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Getting Better All The Time 0

As with most new series of the Punisher i read, i had a rocky start with Jay Aarons series. I disliked the way the character was written in Kingpin, and the first issue of Bullseye wasnt much of an improvement. It wasnt bad, but it just didnt have anything new.   The way Aaron wrote the character's monologues sucked, in my opinion (be dead, you bastard etc.). Youve read it before, a million times. I thought it was pretty lazy writing.  The otherwise masterful Steve Dillons art was too clean, too...

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I Adore this story 0

 Five Mob widows vow revenge on The Punisher. I had a rocky introduction to the Punisher max stories. I started In The Beginning, with err....In The Beginning, after hearing so much hype about The Punisher Max. I was sadly dissapointed with the story. I felt Ennis was just making The Punisher into yet another comic book vigilante, rather than the psychotic killing machine i knew and loved reading about. I bought The Slavers on my birthday, and it had the same effect on me.Regardless i enjoyed th...

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Yet Another Punisher Blow out 0

The Punisher disfigures mobster Billy Russotti, and in so doing creates the villian Jigsaw. Business as usual for the vigilante, except theres a catch. He unknowingly killed an undercover federal agent in the same night.Alas for The Punisher. The one comic book character who is hard to adapt. For beneath the  simple killing machine with a grudge motif, theres a dark hearted serial killer who's only reason for living is to take life. Unfortunatley, Lexi Alexander and company have been unable to u...

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