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 xerox-kitty said:
You mean the X-Men Origins: Wolverine?  Wow, you're actually the first person I've seen complaining about the fact that the film was a close adaptation from the comics.  People usually b!tch about how different it was.   

yuh...................O0 no i was talkin about the xmen movies
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a spider cence is i tingling sense that spidey can feel in his spider instinks telling him if some one is in troubble
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i think they should do a storm origion movie no dont laugh.... hear me out ............people say that storm really isnt intristing. well thats cuase the diddnt show storm the way she was in the comics you know the motherly, caring black woman that would kick you butt if you cross her. in the movie they didnt show storms full powers to there full extent i want her to just lose it on some one just once,yall remeber in the comics storm gets mad, imean really mad and all hell breaks out.cyclons and lightning.i know they dont want to dress every one in yellow spandex but atleast have storms head peice. every single movie her hair got shorter. and then x3....hylights? i personaly like it. but i want them to have her long curly white hair and show the rain goddess she wwas in the comics. the moves were so focused on wolverine and giving him all the camera time, they din't give storm a chance to shine. 
 this movie shouldhave her in africa and her mothers ruby and the plane crashing into her house killing her parents. it should show her growing on the streets of kenya,becoming a thief i personaly think it wuold be a hit wat do yall think

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thanks ....i guess i try