black, smooth block. It`s still a block, though.), he created new characters for the mythos of that classic (they weren`t used in the sequel to the book). One of them was, believe it, Machine man. Who was the books main character for the last three issues.

It`s probable that you already knew of this character who has always been pretty obscure, but who has appeared in various, different MARVEL-comics ever since. A few of his own, too.

Why these comics haven`t been collected yet? Copyrights. Those pesky things...Not that they wouldn`t be of help, on occasion.

Why should these be collected? Well, I already told ye. It`s Jack Kirby. Making stories based on one of the greatest films and book, of all time. You really don`t need other reasons besides those. Sure, it probably sucks in more than one way, but it`s such an interesting seeming comic, that it needs to be collected to a trade.


Stealing from Cbishop: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 2. The Heckler: Lets get heckled!

The name is like that, because the title of an annoying Superheroes own trade has to be irritating.

Do you know who Heckler is? Probably not. He had a quickly cancelled ongoing series back in the `90`s. It needs a collection, because:

-It was drawn by Keith Giffen. Billy Batson told me that he also co-plotted it.

-Written by Mary Bierbaum. If that name means anything to you. She wrote Legion of superheroes-comics.

-The book was wacky.

-It had a bit of social commentary about individuality.

-It was filled with cool, not-seen-before characters, like Generic man.

-Coloring was great, and the series was hand lettered.

-The collection would be slim, and would have all the Heckler-as-the-main character-stories ever (meaning, no difficult collecting). If enough people would like it, maybe there could be a mini. Or a maxi, even.

I`ll have to confess that I haven`t read this series. I don´t know if it was good. I think it probably was, though. It looks good.


Imitating Cbishop: Kfh`s hypothetical trade paper backs # 1. Rest of original Kamandi.

DC makes alot of bad decisions. One of them hasn`t been, to collect the first 41 issues of the original Kamandi-series in to trades. But...there`s still 18 to go.

I know why there`s been no collection. First of...It wasn`t made by Jack Kirby anymore. It had multiple writers, writing an issue here and there. For example, Dennis O` Neil, Martin Pasko and Gerry Conway. It features art from likes of Keith Giffen, Chic Stone and Dick Ayers.

What happens in these issues is, for example...Kamandi fights against Coyote cowboys, a snake, his son, other anthropomorphic creatures, becomes an OMAC, he kills innocent critters (under mind control, no doubt)...There`s short stories of the Great disaster, too. So, basically something that fans of the Last boy on Earth and other kind of enthusiasts over strange DC-comics from the 1970`s would want to read. I know I would. Especially because it`s bound to be a lot better than some of the more current stuff from the publisher. And especially with those creators.

There`s also an OMAC-story in the last issue, but that could and should be printed somewhere else.

What this comic would eventually be, would be a BIG trade, about the same size as the other "omnibus"-editions of this series. It would collect issues 41-59 and the Kamandi-story from the second issue of Cancelled comics cavalcade. Because, well, the series was cancelled before issue 60 was published (Sheesh. That DC implosion-thing was a biatch.), and the story for it was published in that one.

Which means...400 pages, or so.

Though DC probably wouldn`t deserve to get more money outta the final issues of a series that it at least partially screwed up, the fans deserve to get them in reprints. I don`t know at all if the stories are as good as I hope, but I`m interested to check them out, nonetheless.

Here`s some covers

Sweet, huh?


Confusion and thoughts about Martha Johansson, No-girl, Xorn and others.

(The following text contains spoilers about New X-men.)

Those three very mysterious creations of Grant Morrison, who might not be three of number at all, really confuse me. I`ll discuss about all of them individually.


She is referred as No-girl in her CV-page. I thought that No-girl was different character entirely, given that Xorn saw her when he looked at her by looking at her by using different wawelengths (or whatever he said). But, given that it was revealed later in the series, that Xorn was actually Magneto in disguise, it might not be possible, if the Xorn helmet didn`t have some kind of high tech gizmos in it.

That is, if Magneto didn`t just play along with his students, because No-girl is/was actually Martha, and everyone pretended that she isn`t. Like her wiki page tells, and the comic arc "Riot at Xaviers" suggests (if you look in to it thoroughly enough).

Has she been referred as No-girl in other comics? If so, have other comic creators misinterpreted her partly, or not? For someone who hasn`t read any of the stories where she appears (beside New X-men), it is extremely difficult to know.

EDIT: I read Grant Morrisons last X-men comic yesterday. In it, Martha is called No-girl. I had completely forgotten that, like I had forgotten so many other things about the series.


On the other hand, maybe No-girl wasn`t Martha at all. After all, Xorn doesn`t speak to Martha directly, when he speaks to No-girl (which could be because he wanted to pretend that she exists).

Also, Martha is a telepath. She could be able to talk to No-girl. If No-girl isn`t Martha.

Also, since the whole Xorn business was later changed so, that Magneto WASN`T posing as Xorn (which is completely stupid), it would also prove that No-girl does exist as a separate entity.

Plus, Basilisk referred to No-girl as someone who`s not Martha. Did he mean Martha, is he schizophrenic or did he see a mutant cal-girl, because of his unusual eye?

Did the old looking mutant girl Ernst* pretend that Martha isn`t No-girl, or did Martha tell her what No-girl told Martha?


Xorn use to be an alias of Magneto that he used in his most elaborate, intricate and most succesful scheme ever. Which is cool as hell. Then some folks at MARVEL and some fans pretended that Mags wouldn`t have had totally wanted to beat the crap out of human race. That he wouldn`t have had wanted to crush Manhattan if he coulda. Also, fans (including me) were bummed out that Xorn had never been a character of his own.

Which led to the Magneto of Planet x to be revealed to have actually been the brother of another person called Xorn , who was driven insane by Sublime. Which is horrible.

Which in a way, makes sense. After all, Xorn-the-made-up-identity was so full of gaping plot holes that nothing else couldn`t`have had been done.


Not true.

How I would`ve explained the errors in the Xorn-scheme:

-Xorn had memories that would make him someone who`s not Magneto. They could`ve been added to his brain (and the key from what Emma Frost got the memory from) by a telepath working for Magneto.

-The glow that Xorn emitted from his mask could`ve been simple lamps.

-Most of Xorns powers resembled those of Magneto.

-This pic:

Xorn/Magneto makes a bird come to life. The monk who spoke to Cyclops said that he saw the bird die. Maybe Xorn/Magneto told the monk to lie about that. Maybe the bird was a robot. Maybe Magneto/Xorn made the bird look like it died, by using his powers (which is unlikely, since magnetism doesn`t affect the electronic impulses of living beings destructively).

-That scene with the blue faces at the end of New X-men annual 2001 could`ve been holograms.

I know, feels forced. But at least my ideas don`t ruin a Grant Morrison written masterpiece.


Well...those were my thoughts and questions (feel free to answer them if you know answers to them).

*Why is she called Ernst? Does she feel that she`s a boy in a girls body, is it a name that can be used by both genders or am I over reading that part?

UPDATE: I read Grant Morrisons last X-men comic again. In it, Martha is called No-girl. I had completely forgotten that, like I had forgotten so many other things about the series.