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First, I would think of my own children. Their future, etc. Financial stability, hope, future. I'd spend time in cancer wards, too. My Dad dies from lung cancer two years ago, and I would want to help them, and give them hope.

Now, I am suddenly reminded of Steve Martin's 5 Christmas Wishes... If you don't remember, stop reading my inane droning and go and listen to that. On youtube. Now. And forward a copy of this to my wife, as well. Along with a Stanchek-sized directive to follow along my directions. And some garbage about kids, too.

And, of course, I would force everyone else to be interested in buying Valiant comics - but specifically Harbinger... But have no interest in the variants, at least from the start... so I could find copies of all of them without jumping through hoops, purchasing extra copies, ripping through ebay, and driving all around town.

And, all of the children to join hands and sing together. But after that thing about my wife, and the variants, and Harbinger, too.