Well why WHY WHY i say. why in the sam heck didn't spiderman in any of the spiderman movies have his famose "spider sense". well i know its kind of dorky to say  "spider sense"  in the middle of the movie but dang..... peter is a dorky nerd of a kid right.   man o man theres nothin like reading a spiderman comic and riht in the middle of studing he shouts " MY SPIDER SENSE IN TINGLING.......... MARRY JANE MUST BE IN TROUBLE!!!!"  SO WHY so why gosh darnent
Posted by Jason Striker

Fake-Venom said it in the puke 3rd movie O_O

Posted by ~The Wanderer~

The spider sense did get shown in the movies..I'm just not sure Spidey ever talked about it.

Posted by Agent Buttons
 there was a little sound effect that resembeled the spider sense.
Posted by LauraX23

What exactly is a spider sense ?
Posted by keyonwoods

a spider cence is i tingling sense that spidey can feel in his spider instinks telling him if some one is in troubble
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Posted by cracks

"Ooh, my spider sense is tingling!"

Posted by No_Name_

The same reason why the movies weren't like the comic book for any other reason.

Posted by InnerVenom123
@Jason Striker: Thank you so much for calling Topher Grace "Fake-Venom", people like you make me smile :)
If nothing else, I hope the spin-off at least gets the LOOK right. :D