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I belief David Ramsey would be a good choice

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Well to be honest there were two serious options to go along with the movie, it was a white martian invasion or it was Darkseid.

White martian invasion would make it appear like The Avengers, so ti was obvious to choose Darkseid.

And since they have chosen Darkseid I guess there will be no Martian Manhunter in this movie :(

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The new movies are going to be all an original story. Heard the writers will not make an adaptation from any expanded universe work.

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I just hope they bring back Peter anytime later. It would suck if he actually dies or whatever, and he returns like a year later. I would say let him be gone for a while, and then let him return properly.

The idea of having a more aggressive Spider-man sounds good, but I believe that it would take time for some of the fans to get used to the new Spidey.

I truly hope Peter returns sometime in the future,heroes from both Marvel and DC have died and returned. People have grown into the character of Spiderman as Peter Parker, and even though we change Spidey, we do hope to see him web slingin sometime in the future

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Darkside would be a great villain for the first movie, but they'll have to include cyborg for this one. However if they choose to make a white martin invasion they have to include martian manhunter or use Ma'alef'ak as a disciple of Darkseid, and then bring darksed as the big bad.

It would be awesome if they had both Cyborg and Martian Manhunter

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The show overall was all right but of course it could have been better. The story so far looks rather promising, and I do hope they keep moving forward with it. I liked the idea of Ollie developing his character,I mean he got stuck in an island for 5 years, realized his dad was not the man he though he was (which of course I would like for the show develop a little bit more on how Ollie's father "failed Star City"),and returned with a lot of things changed.

The show did have some Batman Begins kind of feeling, but well it kind of fits since due to the series of events that happened during the five year lapse I bet anyone would return with some sort of mental trauma, which we already know Ollie deals with eat through his actions as arrow as well. The script did have some cheesy lines, but I guess those are the thing people say when we believe some one is dead and it happens he or she is alive,so let's just forgive it these time.

Action packed episode yes, violence a little over the top but I believe that he will reduce his violent ways along the series, since he will help people in trouble and he can¿t go shooting everyone around Star City. Hope they develop a story that will keeo the audience entretained.

BTW loved the deathstroke cameo,which of course has to be developed through out the series and well developed I hope. The cliff-hanger at the end was not that surprising but anyways series just starting.

As for the characters I like how Stephen Amell portrayed Oliie as a man scarred,traumatized by the events that happened during his time at the island. It would also be amazing to see not only how Ollver develops from the current arrow to the well-known and loved Green Arrow (but I am sure that it will happen at due time), but also the events that occurred during his time at the island. Katie Cassidy as Dinah Lance, so far remembers me to a "Lana Lang" which of course I hope it develops into the comic book Black Canary, but so far is she is pretty good. Merlyn well he is a bad guy, so base on the story he might turn officially due to Ollie's behavior or new actions.It will be fun to see how this transition occurs.

To be honest it was an entertaining pilot show, and O just hope they develop it properly. Get it until a pint where it's perfect, but just know when to stop it.

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Sounds like a pretty good cross-over for TALON. So far it seems as a good character